A Beginner’s Guide to Fastpass at Disneyland

A beginner’s guide to FASTPASS at Disneyland Resort. Answers to your Disneyland FASTPASS questions here. What’s Disneyland FASTPASS and how do I use it at Disneyland Resort? Keep reading for all the details.

Disneyland FASTPASS tips for beginners. More rides, less wait! #Disneyland #DisneylandTIps

NOTE: FASTPASS retired in 2021. See what’s replaced it in our new guide to Disney Genie Plus here. I will be keeping this article in place in my historic Disneyland section so we can all reminisce. 

Are you visiting Disneyland for the first time or the first time in forever? You need our beginner’s guide to Disneyland FASTPASS.

True, many have moved on to the new Disney MaxPass option, but there are plenty of us who have never used this “skip the line” perk and need a little background information.


Disneyland fastpass reminder


I knew a Disneyland FASTPASS guide was in order when I sat on the Disneyland Railroad (the train, not the actual railroad tracks because that would be dumb) and heard a mom say, “We’re not going to use FASTPASS because I don’t even know what that is or how it works.”

Don’t let that happen to YOU! Lucky for her, she was sitting by me, and I was able to fill her in. And now I’m here to fill you in too.

How much is Disneyland FASTPASS? 

Traditional FASTPASS is a free feature offered with valid theme park admission. It allows you to skip the “standby” line and enter the “FASTPASS” line. You’ll likely spend less time waiting in line when using a FASTPASS. There is also an upgraded, paid option called Disney MaxPass which is discussed here.

Every attraction with a FASTPASS option has two lines you can enter. When you arrive at the attraction, you’ll see something like this, indicating which line you should join. In this case, at Space Mountain, those with a FASTPASS enter the line on the left and those riding without a FASTPASS enter the standby line on the right.


Space Mountain FASTPASS return line and standby sign at Disneyland.


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How do I get a Disneyland FASTPASS?

Disneyland began offering FASTPASS for free, with paid admission, in 1999. Disneyland and Walt Disney World each have different FASTPASS systems, in name, price and, redemption and operations.



How to use fastpass


This beginner’s guide is for Disneyland FASTPASS in Anaheim, California. 

Step by Step Instructions for Disneyland FASTPASS

Walk to any FASTPASS distribution kiosk, usually located near the attraction itself. Insert your park ticket and view your FASTPASS reminder which indicates:

  1. the time frame to use the FASTPASS line
  2. what time you may secure another FASTPASS. Take a picture of the reminder or check your Disneyland App for your return times

Most FASTPASS kiosks look similar to the ones in this picture. Notice the sign on the left “FASTPASS distribution entrance”, sometimes there is a short line to secure a FASTPASS.

Take everyone’s ticket with you and walk up to the machine, insert each ticket one by one to secure your FASTPASS.

How many FASTPASSES can I get per day at Disneyland? 

There is no limit to the number of FASTPASSES you can get per day at Disneyland Resort, but you are limited to how many you can have at one time.

Your FASTPASS reminder slip will indicate on the bottom, when you can request another FASTPASS. Each ticket is tied to one FASTPASS. 

Can you book Disneyland FASTPASS in advance? 

No, all Disneyland FASTPASSES are booked on the day of your visit and cannot be booked in advance. 

How many Disneyland FASTPASSES can you have at once? 

Generally, one at a time but there are exceptions to this rule.

One: FASTPASSES for World of Color and Fantasmic are not tied to your attraction FASTPASS. Two: your FASTPASS reminder slip will indicate on the bottom, when you can request another FASTPASS, sometimes allowing you to hold more than one a time. When you use Disney MaxPass, this happens much more often.



Which attractions have FASTPASS at Disneyland Park?

What can I ride with a FASTPASS? Does every ride have a FASTPASS line? Do I need a FASTPASS for my child? All these questions about rides and FASTPASS answered here. 

Not every ride offers FASTPASS at Disneyland. The following attractions offer FASTPASS at Disneyland Park:

Curious about the seating arrangements and who can sit by who at Disneyland? See seat photos and seating details here. 

Which attractions have FASTPASS at California Adventure Park?

The following attractions offer FASTPASS at California Adventure Park:

Do kids need a FASTPASS at Disneyland? 

Children ages 3 and up also need a FASTPASS to use the FASTPASS line, in addition to meeting minimum height requirements. For children under 3, they simply go in the FASTPASS line with their parent—no FASTPASS required. Keep in mind children under 3 will only be permitted in line for attractions they are tall enough for which are generally, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Haunted Mansion, “it’s a small world”, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin and Toy Story Midway Mania.

Now that you have a FASTPASS, how do you use it to skip the regular line? Answers here!

How do I use my FASTPASS at the FASTPASS line?

Have your Disneyland admission ticket in-hand and scan it at the entrance of the attraction at the appointed return time listed on your reminder.

You will then be admitted to the often shorter line. Most scanners look similar to this one below. Just place your ticket on the lower silver ledge and the circle will turn green if your FASTPASS is valid.


Disneyland FASTPASS and MaxPass return scanner.


Keep reading for more Disneyland FASTPASS questions and answers. 

Does everyone in my party need a FASTPASS?

Yes, if you wish to ride together, everyone needs a FASTPASS. The exception is children under 2 who do not need a park ticket.


Disney MaxPass FASTPASS


They can ride with their party in either line, but there are only a few FASTPASS attractions that little ones can enjoy without height restrictions (night show, Fantasmic! and “it’s a small world” holiday, Toy Story Midway Mania and the night show, World of Color).

Can I use FASTPASS and Rider Switch?

Great question, and the answer is yes! This is more of an “advanced” FASTPASS technique but you can work the system to your advantage. Read about Rider Switch here.

How Many FASTPASS reservations can I have at one time?

The night shows don’t count toward your allotment, and usually it’s one FASTPASS at a time. The reminder will indicate when you can get another FASTPASS so be sure to keep that handy!

What about the paid FASTPASS, Disney MaxPass?

MaxPass works in a very similar fashion but instead of going to a physical kiosk, you secure FASTPASS reservations on your mobile device. I’ve covered that and much more here.

Can I use both the free FASTPASS and Disney MaxPass?

If you’re asking if you can double dip, the answer is no. Your FASTPASS reservations are tied to your park ticket, so you can’t use both systems to get extra FASTPASS reservations. But if you’re asking because sometimes you just want to try the kiosk, then yes, you can technically use both.

What else do you think I should add to this FAQ section? Leave your questions below and I’ll answer! Above all, don’t be afraid to use it! Try it out, see how it works and how easy it is to “skip the line” at Disneyland Resort.

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