Rise of the Resistance Sold Out!

Rise of the Resistance Sold Out! What to do if Rise of the Resistance boarding groups are sold out for the popular ride at Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland.Rise of the Resistance sold out 

Disappointment at missing your chance to ride Rise of the Resistance is a huge understatement. Especially if you’ve made a quick trip just to try this one attraction. It’s a situation I many people have found themselves in since opening.


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If you have questions like “Rise of the Resistance is sold out, how do I get a chance to ride?” I have answers, how to prevent it and how to make the most of your Star Wars inspired visit to Disneyland Resort.

Rise of the Resistance Sold Out Info

Riding Rise of the Resistance is tricky because the ride is brand new at Disneyland and will likely remain super popular for quite a while. Here’s a few things you need to know before you come to Disneyland to ride Rise of the Resistance.


Boarding group Rise



Rise opening day


If you show up in the morning for Rope Drop at Disneyland, in NO LONGER increases your chances of riding. Read this article for step by step instructions on how to join a boarding group so you don’t miss out

Rise of the Resistance Sold Out FAQs

Rise of the Resistance opened as phase two of Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge on January 17, 2020. At the time of this article, boarding passes for Rise of the Resistance sold out in seconds each morning. See the play by play of day one here


Galaxys Edge night


All Boarding Groups are full, how can I ride Rise of the Resistance? 

Boarding groups run out very quickly via the Disneyland App daily. If all boarding groups are full, you cannot simply wait in line all day. It truly means you will not be able to ride Rise of the Resistance today. You can upgrade your single day ticket to a multi-day ticket at the ticket booth to try again another day. 


rise sold out

Can I ride Rise of the Resistance if I stay at one of the Disneyland Resort hotels?


Paradise Pier Hotel room service


Guests of the Disneyland Resort Hotels have no better chance to ride than anyone else. You must still join a Boarding Group to ride the attraction. There are lots of other perks you can enjoy by staying on-site, this just isn’t one of them. 


Disneyland Hotel room


Can I ride Rise of the Resistance during Magic Morning?

No, Rise of the Resistance is not open during Magic Morning or Extra Magic Hour. In addition, you cannot join a Boarding Group during Magic Morning or Extra Magic Hour. Read up on what you can do during Magic Morning and what to expect


Extra Magic Hour


Rise of the Resistance Sold Out, Now What?

It’s so frustrating to plan your trip to see and do all things Star Wars and then find out on the morning of your Disneyland trip that you won’t be riding the headlining attraction. But I am not here to pour salt in the wound.


star wars land light saber


Here’s a must-do list for the Star Wars obsessed during your trip:


Millennium Falcon Engineer



creature stall


Don’t forget, a park hopper is worth the extra cost! Especially if you’re going multiple days. 

How many times did you try to join a boarding group? What do you think Disney could have done better to accommodate the crowds? Tell me about your experience at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, even if Rise of the Resistance was sold out. 

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