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My Happiest Story Disneyland

Welcome to My Happiest Story where we share moments of magic from Disneyland Resort. These are real stories from readers just like you, debuting in Facebook Watch Series January 2021. Read all about this new adventure, including some “My Happiest Stories” only available here, in written format.

My Happiest Story Beginnings

We all know how 2020 went down and it wasn’t at all what we expected it to be. I have been writing full time about Disneyland since 2013, even earning a full time income doing this very untraditional job. Visiting Disneyland and writing up strategies to help you have a better vacation is the best job I could ever dream of.

But when Disneyland closed in early 2020, I continued to work on my self-made business. I worked harder than ever and saw almost everything I depended on wash away over the course of the year. 

I cut operating costs, I had a good cry (ok more than one) and I sent out an email one day to you. It was a call to lift my spirits and it was purely selfish in the beginning. I simply asked, “tell me your Disneyland story.”

Family star Wars land

The next day when I checked my email I had dozens of Disneyland stories. Stories that touched my heart, uplifted and inspired me. You showed up for me when I was feeling low. And you have continued to do so for The Happiest Blog on Earth. 

I had no original intention to share these stories but what I read couldn’t be kept to myself. I quickly backtracked and asked everyone for permission to share their story, in what I called “My Happiest Story.” 

My Happiest Story is a collection of your happiest moments at Disneyland Resort and the joy and magic it brings. The video series is simple, but the message is strong and clear. I also have a collection of written exclusives right here for videos we didn’t get a chance to record. 

I hope you enjoy the ride of My Happiest Story and if you enjoy this you might also like my Disneyland meditation with an easy guided walk through Disneyland

My Happiest Story Video Series

The feedback for My Happiest Story was so exciting! I finally got to connect with my readers one on one, via video interviews so they could tell their story. In their own words. 

After a year of missing you in the parks, we got to connect and re-live the memories together. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. 

My Happiest Story is a seven-part video series which debuts Thursdays at 7 pm Pacific Time, beginning on January 14, 2021. Watch them live or catch the replay anytime. Follow along and share your happiest story and favorites from the series with #MyHappiestStory.

Disneyland Halloween Time family

My Happiest Story Facebook Watch Series

My Happiest Story will have the all-new “Facebook stars” feature where instead of a “like” or “heart” you can give “stars”. Be sure to give it a try on these new videos when they debut. 

Season 1, Episodes 1-7

My Happiest Story YouTube Playlist

These YouTube links will be live on the dates listed, but you can head over to my YouTube channel now and subscribe

Season 1, Episodes 1-7

My Happiest Story Exclusives

Follow along and share your happiest story and favorites from the series with #MyHappiestStory. These stories are only available here in written form and are not part of the video series. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

“I am the 10th and last child in our family. I was an oops, there’s 9 years between number nine and me. My older siblings were married and having kids, so I always felt like I didn’t quite fit in. One of my brothers lived in Los Angeles and he’d have me come and visit all the time and that meant a trip to Disneyland! After I married and had children it became a yearly trip.  Now that I’m much older and still live out of the area, we have Annual Passes. We go with our grandkids as often as possible but I make it there every 3 months.  As soon as I pass under the bridge I feel my brother’s presence and I’m back to my happy place.” ~Jennifer L.


It is hard to choose a favorite memory. I think I come back to the first trip with kids of my own. My son was almost three years old his first time. I had always liked parades but never really sat and enjoyed them. When we went with him, seeing his little face light up, seeing him jump and dance, it was the best thing ever. During the pixar play parade at DCA I don’t think his feet ever touched the ground for more than a few seconds. The dancers even stopped to come look at him because he was jumping and dancing so much.”  ~Joanna C. 

“When our son was just maybe two, he loved meeting Mickey Mouse. So we went to Toontown to his house. We were the last group to meet him and Mickey was having a ball with Ryan.  Then about a month later we were at the LA Zoo sitting in front of the monkey exhibit. This guy walks up to us and asked us if we had been to Disneyland recently. We replied, “not for a couple of weeks.” He said “I am MM.” Ummm what? Then he said he was friends with Mickey Mouse.  What? Are you kidding me? This cast member remembered meeting our son from a few weeks ago.   Of all the kids he must have met and he remember our son. Magical.”  ~Tammie W. 

Disneyland Dodger Family

“My Disney story is that of wonder and amazement to my heart. It started many years ago when my parents first took my brother and me to the land of magic and imagination. We only visited twice that I can recall but as I grew and had my own family knew it would be carried on in the eyes and hearts of my children. I struggled for a bit later in my late 20’s early 30’s and became a single mother of three girls but I always made sure when we could, we visited Disneyland. For a while when the yearly passes were reasonably priced we went as often as we could, at least once a month, traveling 5 hours and often just for the day. I was always grateful that we could bring in our own snacks, that was often the only way we would eat at Disney when I was on a tight budget but never heard a grumble from anyone knowing we were in the happiest place on earth!! Now that I am  remarried we still go as often as we can to make memories and our hearts smile!”  ~Tiffany W. 

I truly loved working on this project with you—my readers. Thank you for sharing all these special moments with me. I hope you’ll continue to add to #MyHappiestStory on social media and check out my Disneyland meditation with an easy guided walk through Disneyland. l. Who knows, we might even continue the My Happiest Story series! 

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