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Walk in Walt’s Footsteps is a Disneyland Park guided tour. You pay an extra fee for the tour, in addition to valid theme park admission. Get discount Disneyland tickets here.

Walk in Walt's Footsteps Disneyland Tour
Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Disneyland Tour

Learn more about this Disneyland tour and find out what to expect along your tour and out how you can experience Disneyland classics on your own.

Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour

Disneyland Resort tours are booked 30 days out, over the phone and require full, non-refundable payment upfront. At press time, Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour is offered daily at 9:30 am and noon.

Learn about Walt Disney’s legacy and how he brought his personal history to life at Disneyland Park. You’ll hear stories and first-hand audio, along with the challenges he faced while building Disneyland Resort.

Your tour takes you throughout Disneyland Park and gets you front-of-the-line access to certain attractions. Along with a personal “Walk in Walt’s Footsteps” button, you’ll receive a coveted collectible trading pin only available on the tour. Plus get an inside peek at one of Disneyland’s hidden gems not available to the general public.

Each tour ends with a meal provided by Jolly Holiday Bakery

How to reserve your spot for Walk in Walt’s Footsteps

  • Call 714-781-8687 to book your spot 30 days in advance or less.
  • Choose your date and time.
  • Have your credit card in hand, you will pay upfront for the cost of the tour.
  • If you’re an Annual Passholder, have that information available for 15% discount.

    Walk in Walt's Footsteps check in sign
    Walk in Walt’s Footsteps check in sign 

Check In for Walk in Walt’s Footsteps

Arrive about 30 minutes before your tour is scheduled to begin at the Disneyland Tour Gardens kiosk, just left of City Hall on Main Street, U.S.A. Be sure to plan accordingly for morning tours; it will take more time for parking and security. 

Guided Tour Check In
Guided Tour Check In

At the check in kiosk you will receive your personalized Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour button to be worn during your tour.

Walk in Walt's Footsteps personalized button.
Walk in Walt’s Footsteps personalized button.

At that point you will review a menu for your choice of sandwiches or salads, along with a drink and dessert to enjoy after your tour.

Relax for a bit in the Disneyland Tour Gardens area at one of several shaded tables. Your tour guide will come out shortly to meet you and explain how to use the headset audio system during your tour.

What to Expect During Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour

Our tour began on Main Street, U.S.A. with our lovely guide, highlighting and detailing many things about Walt Disney’s vision for Disneyland, the construction and interesting behind-the-scenes type of stories.

One stop was in front of the flag pole on Main Street, U.S.A. where you can read the dedication speech Walt Disney gave on opening day, July 17, 1955.

Disneyland dedication plaque

During the tour you will hear audio from notable people like Walt’s daughters and others who worked on the building of Disneyland.

Your tour will take you around various lands in the park and explain often over-looked details including pointing out the location of the Dream Suite located above Pirates of the Caribbean and of course the location of coveted Club 33 in New Orleans Square.

New Orleans Square
New Orleans Square

I enjoyed this tour so much. As an avid Disney fan and Disney history fan, there were still a handful of things I had not heard, but even those I had—Disney stories never really get old do they?

Disneyland Plaid, our tour guide Barbara.

Our tour guide Barbara was simply the best! The way she told stories about Walt and his park truly made it come alive. I didn’t want the tour to end and felt it was worth every penny!

Attractions During Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour

While each tour is unique and can change at any time, we were able to ride Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean and enjoy Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln during our tour.

Follow that plaid! Into the exit we go.

I must admit, it felt pretty awesome to skip most of the line and follow our plaid through the exit on Alice in Wonderland and through a special entrance on Pirates of the Caribbean.

As I chatted with our guide during the walks in between highlights, she really had me convinced to try other tours and maybe even some day hire a plaid for a day at Disneyland Resort.

Visit Walt’s Apartment in Disneyland Park

Walt's apartment at Disneyland
Walt’s apartment at Disneyland

At the conclusion of our tour, we were invited into Walt Disney’s apartment over Main Street, U.S.A. This is not a guaranteed visit and can change at any time, but was certainly the highlight of our tour.

You’ll notice my visit was during the holidays at Disneyland, so a small Christmas tree replaced the often seen lamp which is usually in the window.

Lunch with Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour

Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Menu

Our tour ended mingling with other tour guests and our guide back in the garden. We enjoyed lots of fun Disneyland chatting over delicious food.

Lunch during the tour

Do It Yourself Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour

Walk in Walt's Footsteps Pin
Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Pin

A self-guided tour through Disneyland Park seeing things the way Walt saw them during his days strolling down Main Street, U.S.A. is available in our print-at-home Disneyland Plan Classics.

While it is not a replacement for the official park tour, it outlines how to visit each opening day attraction, along with places to eat and visit that have special significance to Walt and Disneyland history.

Purchase your Disneyland Plan Classics before your next Disneyland vacation.

Have you taken Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour? Did you love it as much as I did? I definitely plan to do others and even do this one again in the future. It was amazing!

Disneyland expert who also loves the beach, flip flops and pink nail polish.


  • Steve

    Would you recommend this tour if you have a small child? (Will be 20 months when we go) This will be my first time to Disneyland as I grew up in FL with Disney World. Love the history aspect of Disney.

    • Hi Steve, I would definitely say no. I do not recommend a 20 month old. All paying participants have a head set on the entire time and things move quickly. I believe we took one bathroom break in the 4 or so hours of the tour. Of course you know your child best. If you feel your child will stay put in a stroller for the duration of the tour with little entertainment or breaks, then try it out. I am not sure how they handle bringing little ones into Walt’s Apartment though because you’re in there a while with no place to sit or roam. I do hope you get to experience it one way or another, it’s so worth it.

    • Hi Sarah, it’s around $100 in addition to your theme park admission. Prices can change at any time but you can confirm when you call in to make your reservation 30 days in advance.

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