Disneyland Discounts Every Penny Counts

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Does the discount for your Disneyland tickets have you feeling blue? Whenever I hear, “Oh but it doesn’t really save me that much”, I have to stop you in your tracks and show you just how much every penny counts with Disneyland discounts.

Disney gift card with Mickey Mouse and World of Color preferred seating pass.
Disneyland discounts you don’t want to miss!

These Disneyland discounts, though seemingly small, add up to huge savings. While I visit Disneyland often just by the nature of the job, I’ll use my family as an example for our typical 3 day summer visit to Disneyland Resort to do the math on these Disneyland Discounts.

Disneyland Discounts: TicketsTwo Disneyland tickets featuring Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Minnie Mouse and Lighting McQueen.

Disneyland discount tickets aren’t hard to come by, but the discounts don’t seem like much at first glance. A few dollars per ticket, per day is a total score. You won’t find discounts much bigger than that—and if you do, it’s a huge red flag.

Now let’s do the math on ticket prices (based on time of publishing) for my family of 5 (two of our kids qualify at adult prices) to buy 3 day park hopper tickets.

Disneyland Discounts: Hotels

Front view of Best Wester Plus Anaheim Inn on Harbor Blvd.
Best Wester Plus Anaheim Inn. Courtesy BW.

There are so many hotels to choose from near Disneyland Resort which includes something for everyone’s budget. I love staying at hotels super close to Disneyland Resort and for this pricing comparison, I chose to stay at Best Western Plus Anaheim Inn which is literally a 5 minute walk to Disneyland gates, just cross the street and you’re on Disney property.

Hotel prices fluctuate, so you may find higher or lower rates depending on your vacation dates. Since we’re doing a 3 day park hopper, I chose a 4 night hotel stay.

  • Best Western directly via website: $678 (they don’t waive resort fees like Get Away Today does)
  • Get Away Today Hotel: $625 (using promo code HAPPIEST10)
  • Total Hotel Savings: $53
  • Running Total Savings: $78

Disneyland Discounts: BreakfastScrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, fresh fruit and ketchup at Disneyland for breakfast.

Breakfast can definitely add up if you’re eating inside Disneyland Resort or just stopping by the local McDonald’s. Eating out every day, or simply stocking up on groceries in your room doesn’t beat a free breakfast at your hotel.

I love searching hotels on Get Away Today’s website because you can select to search only hotels that include breakfast. Best Western Plus Anaheim Inn does include a free breakfast, so let’s add up the savings!

Say we eat at McDonald’s once, get Jamba Juice at Downtown Disney once and eat breakfast inside the parks once. For our family of 5, I estimate that cost to be about the amount below.

  • Breakfast eating out: $120 (a conservative estimate if you ask me!)
  • Breakfast at the Hotel: $0
  • Total Breakfast Savings: $120
  • Running Total Savings: $198

Disneyland Discounts: Parking

Disneyland parking garage sign with Donald Duck, parking level 5.
Disneyland Parking Tips. © The Happiest Blog on Earth.

Parking at Disneyland Resort will cost you about $20 each day (at time of publishing) and lots of hotels charge a daily parking fee of about the same amount. By booking with Get Away Today, you’re getting access to exclusive savings like free parking, and you can also search hotels that already come with free parking too.

The hotel I’ve selected for this savings analysis offers free parking when booking through Get Away Today.

  • Parking at Disneyland: $80
  • Parking at Hotel: $0 (because we searched for a hotel with free parking!)
  • Total Parking Savings: $80
  • Running Total Savings: $278

Disneyland Discounts: Character Meals

Minnie Mouse signs autograph.
Disneyland character dining with Mickey & Friends.

Note: discount character dining vouchers are no longer being offered. On vacation, we give ourselves a little room to splurge. Are you the same way? The way I look at is, we cut a few corners and save money so we can enjoy a little extra magic. Character meals are the perfect way to treat your family to a little luxury by dining with your favorite Disney characters.

Get Away Today offers discount character dining vouchers which include tax and tip! Right there it’s already a huge savings when you factor in tax of about 8.75% and a 20% tip. Rates are current at time of publication.

  • Character Dining: $280
  • Get Away Today Character Dining: $221
  • Total Character Dining Savings: $59
  • Grand Total Savings: $337

We’ve saved over $300 dollars during this comparison analysis! How much will you save on your Disneyland vacation?

Disneyland Discounts: What Everyone’s Saying

Help us add to our collection of savings, contact me with your testimonial!

Amira said, “We saved $587 just for our vacation package by booking through Get Away Today.
We are doing 5 days, 4 nights at the Residence Inn Maingate. That includes tickets for DL for 5 of us(two are free) & the cost of our hotel. We also purchased the premium character dining, and paid a little extra for the shuttle. We also get free breakfast, and free parking so that cut our cost a ton as we have 7 mouths to feed and we’re taking 2 vehicles. ? We also have a full kitchen in our suite and BBQ grills outside so we’re planning on making our own dinners outside of the park! I speculate when you take all of that into consideration we’re going to save around $8-900!”  
Grand Total Savings for Amira: $587 and more to come!

Bonus Disneyland Discounts: Lock in Low Rates

Disneyland Monorail glides across the esplanade at Disneyland Resort, with California Adventure entrance in the background.
Monorail glides across the esplanade at Disneyland Resort.

If I haven’t already sold you on booking your Disneyland vacation package through Get Away Today, you’ll want to know that you can even lock in low rates for as little as $125 down. Yup, you can search for amazing discounts today and not even pay it off until up to 2 weeks before your trip.

And what if prices change before you pay off your trip? Call them! They will make the adjustment for you. One of their mottos is: you will never be punished for booking early!

Of course these are just the basics in savings that anyone can do! There’s certainly MORE ways to save which I talk about in my book, Disneyland On Any Budget. This book can help your family get even more creative when planning ways to save for your trip to Disneyland.

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