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The most comprehensive, free Disneyland planning guide online. Disneyland is my full time job and since I don’t work for Disney, you get seasoned advice and honest opinions on what works and what doesn’t at Disneyland.

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El Nino Rain Hits Disneyland

Surviving Rain at Disneyland

Surviving rain at Disneyland Resort is possible, even if El Nino Rain threatens during your Disneyland trip. What to do ...
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toddler rides disneyland

Secrets for taking a Toddler to Disneyland

You should never take a preschooler or toddler to Disneyland, they won't remember it, it's too expensive and on and ...
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Pixar Fest ticket

How Much Does it Cost to go to Disneyland?

How much does it cost to go to Disneyland—our Disneyland ticket calculator does the math for you. That is one ...
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Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind

What’s New at Disneyland 2019

What's new at Disneyland 2019, plus Disneyland ticket discounts, month-by-month Disneyland vacation planning guide and details on Star Wars: Galaxy's ...
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Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival.

California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

California Adventure Food & Wine Festival is an annual event at Disney California Adventure featuring California inspired food and wine, ...
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Fantasmic reserved space along Rivers of America

Best of Disneyland Resort 2018

Best of Disneyland Resort 2018 brings you our most popular articles published in 2018 to take your Disneyland vacation to ...
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lost kids disneyland

What to do if your kid gets lost at Disneyland

It happens everyday, kids gets lost at Disneyland. It results in panicked parents and terrified children. While Disney certainly knows ...
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Disneyland at home scentsy

Disneyland at Home

Don't you wish you could have Disneyland at home? Or even be at Disney parks everyday? Going on your favorite rides, ...
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Disney gift card 5% off

Where can I use Disney Gift Cards at Disneyland?

Where can I use Disney gift cards at Disneyland? We discuss this very question almost daily in my Facebook group, ...
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Main Street Vehicles

Disneyland Don’ts: What Not To Ride

I love Disneyland, but even being the fan that I am, I still have a short list of things that ...
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Disney Play App Space Mountain

Disneyland App Essentials

Disneyland app essentials helps you navigate the Disneyland app, along with mobile dining options, Disneyland trivia to keep you busy ...
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inside Disneyland locker

Essential Guide to Disneyland Lockers

Do you need to rent a locker at Disneyland Resort? There's a lot of convenience that comes with renting a ...
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Cars Land PhotoPass spot

Best Disneyland PhotoPass Spots

Where's the best Disneyland PhotoPass spot? There are so many places to choose from, and in honor of PhotoPass day ...
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The Complete Disneyland Ride Guide. Alice in Wonderland, © The Happiest Blog on Earth.

Ride This First at Disneyland

Ride this first at Disneyland! There is so much to do and see at Disneyland that our readers are always ...
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Utah to Disneyland

Fast and Fun Tips to Get from Utah to Disneyland

We know our Utah readers love Disneyland, this article you just for you highlighting fast and fun tips to get ...
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Get through Disneyland Security Fast

Get Through Disneyland Security Fast!

Do you want to get through Disneyland security fast? Count me in too, and the hundreds of others lined up ...
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Paint the Night parade route

What To Do if Disneyland Reaches Capacity

What to do if Disneyland reaches capacity, how to deal when you're there on the busiest days of the year ...
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Long Beach Airport

Long Beach Airport to Disneyland

How do I get from Long Beach Airport to Disneyland? From car rentals, shuttles, Uber and Lyft, I’ve got all ...
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Storytellers Cafe

How to Handle Tipping at Disneyland Resort

Tipping at Disneyland? We have many readers from Australia and other areas of the world who are curious about tipping ...
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Large groups at Disneyland

Disneyland Reunion

Planning a Disneyland reunion or a trip for a large group? Here's how to plan a seamless Disneyland vacation with ...
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How to Combine Rider Switch and Disney MaxPass

Can I combine Rider Switch and Disney MaxPass? Yes, you can combine Rider Switch and Disney MaxPass. Let's dig into ...
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Disneyland Park Gates

Tips for Opening Disneyland Resort

Have you ever arrived for opening Disneyland Resort at either Disneyland Park or California Adventure Park? ...
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Mad Tea Party, 4 adults in a teacup

Disneyland Rides That Might Make You Sick

Disneyland rides that might make you sick. Being sick on vacation is never fun, but the good news is there ...
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Food & Wine Festival booths

When’s the Best Time to Visit Disneyland?

When is the best time to visit Disneyland? There's something for everyone all year-long at the Disneyland Resort, and we're ...
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Space Mountain

What you need to know about the Disney MaxPass

Do you want to see Disney MaxPass in action? Here's what to know to hit the ground running on your ...
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A Beginner’s Guide to Fastpass at Disneyland

What's Disneyland FASTPASS and how do I use it at Disneyland Resort? All the information on how to use FASTPASS ...
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Disneyland WiFi hotspots

Disney California Adventure and Pregnant

Disney California Adventure and pregnant? No, this has nothing to do with which pregnant Kardashian was spotted at Disneyland Resort ...
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Golden Zephyr

Does Disneyland have WiFi?

Disneyland Wifi has likely been upgraded since your last visit. Now that the old paper FASTPASS system has changed to the ...
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Together Forever fireworks Disneyland

Pixar Favorites Touring Plan

See California Adventure through the Pixar lens. Visit Pixar attractions, meet classic Pixar characters and dine at Pixar-inspired eateries. Ride ...
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Smoke and fire in Southern California.

Disneyland with Asthma: Tips for Fire Season and Smog

Disneyland air quality is a top concern for those struggling with asthma or other health conditions that make breathing difficult ...
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Chip at Storytellers Cafe

Disneyland Resort Action Tips

Disneyland Resort Action Tips, what every visitor needs to know before their trip to The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California ...
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Gadget's Go Coaster

Disneyland Roller Coasters for Kids

Disneyland roller coasters for kids! Is your kid ready for Disneyland Roller Coasters? Let's find out! ...
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Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin seats

LAX to Disneyland

How do I get from LAX to Disneyland? From car rentals, shuttles, Uber, Lyft and Disneyland Express, I've got all ...
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Kids at Disneyland

Should Kids go to Disneyland Alone?

Should you let your kids go to Disneyland alone? It's a loaded question with many different answers. I don't claim ...
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Disneyland Photo Shoot

Disneyland Photo Shoot

It has been four years since I began sharing Disneyland Resort planning tips at The Happiest Blog on Earth. Every ...
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California Screamin'

The Complete California Adventure Ride Guide

The complete California Adventure Ride Guide—everything you need to know about every California Adventure attraction broken down land-by-land. A planning guide from ...
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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad scale model | Disneyland Hotel

6 Ways to Stay Cool at Disneyland

It's the middle of summer, or maybe just a heat wave at the end of September and you need to ...
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Ariel's Undersea Adventure

What to Ride First at Paradise Park

What to ride first at Paradise Park. If you haven't been to California Adventure in a while, you might not know ...
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Disneyland railroad

All About the Disneyland Railroad

The Disneyland Railroad re-opened July 29, 2017 after a year and a half closure to reroute the railroad for Star ...
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Winnie the Pooh

The Complete Disneyland Ride Guide

The complete Disneyland Ride Guide—everything you need to know about every popular Disneyland Park attraction broken down land-by-land. Let's get ...
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Disneyland sunscreen

Top Picks for Disneyland Sunscreen & Makeup

Yup, I legit tested out a bunch of products to find the perfect Disneyland sunscreen. And I am happy to share ...
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Disneyland Rides for Babies and Toddlers, what kids love at Disneyland

Disneyland Kids Touring Plan

See Disneyland through a storybook lens via our Disneyland kids touring plan. The Disneyland Storybook Touring Plan is a perfect one-day Disneyland ...
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Retro Disneyland parking lot

Disneyland Plan Classics

See Disneyland how Walt Disney himself saw the park with our Disneyland Plan Classics. This is the perfect one-day Disneyland plan ...
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Disneyland Easter egg hunt

Easter at Disneyland

Spring vacations and Easter at Disneyland. The pink flowers are blooming around Sleeping Beauty Castle, weather is mild and the ...
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Stroller as wheelchair Disneyland

Special Needs at Disneyland

Is it possible to tour Disneyland if someone in your group has special needs and/or a physical disability? That is ...
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Long lines Disneyland

It’s Packed! How to Deal with Crowds at Disneyland

We're approaching big crowds at Disneyland and today we're talking about how to deal with maximum crowd levels at The Disneyland Resort when it's ...
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Mickey's Fun Wheel motion sickness bag

What Not To Ride at California Adventure

What not to ride at California Adventure gives you an excuse to cut out a ride or two and spend ...
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Toy Story Disneyland Parking shuttle

A Guide to Disneyland Parking

Disneyland parking tips for your Disney vacation ...
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California Adventure FASTPASS

Disneyland Park Plans

"Don't freak out, it's just Disneyland" is easier said than done, that's why this year we're bringing you custom Disneyland ...
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Finding Nemo

Disneyland Resort Magic Morning

Want to get into Disneyland 1 hour early— this is all about Disneyland Magic Morning and Extra Magic Hour at ...
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Disneyland Main Street

Disneyland 2017 Planning Guide

The Disneyland 2017 Planning Guide is here; brought to you by Grand Legacy At The Park Hotel New for 2018! Enjoy ...
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Disney MaxPass FASTPASS

Disney MaxPass: New Disneyland FASTPASS

All the details on the new Disneyland FASTPASS, Disney MaxPass program with digital options now live at Disneyland Resort.  ...
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Disney’s El Capitan Theatre Hollywood

Sometimes my Disney adventures take me beyond Anaheim and Disneyland; today we're headed to Disney's El Capitan Theatre in the ...
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Flik's Flyers

Don’t Do a Surprise Disneyland Trip

Don't do a surprise Disneyland trip; why our best intentions fail and how to do it right. You're SO excited for ...
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King Arthur Carrousel Disneyland

Disneyland and Pregnant

Disneyland and pregnant? No, this is not an announcement. And no, this is not a casting call for an MTV ...
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Top 10 Meals for Kids at Disneyland

Top Tips for Parents from Disneyland Experts

Disneyland Experts share top tips for parents at the parks, and you're invited to join in on our conversation! This is ...
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Kipling Disney Bag

What’s In My Disneyland Bag?

What's in my Disneyland bag? You asked, I tell all. I aim to go light when I travel to Disneyland ...
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Pets at Disneyland. Practical advice for bringing your pet along to Disneyland.

Pets at Disneyland

If you're planning to bring your dog or pet to Disneyland, we have gathered advice just for you with tips ...
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Disney California Adventure gate

How to Tell Disneyland and Walt Disney World Apart

How to tell Disneyland and Walt Disney World Apart online . . . you'll learn things you never knew you ...
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Disneyland's Diamond Celebration

Disneyland Forever Fireworks

It's been over a year since Disneyland Forever fireworks debuted at Disneyland, marking the beginning of the Diamond Celebration. See more ...
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Disneyland Rides Worth the Wait

Disneyland Rides Worth the Wait

Let's discover Disneyland rides worth the wait. Because sometimes we go to Disneyland during summer or Christmas break and even ...
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Disneyland Resort

10 Disneyland Rides in 2 Hours

10 Disneyland rides in 2 hours, in the middle of summer. It's possible and maybe a little bit crazy (you ...
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Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters

Disneyland Road Trip Essentials

A Disneyland road trip is in the works. You have your discount Disneyland tickets in-hand and bags are packed. But ...
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All About the Official Disneyland App

The official Disneyland app is now live! Everything changes today. While we've been relying on outside developers for our Disneyland ...
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Disneyland Stroller Rentals

Disneyland stroller rental— if you need to rent a stroller at Disneyland or are thinking of bringing your own, this ...
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Pirates of the Caribbean

Hate Disneyland Crowds? Solutions for Busy Days

Does the thought of spending 5 days or even 5 hours at Disneyland turn you into Cruella DeVille? Do you ...
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a bug's land entrance

Tips for Babies at California Adventure

Bringing a baby or newborn to California Adventure or Disneyland? This article is for you! And if you think a Disneyland vacation ...
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Cars Land

California Adventure Rider Switch Tips

California Adventure rider switch tips for families at Disneyland Resort. Don't miss out on all the fun! How you can ...
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California Screamin'

California Adventure Single Rider Lines

Have you heard of the Single Rider line at some of the most popular rides at Disneyland and California Adventure? ...
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Disneyland Single Rider Lines, ride Matterhorn and other rides without the long wait!

Disneyland Single Rider Lines

Have you heard of the Disneyland Single Rider lines at some of the most popular rides at Disneyland and California ...
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Disney California Adventure gate

Disneyland and California Adventure in One Day

Want to do Disneyland AND California Adventure in 1 day?!? Disneyland goers everywhere will say don't do it, there's too much ...
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Season's Greetings from Disneyland

Disneyland in December

If you're going to Disneyland in December, it really doesn't get any better than this for festive holiday atmosphere. Here ...
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Save more at Disneyland with Disneyland On Any Budget.

Best Cures for Missing Disneyland

Do you need some cures for missing Disneyland? Me too! ...
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7 Ways to Keep It Simple Disneyland

This is the post for people who prefer to treat a vacation like a vacation (read: relax and unwind). It's ...
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Disneyland Parade | Disneyland Tips | Disneyland

Disneyland Freebies!

Looking for Disneyland freebies? Here's just a sample of what you can get for free at the Disneyland Resort during ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Radiator Springs Racers

Radiator Springs Racers, affectionately know as "the cars ride" is one of California Adventure's top attractions. Keep reading for everything ...
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cheap Disneyland

Disneyland on The Cheap

Looking for cheap Disneyland tickets, accommodations and souvenir ideas? This is Disneyland on the cheap, a custom Disneyland Plan set ...
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Disneyland Rider Switch Tips

Disneyland Rider Switch, also known as "child swap" is the key to enjoying Disneyland as a parent. Here's the information ...
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Stroller Parking Disneyland

Tips for Babies at Disneyland

Bringing a newborn or baby to Disneyland or California Adventure? This post is for you! And if you think a Disneyland ...
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Disneyland after Grizzly River Run

How to Avoid a Disneyland Meltdown

How to avoid a Disneyland meltdown. They happen to the best of us. One minute everything is magical and dreams ...
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Radiator Springs Racers

Ride This First at California Adventure

Ride this first at California Adventure! There is so much to do and see at Disney California Adventure that our ...
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California Screamin' turns into Incredicoaster, opening summer 2018 at Pixar Pier.

What to Do First: California Adventure

What to Do First at California Adventure to save time with character visits, FASTPASS kiosks, character visits, places to cool down and more! ...
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Pixar Pier, courtesy Disneyland Resort.

What to Ride First at Pixar Pier

What to ride first at Pixar Pier. If Pixar is your jam you can find all the Pixar friends and fun ...
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What to Ride First in Hollywood Land

What to ride first in Hollywood Land. Are you a little star struck? Do big lights and Hollywood glam make ...
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Soarin' Around the World

What to Ride First in Grizzly Peak

What to ride first in Grizzly Peak. Do you love the great outdoors, tall pine trees and the fresh mountain ...
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Cars Land

What to Ride First in Cars Land

What to ride first in Cars Land! Get ready to speed into the center of your favorite movie, Cars! Cars ...
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bug's land

What to Ride First: “a bug’s land”

What to ride first in "a bug's land!" This is a little one's delight inside Disney California Adventure. If you have ...
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What to Do First at Disneyland

What to Do First at Disneyland to maximize time with character visits, Jedi Training, parade seating tips and more! Don't ...
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Space Mountain

What to Ride First in Tomorrowland

What to ride first in Tomorrowland! This is the future of Disneyland (but for now has kinda been taken over by Star Wars.) ...
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Pirates of the Caribbean

What to Ride First in New Orleans Square

What to ride first in New Orleans Square! This is the big easy of Disneyland and is one of the best ...
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Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin seats

What to Ride First in Mickey’s Toontown

What to ride first in Mickey's Toontown! This little section of Disneyland is truly in a world of its own. Our readers ...
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What to ride first in Frontierland

What to Ride First in Frontierland

What to ride first in Frontierland! It's the wild, wild west at Disneyland's Frontierland! Our readers are always asking us, ...
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What to ride first in Fantasyland

What to Ride First in Fantasyland

What to ride first in Fantasyland! This is the storybook, magical heart of Disneyland and is often packed with guests at all ...
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What to Ride First in Critter Country. Disneyland's Splash Mountain.

What to Ride First in Critter Country

What to ride first in Critter Country! This is the back country of Disneyland (for now at least until Star ...
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Indiana Jone Mickey Mouse

What to Ride First in Adventureland

What to ride first in Adventureland! This is where excitement and mystery collide for heart-pounding expeditions and journeys into the ...
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Disneyland entrance

Tips for Opening Disneyland

Have you ever arrived for Disneyland rope drop? It’s the name for opening Disneyland Resort at either Disneyland Park or California ...
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California Adventure gates

Tips for Opening California Adventure

Have you ever arrived for California Adventure rope drop? It's the name for opening Disneyland Resort at either Disneyland Park or ...
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