How to Cancel Your Disneyland Trip

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Things happen, plans change or someone comes down with a bug and you feel like there are no other options; today we’re talking how to cancel your Disneyland trip.Cancel Disneyland vacation

A rare, but familiar conversation. I just spoke to a friend who needs a Disneyland do-over. Her kids had belly aches the night before their 6:00 am flight, which turned into full fledge illnesses after they arrived in Anaheim—but only after they missed their flight to Disneyland and spent hours waiting at the airport.

Whether you’re in the middle of a vacation, a few weeks out or even a couple of hours before your plane takes off to Disneyland, here is exactly what you need to do to maximize refunds and lose as little money as possible.

How to Cancel Disneyland Flights

Keep in mind you will have the most success when you have booked directly with the airline/hotel/shuttle, rather than through third-party websites. And if you booked with a travel agent like Get Away Today, be sure to give them a call as soon as possible.


LAX Southwest


Call your airline (or visit their website) as soon as you know your Disneyland plans have changed. You can get a refund on a non-refundable ticket if you’ve booked in the last 24 hours and your flight is at least 7 days out, per U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. If this doesn’t apply to you, keep reading.

Southwest Airlines refunds. Southwest offers refunds in the form of airline credit, which must be used by the date you originally bought your ticket AND ONLY for the person named on the ticket. Cancel or modify your Southwest flight to Disneyland here.

Alaska Airlines allows free cancellations up to 60 days before your departure. Any sooner than that and there will be a fee involved. Cancel your Alaska airlines reservation here.

JetBlue cancellation costs vary depending on the amount you paid for your ticket. If you need to cancel your Disneyland trip with JetBlue, see their fees here.

Need to cancel your Disneyland trip with another airline? Check this article for airline contacts and fees.

How to Cancel Disneyland Tickets

Besides offering discount Disneyland tickets and incredible savings on hotel packages, Get Away Today also has their unbeatable “Peace of Mind Plan”. This protection plan is offers free hotel changes,  free reschedules, change hotel nights, change tickets and more all for a small, one-time fee. When booking, be sure to select Peace of Mind Plan at checkout. 


Joy Pixar Pier Ticket


If you bought your tickets through the Disneyland Resort itself, notice the expiration date in the fine print. You usually have about one year to use your tickets. If you bought value or regular day tickets but now need to visit on a peak day, you can always upgrade your tickets at guest services. Read more about Disneyland’s ticketing structure here.

This came in super handy when my dad accidentally bought 3 extra tickets (darn it, right?!). We saved them for the next year without a problem. If your tickets expire before you expect to use them, you can always visit a ticket window in the morning at simply pay a fee to get them to current pricing. The ticket must have never been used (even for a day) to take advantage of this perk.

Selling unused tickets is as risky as buying them, even selling to a friend is against Disney’s terms of use. Your tickets could be voided without notice. 

How to Cancel your Disneyland Hotel

Unless you’ve booked a non-refundable, pay-in-advance hotel room, you generally have 24 hours prior to local check in time to cancel. I always put a “cancel hotel” reminder in my phone for an hour or so before the local check in time just in case anything happens.


Candlewood Suites Anaheim Room


If you’re simply rescheduling, call the hotel to change your dates (some fees may apply). And of course, it never hurts to call the hotel directly and speak with the manager on duty to make cancellation requests.

How to Cancel Disneyland Dining Reservations

Most Disneyland dining venues require you cancel 24 hours prior to your reservation, some more. Call Disneyland Dining at 714-781-3463 as soon as your plans change to avoid a per-person cancellation fee.


Disneyland donut


They’re usually very understanding, even with last minute cancellations if you call and explain. 

How to Cancel Disneyland Car Rentals or Shuttles

Unless you have paid in advance or purchased vacation package bundle, you can cancel car rental reservations without any fee even hours after you should have picked up the car. This happened to me on a recent vacation when I ended up not needing a rental and only got around to calling the company later in the day.


Long Beach airport


Car rental companies do not require a credit card to make a reservation, so this Disneyland cancellation is usually fee-free.

Shuttle cancellation prices will vary from company to company, call them directly and explain your situation to see what they can do. Be sure to mention if you plan to reschedule.

Cancelling a Disneyland vacation is never a fun thought, but when the unexpected happens, be sure to keep this article on file so you can save yourself as much money as possible.

It’s a super bummer when we need to cancel anything we’ve been looking forward to. Especially a big trip like Disneyland. How else can I help? What else do you need to know about cancelling your Disneyland vacation? 

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