Disneyland with Kids Tips for Every Age

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Heading to Disneyland with Kids? Here’s my top tips resources when planning a Disneyland with kids vacation.Disneyland with Kids

Disneyland with Kids is near and dear to my heart. Taking my own kids to Disneyland sparked my desire to create this website in 2013. Even though I grew up in Los Angeles and visited all my life, it wasn’t until I became a parent that the magic Disneyland really hit me. 


Goofys Kitchen


Disneyland with Kids Facebook Group

Another reason why Disneyland with Kids is so close to my heart is the Disneyland with Kids Facebook group. It began as an extension of my business in 2018, as I work alongside 3 awesome co-owners:


Disneyland gift cards


Disneyland with Kids has taken on a life of its own and we’ve built an amazing community of friends who ask questions and reply to questions, all focused around bringing your kids to the Happiest Place on Earth. Some of our most popular discussions for parents include:

Disneyland with Kids Podcast

Parents are always on the go and sometimes getting all the Disneyland info you need is tricky. Along with the Facebook group, we also created a podcast so you can listen to expert Disneyland advice where ever you go


LAX Southwest


Disneyland with Kids Hotels

There are so many hotels near Disneyland to choose from. It can get overwhelming fast! Here’s some things I ask people when they’re trying to choose a Disneyland area hotel.


Del Sol bunkbed


  • What hotel chains are you used to staying at? This way I can gauge the type of hotel you’re comfortable at and recommend ones with similar qualities near Disneyland. See all my hotel reviews here.
  • How much do you usually pay per night at hotels? Keep that rate in mind then add $50-100 per night for Anaheim hotels. The rate to pay here are going to be higher than you would pay in a non-destination area. The same Hilton will cost a lot more here because of its location.


Pool area Cambria Anaheim



Grand Californian Disneyland

Rides for Disneyland with Kids

There’s so many things to do and see, and seeing through their eyes is simply magical. Check out my top tips  for rides and other ways to make your vacation easier.


toddler rides at disneyland



Tea cups kids


It certainly doesn’t end at the rides. There’s tons of shows and parades and activities to keep everyone in the family happy and busy. You might even want to schedule one of the popular character meals and dine along-side Mickey Mouse or your favorite princess. Speaking of food, anyone with a picky eater will want to get their hands on this Disneyland kid meal guide


Mickey Mouse Storytellers Cafe Breakfast family


A Disneyland trip with kids is the highlight of childhood and parenthood. I’d love to help you plan even more of your vacation. What questions do you have about visiting Disneyland with Kids—let’s continue the conversation. 

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