Top Picks for Disneyland Sunscreen & Makeup

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Yup, I legit tested out a bunch of products to find the perfect Disneyland sunscreen. And I am happy to share my results with you for your Disneyland vacation along with bonus content on what makeup to wear to Disneyland!

Top Picks for Sunscreen and makeup at Disneyland. Long lasting, not shiny or greasy.

The other day during high temperatures on a family outing, I slathered on our regular sunscreen. Instantly I felt my face was melting off. I was sticky, sweaty and shiny. Now don’t get me wrong, I love shiny things but I do not want my face shiny.

Then it dawned on me. All those Disneyland pictures in the summer (and once when it was well over 100 degrees in October), yup, we were covered in shiny, greasy sunscreen. And it showed.

How do you get good family pictures at The Happiest Place on Earth with yucky shiny faces? I did not want this to happen again so first thing I asked our Disneyland-going fans on our Facebook page which Disneyland sunscreen they use.

I tested their recommendations in comparison with what I usually wear (Target’s Up and Up Sport Sunscreen). Here’s the lowdown.

Disneyland Sunscreen Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch

Overall Rating: A-

Cost: under $10

Available at most grocery and drug stores, and on Amazon.

Pros: Definitely not greasy. I rubbed this on, then went outside in direct sunlight when it was 100 degrees out. After 40 minutes outside, I came in and snapped this picture. No shine at all. Love that!

Cons: I wasn’t sure about the smell. My family liked it though. It wasn’t strong or “beauty” but I didn’t think it was fab. Not enough to keep me away from it. Some online reviews said it left a residue. I bet the residue was intended to feel powdery, but it was a bit more like chalk than powder.

Online reviews also mentioned white marks on dark clothes. I specifically went outside in a black swim suit and wiped my hands on it after application. It did leave a slight white cast, again kinda like a chalk. After multiple uses with a black swim suit I had to wash my suit a couple times before the white came out.

As far as a review saying it turned their car blue? No problems there when I touched the steering wheel after. Still black.

Disneyland Sunscreen Up and Up Ultra Sheer

Overall Rating: A-

Cost: about $5

Available at Target and

Pros: This is the generic version of the above Neutrogena. Basically the same product for a bit less. Another thing I like about these two is the size of the bottle. Not bulky or extra-large, but a great size to bring into the parks. Some are even small enough for carry on luggage, but plenty for your entire vacation.

Cons: Just like its brand name counter-part, the white chalky residue on black swim wear made an appearance. It’s not bad enough to keep me away. Especially for Disneyland, I love this product.

Disneyland Sunscreen Sun Bum

Overall Rating: B

Cost: about $15

Disneyland sunscreen reviews at The Happiest Blog on Earth.

Available in stores and online, Sun Bum has a passionate following. I contacted Sun Bum and they sent me some samples, along with some Sun Bum gear for my experiment.

Pros: This is serious sunscreen and does an excellent job of protecting skin from sun damage.

Cons: While I totally rock this during a long day at the beach, the summery-beach-vibe smell was overwhelming for a day at Disneyland. Combine that with the higher cost, I’d save this stuff for beach and pool days, not a day at Disneyland.

Disneyland Sunscreen Cotz Mineral SPF

Overall Rating: A+

Cost: about $20

Disneyland sunscreen reviews from The Happiest Blog on Earth.

Available at Target, Ulta and on Amazon this natural sunscreen is my top pick for Disneyland sunscreen for your face. Because of the price, I wouldn’t slather it on everywhere. Let me tell you more . . .

Pros: I love, love, love this stuff! I happened to get it in a Target Beauty Box ( if you haven’t tried the Beauty Box yet, it’s a total MUST!) and use it on my face often. I got the Natural Skin Tint version. It rubs on flawlessly, works well under or over makeup and seriously feels like you have nothing on your face with SPF protection from minerals rather than chemicals. It’s seriously fabulous!

Cons: As a Disneyland on a budget guru, this definitely isn’t the cheapest option out there. And you’ll need to use something else for the rest of your body during a day at Disneyland. My teeny little bottle has lasted me a while; if you’d like to go this route I suggest pairing it with the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch  for the perfect Disneyland sunscreen combo.

Disneyland Makeup Bonus

I promised you a bonus on what makeup to wear to Disneyland. I already talked about the Target Beauty Box, which is packed full of fun makeup and beauty samples for only $10 (order yours here!)

But what you really need to know about is SeneGence. They have an entire line of long-lasting makeup that’s sure to make it through an entire day of Disneyland touring.

Must-have Disneyland makeup!

I especially love their lipsticks, LipSense. Small and portable to stash in your Disneyland bag, but most of all it’s super long lasting. As in, doesn’t come off when you kiss your kids (or your hubby!) and even stays on after eating and drinking. A little touch up is all you need and you’ll be looking flawless all day long.

Think of how amazing and carefree you’ll look in those Disneyland family photos! What Disneyland sunscreen and makeup do you wear? I’m always willing to try something new to protect and beautify my skin.

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