Disneyland Reopening Details

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Disneyland reopening details. Here’s all the information you need as we look forward to Disneyland’s reopening.

Disneyland Resort first closed on March 14, 2020. Since then the world has shifted in dramatic ways.
Through it all, one thing remains certain—there are elements in our lives we missed. Things we needed to do, see and experience to make life feel somewhat normal again. For many of us, that means visiting our beloved Disney Parks.

As various theme parks reopened around the world, we continue to wait for Disneyland to meet the state’s requirements for reopening.

California’s Color Coded Reopening Guide

California’s blueprint for a safer economy drives reopening guidelines. It’s important to have a basic understanding of the color coded system to see what and when Disneyland can reopen. 

Keep in mind, Anaheim is in Orange County, not to be confused with the orange tier of the opening guidelines.


Disneyland Reopening

Disneyland Purple Tier (Current 11/16/20)

Disneyland Resort operating under the purple tier is the color Downtown Disney reopened in, and continues to operate.

Disneyland Red Tier 

Disneyland Resort operating under the red tier color allows:

Disneyland Orange Tier

Disneyland Resort operating under the orange tier color allows:

Disneyland Yellow Tier

Disneyland theme parks CAN open in this tier. Disneyland Resort can begin operating under the yellow tier color including:

How fast can Disneyland move to the yellow tier? My friend Leslie wrote the best case scenario here. But Disney officials have said in various forums, they don’t expect Disneyland to reopen as a theme park before Spring 2021.

Walt Disney World is open and you can still get your Disney fix. Get your Walt Disney World quote here

Disneyland Reopening Date

Disneyland Resort is in a phased reopening with Downtown Disney District. While we look forward to the reopening of Disneyland Resort Hotels and finally the theme parks, California’s blueprint for a safer economy drives reopening guidelines, as discussed above.

Disneyland Resort president disagrees with the reopening guidelines and has issued this statement. If anything changes, I will be updating this article. 


Disneyland Statement


When does Disneyland reopen?

Here’s when Disneyland is reopening and what it means for visitors planning vacations. My suggestion as of the latest update is to start planning for summer 2021, especially if you’re traveling from out of state:

  • July 9, 2020 select Downtown Disney District shops and restaurants, including some of my favorites
  • November 19, 2020 select dining and shopping in California Adventure Park opens, read more here
  • December 6, 2020 the Disney Vacation Club portion of Grand Californian is opening to Disney Vacation Club members. Not open to the general public. 
  • NO DATE. Disney previously announced reopening for July 17, 2020 but changed to “will reopen at a later date” on June 24, 2020. 
  • NO DATE.  Disney previously announced reopening for two of the three Disney hotels to open on July 24, 2020 but changed to “will reopen at a later date” on June 23, 2020. 
  • REMEMBER reservations are needed to gain entry—a ticket alone will not suffice! 
  • Layaway Packages my ticket partner offers the most flexible travel plans with layaway.

Know before you go regarding Disneyland’s reopening:

Disneyland health warning
To help you prepare for Disneyland’s reopening, I have gathered updates from Disneyland Resort to see what is now in place based on guidance from local and national health authorities, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Disneyland Resort has made various policy changes and protective measures to promote:

  • Cleanliness
  • Physical distancing
  • Reduced contact


Dowtown Disney safety


There’s going to be many things that will be different from the last time you visited Disneyland Resort. But I am here to provide official information provided by Disney so you can head to the parks whenever it’s right for your family and create those magical moments you’ve been waiting for.

Tickets & Reservations 

Disneyland has always limited the number of people inside the parks at one time, but they do not release official attendance numbers to the public. And now with reduced capacity, it’s even more of a concern. Here’s the number of people we expect to be allowed inside once the parks reopen

Disneyland Main Gates reopen

Do I need a reservation even if I have tickets to Disneyland? 

Yes, you will need reservations in addition to your park ticket for park admission during the initial reopening. More information on reservations will be released prior to the reopening. But there are a few things to note.

Know before you go regarding tickets & reservations:

Click Disneyland Reservations

Do Annual Passholders need a reservation to Disneyland?

Yes, you will need reservations in addition to your valid Annual Pass for park admission during the initial reopening. More information on how APs can get a reservation to Disneyland will be shared soon. Annual Passholders will be able to access the reservation system when it opens. 

Will Disneyland limit capacity when they reopen?

Yes, Disneyland reopening will operate under reduced capacity. This could be the best time to go for those who are always looking for low crowds!


Downtown Disney shade lines


Know before you go regarding reduced capacity:

Face Coverings & Masks

Everywhere in California already require masks. It is no surprise that Disneyland also requires masks for entry.

Disneyland clarified that they will require mandatory face coverings for both Cast Members and Guests ages 2 and up, with the addition of hand-washing stations and physical barriers, where appropriate.

ShopDisney has added cloth face masks to their collection if you want to coordinate with your Disney gear. Browse popular Disney character masks here and order yours now

Do I have to wear a mask at Disneyland?

Yes, all guests ages 2 and over—along with Cast Members—must wear face coverings when visiting Disneyland Resort.
Disney Store Cloth Face Masks
Know before you go regarding face coverings:

  • remember to bring your own face coverings to the resort
  • all guests ages 2 and up are required to wear face coverings at all times
  • face coverings must cover nose and mouth
  • face coverings must be secured with ties or ear loops
  • no neck gaiters or open chin types
  • no valves, holes or mesh material
  • no costume masks
  • face coverings and physical distancing are both required

Exceptions to wearing masks and face coverings:

  • guests may remove face coverings when eating AND stationary, you cannot sip and stroll. 
  • it’s being reported you cannot even sit and slowly sip without a mask, you might be asked to put in on between sips


Jessica DTD


Are masks covered under the ADA? I haven’t found anything specifically about face coverings on ADA.gov (if you find something there please let me know), but I did find this article from Snopes that clarifies a well-circulate internet myth

What if I don’t want to wear a mask at Disneyland?

Masks are required for visiting Disneyland Resort at this time. I understand it is disappointing to wait even longer to return.

If wearing a mask doesn’t work for your family I suggest waiting to return to Disneyland Resort until a facial covering is no longer required. 


Disneyland masks required


Additionally, hotels and Disneyland vacation packages are open for 2021 booking but that is not a promise that masks will not be required at that time. 

Temperature Screenings

Upon arrival at Disneyland Resort including hotels, theme parks and Downtown Disney, you will need to undergo a temperature screening with no-touch thermometers. 

Know before you go regarding temperature checks:

  • before you leave home or your hotel, be sure to check the temperatures of everyone in your party as an extra layer of precaution
  • anyone displaying a temperature of 100.4 F or above will be directed to an additional location for rescreening and assistance
  • those with temperatures 100.4 F or above will not be allowed entry; those in their party will not be allowed entry either


Disneyland Health screening


In addition, you may be curious about what kind of health screenings are required for Cast Members at Disneyland.

In every Disney Resort around the world and at recently opened Shanghi Disney says the company has said, “The resort will provide an extensive range of measures, designed to ensure a safe and healthy experience for all guests, Cast Members and Disneytown tenant employees, including strict and comprehensive approaches on sanitization, disinfection and cleanliness . . .”

Disneyland has also announced Cast Members will be subject to temperature checks and health screenings. 

Social Distancing 

Social distancing at Disneyland. Two phrases we never thought we’d see in our lives have merged. We’ve been socially and physically distant for months, we understand that minimum spacing between our family and others outside of our household is important.

How will this even be possible at Disneyland Resort?  We’ve seen it in place at Walt Disney World since July and Disney has done an amazing job and keeping people at a distance when on rides. Here’s all the Disneyland Resort rides that are completely outdoors to help take it a step further


Downtown Disney social distance

Know before you go regarding social distancing:


Downtown Disney wash station


Should I take my kids to Disneyland when it reopens? It’s difficult for children to understand the new rules of social space. This is a very personal question and depends on lots of factors. My friend Julie and Mom Rewritten has covered this in great detail here

What’s Open and Closed

When you’re spending a lot of money on a highly anticipated Disneyland vacation, you want to get the most for your dollar. Here’s what to expect during the Disneyland reopening. Here’s what’s open at Disneyland right now

Will all rides be open during my visit? 

Not all attractions will be open, but here’s a list of all of Disneyland’s outdoor rides both the line and the ride itself.


Rise line cave


Disneyland attractions undergo regular maintenance and refurbishment throughout the year. Some attractions may not be available, but you can see what’s closed during your visit here

Will there be fireworks during my visit?

Disneyland fireworks do not run every night, even before modifications were put in place. Please see our fireworks schedule for details on what’s playing during your visit

Will there be parades during my visit? 

Various Disneyland parades run seasonally, even before modifications were put in place. Please see our parade schedule for details on what’s running during your visit

Will World of Color or Fantasmic run during my visit?

Both shows take various breaks throughout the year. We will update this section once we hear more regarding these nighttime favorites. 

Will there be character meet and greets during my visit? 

Character interactions will be modified during the initial reopening phases. You can still see your favorites like Mickey Mouse from a distance to wave and say hello. Use the Disneyland App to locate your favorites.

Mickey waves hello
Know before you go regarding modified operations:

  • certain restaurants, attractions, experiences and other offerings will be modified or unavailable
  • we will update this list as various experiences and attractions are confirmed to be on the closure list

There are still many unanswered questions. My promise to you is no rumors. I report only official Disney sources so you can be confident in the information you read here.

Do you have specific questions on Disneyland’s reopening? Please add your comments to help me better refine this article as reopening details are released. 

14 thoughts on “Disneyland Reopening Details

  • Crystal Gonzalez

    I think a reservation system is perfect. It controls the amount of people visiting. It allows people to prepare in advance and not be afraid to be turned away at the gate. We are going to Disney World soon and look forward to that.

  • Debbie

    Thank you for the updates and accurate information Jessica. It is nice to have a place to go to for reliable information on Disneyland and what’s happening while the park is closed and for current reopening information.

  • Anonymous

    What is the status of the Disneyland Hotel? I have seen no mention of possible re-opening dates. I have reservations for mid October 19-22.

    • In the original reopening announcement, they did not include the Disneyland Hotel as it is under refurbishment. The earliest dates you can book stays there is October 1st. I hope that helps for your trip planned!

  • Jodie Hughes

    Mask Requirements: are they taking consideration in those who have disabilities or sensory processing disorder and those who have medical conditions in which they aren’t able to wear a mask? Will Disney be making exceptions for those children/adults who CANT where a mask? As a pass holder, and a mom of two children, one who is asthmatic and one with special needs, my children aren’t able to wear masks. And my children have passes as well. So I would expect if they don’t make these exceptions, that they would have to extend their passes out until they do away masks being mandatory since my children wouldn’t be able to go.
    Any insight on this scenario would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Hi Jodie, I understand your concern. Disneyland hasn’t officially said yet (watch above for updates) if masks will be required. However when researching “Are masks covered under the ADA?” I haven’t found anything specifically about face coverings on ADA.gov (if you find something there please let me know), but I did find the article from Snopes that clarifies a well-circulate internet myth which is linked to above in the mask section.

  • Tawnyn Ebner

    We have a trip planned Oct 1-7, 2020. We went to MNSSHP last year and planned to go to OBB this year. last year tix for OBB went on sale 4/23/20. I understand why they are not on sale yet, but since the party was such a huge hit/sellout last year and since they can limit the number of tix, do you think they will still have OBB this year?
    We have kept out reservations and we are really hoping that things will be back to normal by then.
    What are your thoughts?
    Thanks very much.
    Tawnyn Ebner

    • Hi Tawnyn! In this stage of life I feel like nothing is shocking anymore. But I would be shocked if they didn’t host Oogie Boogie Bash if they are indeed open. At this point, I think your dates look fantastic and I would keep those dates. As soon as I have party info, I will share it on my website, social media and newsletters.

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