Mimi’s Cafe – Dining Near Disneyland

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Food and Disneyland go together like Ariel and Eric, Cinderella and Charming. Well, you get the picture! Part of what makes Disneyland vacations so much fun is the food. Today we’re adding to our Best Offsite Disneyland Dining Spots with a feature on Mimi’s Cafe near Disneyland, located on Harbor Blvd.

Mimi's near Disneyland; offsite dining locations near the Disneyland Resort.
Mimi’s near Disneyland; offsite dining locations near the Disneyland Resort.

Mimi’s Cafe – New Menu Options

Mimi’s Cafe is a popular neighborhood cafe with French-inspired American comfort food. It’s a great place to start your day before heading to Disneyland or dining out when you need a night off back at home.

Just like Halloween Time at Disneyland, Mimi’s is kicking off fall flavors with a new dish, Honey Lavender Grilled Pork Chop (available nationwide September 19, 2016). The new entree is an original recipe developed by Michael Wattz. Michael, along with hundreds of other Mimi-loving aspiring chefs around the country, submitted recipes for a chance to win a trip to France.

Dining near Disneyland, Honey Lavender Grilled Pork Chop at Mimi's Cafe. Photo courtesy Mimi's Cafe.
Dining near Disneyland, Honey Lavender Grilled Pork Chop at Mimi’s Cafe. Photo courtesy Mimi’s Cafe.

The Honey Lavender Grilled Pork Chop was chosen as the winning recipe by Ellise Pierce, author of Cowgirl Chef: Texas Cooking with a French Accent.

After combing through over 100 recipe, I can see why Mimi’s Cafe selected Honey Lavender Grilled Pork Chop for their fall fare. Everyone in our party was very excited to taste test the creation and we all took turns savoring the unique and delicious flavors.

Mim's Cafe - new entrees and classics, dining near Disneyland.
Mim’s Cafe – new entrees and classics, dining near Disneyland.

I particularly enjoyed the fresh mixed green salad served on the side. It was a wonderful compliment to an already delicious meal.

In addition to new offerings , you’ll find Mim’s Cafe traditional favorites like French Dip, Quiche Lorraine and Mushroom & Brie Burger. We tried the Spinach Artichoke dip (my go-to appetizer everywhere I go!) and the Roasted Turkey and Brie Melt with apricot chutney for part of our meal.



Mimi’s Cafe – Near Disneyland

It’s no secret, I love Mimi’s Cafe and their amazing blueberry muffins, but we’ll get to those later. The ambiance is reminiscent of many Disneyland restaurants in New Orleans Square and throughout the park. From cozy booths, to walk up seating and French inspired decor, you’re sure to feel right at home.

Mimi's Cafe near the Disneyland Resort.
Mimi’s Cafe near the Disneyland Resort.
Mimi’s Cafe near the Disneyland Resort.

Mimi’s Cafe – Family Friendly Dining

Mim’s Cafe has a huge menu. There are so many things available, we had to divide and conquer. This meant we all ordered something different and shared a bit. It’s kinda my favorite way to do dinner.

The kids menu is particularly awesome. They have your standards (which my kids ordered) and some on-theme items like ham and cheese crepes as well. One daughter ordered the mac and cheese and it was probably the best kids menu mac and cheese ever. It’s made with Tilamook cheese and is seriously so yummy.

Family friendly dining at Mim's Cafe.
Family friendly dining at Mim’s Cafe.

Another winner was the chicken fingers on the kids menu. The breaded coating was incredible! They don’t have chicken fingers on the adult menu, but it is the same coating used on the Chicken Cordon Bleu and the Chicken Parmesan if you want to try it yourself.

Mimi’s Cafe – Breakfast Before Disneyland

Breakfast is my favorite. In fact, you’ll often find me chowing down on my favorite dessert—a bowl of cereal—just before bed time. When you’re looking to fuel up before a long day at the parks, Mimi’s near Disneyland will not disappoint.

Breakfast near Disneyland, Mimi's Cafe.
Breakfast near Disneyland, photo courtesy of Mimi’s Cafe.
Breakfast near Disneyland, photo courtesy of Mimi’s Cafe.

Grab some muffins to-go or stay awhile and enjoy their famous omelets. If you’re looking for breakfast during dinner—good news! Several of their breakfast items like Fried Chicken and Waffles are on the menu all day.

Another perk for Mimi’s Cafe? Options vary by location, but most have multiple dining areas available for hosting private events. If you need a space for a large group meal for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner or just your whole huge Disneyland family reunion, Mimi’s Cafe could be the perfect place!

Before you head out to Disneyland be sure to sign up for their e-club and you can get a free two-pack of muffins just for joining. Will you be heading to Mimi’s Cafe near Disneyland to try their new Honey Lavender Pork Chop or maybe for an omelet in the morning? We’d love to hear about it!

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