Disneyland Resort Action Tips

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Disneyland Resort Action Tips, what every visitor needs to know before their trip to The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

Ready to plan your Disneyland trip? These Disneyland action tips are where to start.
Disneyland Action Tips

This is a special planning article just for my VIP Custom Park planners. Not a VIP? Read about how to take the stress out of Disneyland planning and let me create your custom step-by-step plan for your Disneyland Resort visit.

Disneyland Resort Action Tip #1 Use Mornings Wisely

Toy Story Disneyland Parking shuttle

Mornings are prime riding time. If you have access to Magic Morning or Extra Magic Hour, be sure you know how to use these to your advantage and which days are offered at which parks. The most important thing to know: you can only use Magic Morning at Disneyland Park one time (NOT California Adventure) on either a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday morning. It gets super confusing, super fast so be sure to read the entire article here.

If you don’t have Magic Morning, no need to worry. You can still squeeze in a ton. See how we ride 10 Disneyland Rides in 2 Hours. 

Bonus tip: Read all about security and parking procedures here.

Disneyland Resort Action Tip #2  Character Dining Inside & Out

Disneyland character dining with Mickey & Friends.

Did you know you can meet popular Disney characters without a park ticket? Yes, you can! And I highly recommend it. These character dining options are offered at Disneyland Resort hotels and there are actually more offered outside the parks than inside.

Dining with characters outside the parks makes total sense for the day of your arrival or departure. Meet your favorites without sacrificing ride time.

Read about my breakfast with Mickey and Friends here.  Another choice outside the parks is Goofy’s Kitchen for lunch or dinner, along with Storyteller’s Cafe for breakfast or a weekend brunch. Make your dining reservations up to 60 days in advance. Inside the park character dining includes Minnie & Friends at Plaza Inn for breakfast at Disneyland Park.

Disneyland Resort Action Tip #3 Specialty Dining

Fantasmic view
Fantasmic view

Dining at Disneyland Resort is always a special occasion! If you’re planning to see the nighttime show Fantasmic! at Disneyland Park, I highly recommend a dining package. It will save you so much time and headaches! Read here about Fantasmic dining options and why I don’t even recommend going to see it if you don’t have one :(.

Again, book those reservations 60 days out or call Disney dining if you can’t find anything available online. Unlike character dining vouchers, there are no discount vouchers for these dining options.

World of Color is the night show at California Adventure. If budget allows, I suggest World of Color Dessert Party. It’s not cheap but it will get you an actual seat (chair, stool) to sit in instead of standing room only. Other options include dinner inside a restaurant and preferred viewing area at World of Color.

Read about all current specialty dining options here.

Disneyland Resort Action Tip #4 Other Dining Options

Carnation Cafe

I prefer one sit-down meal each day whether it’s at either park or Downtown Disney. If you haven’t filled your Disneyland days with dining reservations already, there are still lots of wonderful places to eat at. This article explains how and where you can make reservations inside Disneyland Resort. If any of these interest you, snag those reservations at 60 days out.

Disneyland Resort Action Tip #5 Disney MaxPass

FASTPASS and Disney MaxPass
FASTPASS and Disney MaxPass

Decide before you arrive which FASTPASS system you’d like to use. This choice depends on budgets, how many days you’re visiting, heights/ages of kids and a lot more. Disney MaxPass is a new digital FASTPASS system at Disneyland Resort, and costs $15 per person, per day. You must use a cell phone and data for this option.

Disney MaxPass has many perks, including free Disney Photo Pass downloads and the ability to secure FASTPASS from your mobile device instead of running around the parks. Many people get MaxPass for one day or even for one person just to use for photos. If the price increase isn’t your thing, you can have access to the free FASTPASS system instead. 

Disneyland Resort Action Tip #6 Disneyland App

Download the official Disneyland app today and start exploring the many useful features it has. Bonus: if you’re using Disney MaxPass, add your credit card to the app now for easier selection on your first morning at Disneyland Resort. MaxPass won’t activate until your tickets are scanned at the main gate.

Disneyland Resort Action Tip #7 Special Events

Mickey’s Halloween Party

Will you be visiting during a special event like Mickey’s Halloween Party? Check the dates to make sure the parks don’t close early on the date you’re visiting.

If you’ve reserved your Custom VIP Park Plan, use this quick check list as we continue planning your Disneyland vacation:

  1. Make dining reservations at 60 days out or as soon as possible and email the dates and times to me. I’ll be sure to place those in your custom plan for the day.
  2. If you have access to Magic Morning or Extra Magic Hour, be sure your dining reservations correspond with the park you’ll be at during that particular day. We’ll discuss that more in our emails.
  3. Decide if you’ll be using Disney MaxPass and let me know.
  4. Download the Disneyland app and have fun exploring before your trip

If you don’t have a Custom VIP Park Plan, check here for availability or download one of our popular ready-to-go Disneyland plans now. I hope these Disneyland Resort action tips help you enjoy an even better Disneyland vacation!

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