Disneyland at Home

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Don’t you wish you could have Disneyland at home? Or even be at Disney parks everyday? Going on your favorite rides, meeting your favorite characters and watching all the magic surrounding you? How to bring Disneyland home

If you’re planning a trip, be sure to get your discount Disneyland tickets here. And if you’re only day dreaming about a trip, keep reading because this is for you, including homeschool Disneyland Tips you don’t want to miss  right here

Disneyland at Home

Since most of us can’t be at Disneyland every day, I’m here to share some magical ways to bring Disneyland home with a little help from my friends at Scentsy. It will feel and smell like you’ve just arrived at the main gates of Disneyland to start your dream vacation.

Disneyland at Home Disneyland Recipes

I’ll be honest, I hate cooking dinner every night. But if you get me a Mickey-shaped cookie cutter, or Mickey waffle iron, then watch out because I am all about cooking. I even have a Haunted Mansion apron I wear.

We’ve made Mickey shaped sugar cookies, Mickey candy apples and then we took a basic roll recipe and used the cookie cutter to create this adorable Mickey roll, perfect for any dinner or even your Thanksgiving meal.


Mickey rolls


Then we you’re struggling for something to make for dinner, look no further than Chef Mickey, a collection of recipes right from Disney Resorts, including Disneyland. Seriously, knowing the recipe is from Disneyland or is somehow Disney-inspired, gives me just enough motivation to make it through cooking an actual meal.


You can also request popular recipes from City Hall at Disneyland Park itself. But here’s one you’re gonna want to check out right now! Family-friendly drinks inspired by Galaxy’s Edge and Lamplight Lounge here

Disneyland at Home Scentsy Disney Collection

Want your house to even SMELL like Disneyland? I’ve got an easy solution for every Disney fan.


Mickey scentsy


Scentsy contacted me when they launched their new Disney Scentsy collection and I am so glad they did! I knew in general about Scentsy and their wax melts but I had no idea they had a huge collection of merchandise to help me bring Disneyland home.


I brought Disneyland home with the “Scentsy Buddies” line—a collectable Disney plush with a hidden zippered pouch to hold your favorite fragrance. A small “scent pak” slips inside and soon, the scent from “Your Pal, Mickey” filled the my son’s room with a clean, soothing scent. The cuddle buddy is perfect to comfort him to sleep at night and keep his room and sheets smelling fresh. You can even grab a “scent pak” to stash in your drawers or linens closet.


Scentsy scent pak Disney


I always love adding Disney flare to a bit of everything I do, including the way my house and car smell! Scentsy Buddy Clips spread delicious Scentsy fragrances wherever you put it. I opened my little Dory late one night before bed and just let her sit on my dresser. It was calming and peaceful, which is exactly what I needed after a long day.


This scent is probably one of my favorites and reminds me of Soarin’ Over California, before it switched to Soarin’ Around the World. Ahhh-the memories associated with smell! 


Nemo Scentsy


Dory is bigger than a keychain size, but smaller than a normal small plush. She can be hung on your keys, in your car but this fish will probably make her home “hooked” onto my daughter’s backpack. “Just Keep Swimming” fragrance is blue ocean mist, cucumber water (my favorite water to drink by the way!), and salted driftwood!

We’ve been using our Scentsy Disney inspired scents for a few weeks now and I am definetly hooked.

Disneyland at Home Disney Style

My closet is slowly being taken over by Disney Parks merchandise. I have way too many Disney shirts—wait, is that even possible? Shop Disney  is FULL of Disney shirts, even when you can’t be at the parks to buy them.

I bought this Alice in Wonderland inspired shirt from Polka Dot Pixie Shop on Etsy. The only thing I would have done was order a size smaller, so be sure to check their sizing guide before you order. 


Disney Shirt

Want more Disney clothing to wear year-round? Check  Shop Disney for actual in-park items you can purchase right from your phone (trouble right?).Shop Disney Shirts

Disneyland at Home Party Time





Nothing can bring Disneyland home quite like a Disney or Pixar party! I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Disney parties, and one that I’ll be adding to that collection is this Disney celebration from Lansdowne Life.


I love how sophisticated the look was for this Magic Kingdom party (easily adapted to our home sweet home, Disneyland of course!). From fireworks, to vintage Disney prints adorning the wall, Erin definitely knows how to party Disney style!



Photos courtesy of Lansdowne Life


For more Disney inspired party printables and decor, head over to Enchanted Type and see some of my favorites like the Mermaid Collection and the Midnight Collection. And for even more ways to enjoy Disneyland at home, check out my Disneyland parade guide for videos of your favorite Disneyland parades

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