Best Cures for Missing Disneyland

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Do you need some cures for missing Disneyland? Me too!

Best Cures for Missing Disneyland
Best Cures for Missing Disneyland

It goes without saying, sometimes I get a little homesick for my favorite place in the world, California—and of course that includes Disneyland. Do you get a little homesick when thinking of Disneyland? Here’s a few of my favorite ways to take away the missing Disneyland blues.

Eat Like You’re at Disneyland

Best Cures for Missing Disneyland

It’s no secret that Disneyland food is a huge part of why we miss the parks so much! Start off your day with Mickey Mouse pancakes, then head over to a favorite post about Disneyland treats and how to create a simple version at home (or somewhere close by!). If you’re doing popcorn, don’t forget to serve it up in your souvenir popcorn tub.

And true story, we have a Dole Whip shack just minutes from my house . . . the real deal, with the Dole logo and everything. Let’s just say we had our fair share this summer even though we weren’t at Disneyland.

Dress Like You’re at Disneyland

Dress the part when you’re missing Disneyland. Let the kids wear princess costumes, pirates gear or wear your favorite Disney shirts. Don’t forget to top it off with a pair of Mickey ears! Here are some of my favorite Disney dress up items you totally need to add to your closet.


Host an O-Pin House

Order pins online and even invite friends over for a pin trading party. Or keep it simple and let the kids trade with the pins they have on hand.

Attend Animation Academy

One of our favorite things to do on a rainy day, or any day for that matter, is to try out our artistic abilities at the online version of Animation Academy.

We’ve drawn Winnie the Pooh (suitable for our family ages 4 and up) and Anna from Frozen (took a long time, lots of details and our little ones became frustrated, but the older kids loved it). You can find other drawing options too like Olaf, Tinkerbell, MickeyDopey and Oswald on the Disney Parks blog. So even when you can’t be there in person, you can bring a little of that Disney magic into your own home.

Train Like a Jedi

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Jedi Training at home or at Disneyland.

Most Disneyland enthusiasts know that it really takes some training to do Disneyland right. From money saving tips to preparing kids for Disneyland and all the fun that goes on behind the scenes to make your trip a success.

What better way to bring Disneyland home than to do a mock version of Jedi Training? Most parents with Star Wars loving kids have got a light saber or two around the house… and if you don’t, I am certain your kids could come up with a substitute :). Take it outside or someplace safe and let the training begin!

Disney Movie Night

End your day with a Disney movie night, pick one from Disneyland or California Adventure attraction or choose your favorite and snuggle up on the couch.

Plan Your Next Trip to Disneyland

We saved the best for last! The best known cure for the missing Disneyland blues is to start planning! Get your Disneyland discount tickets from our partner, Get Away Today before heading over to Disneyland Resort.

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When’s your next visit to Disneyland? How do you cope when you’re away from the parks?

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