Disneyland Plan Classics

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See Disneyland how Walt Disney himself saw the park with our Disneyland Plan Classics. This is the perfect one-day Disneyland plan for anyone with an affection for Walt Disney and his original theme park masterpiece.Disneyland Classics

Disneyland Plan Classics

What is a Disneyland Plan and why do I need one? Our Disneyland Plans give you a flexible in-park itinerary so you can focus on making memories with your family without the stress of wondering what to ride.

Disney Play App Peter Pan

Your Disneyland Plan outlines what to ride and when, so you hit all the Disneyland classics with less wait and more magic.

As a California native and The Happiest Blog on Earth founder, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to do Disneyland right. I literally wrote the book on  How To Disneyland and I want you to know everything I do so you can have an amazing vacation with memories to last a lifetime.

Our Disneyland Plan can help you do just that!

Disneyland Plan Classics Rides

Disneyland Plan Classics begins with tips about how to start planning your Disneyland vacation even before you arrive. Insider tips and information is available right at your fingertips.

Your Disneyland Plan then outlines which attractions to ride and when, plus includes attractions original to Disneyland Park.

Beyond that you’ll also enjoy the entertainment and dining suggestions that Walt Disney himself enjoyed in this one-day Disneyland Plan.

Disneyland Plan Classics Buy Now

Your Disneyland Plan will be available for download instantly after purchase. Just print and take it with you to Disneyland, no extra research required. This nine page guide is all you need to enjoy a fun-filled day at Disneyland Park.

 Disneyland Classics Plan

See the park that Walt himself built. Visit opening day attractions, meet classic Disney characters, dine at one of Walt Disney’s favorite spots. Ride the classic attractions that have shaped Disneyland’s earlier years and experience new favorites. Enjoy time-honored Disneyland traditions and entertainment in this one day Disneyland Plan featuring Disneyland classics.

Disneyland Plan Classics Extras

I always recommend getting discount Disneyland Tickets from my partners here. You’ll save more than buying direct through Disney which is a great way to start your Disneyland vacation. 

Plus, check out these awesome Disney souvenirs to get you ready for Disneyland.

Often forgotten Disney classics will help you enjoy all that Disneyland has to offer. Watch these as you travel to Disneyland or at home before your trip.

Read up on the legend himself, Walt Disney, with these captivating books.

Check out all of our Disneyland Plans including custom options. Questions about our Disneyland Plan Classics? Leave them in the comments or contact us for more information. Always happy to help!

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