What to Ride First in Fantasyland

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What to ride first in Fantasyland! This is the storybook, magical heart of Disneyland and is often packed with guests at all hours of the day. Our readers are always asking us, “what ride should I go on first at Disneyland? Which ride has the longest line?” The answers change with the season and also depends a lot on your preferences and group.

Fantasyland Disneyland

What to ride first in Fantasyland aims to answer those questions and more. Be sure to read the entire series for what to ride first at Disneyland and see our first picks for each land in the park!


What to Ride First in Fantasyland

There are now 2 FASTPASSES in Fantasyland: Matterhorn Bobsleds and “it’s a small world”. But there are many rides to explore, so this is a great place to begin your journey and beat most of the Disneyland crowds.

Fantasyland fills up fast. Beat the crowds with tips from The Happiest Blog on Earth.
Fantasyland fills up fast. Beat the crowds with tips from The Happiest Blog on Earth.

By mid-day, almost every ride in Fantasyland is going to have long lines, so if any of the Fantasyland rides are on your must-ride list get to them first. It’s so hard to narrow it down in Fantasyland, but here’s my first-ride pick and a couple other suggestions.

What to Ride First in Fantasyland: Dumbo The Flying Elephant

Dumbo the Flying Elephant Disneyland Fantasyland
Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Dumbo is a favorite ride for little ones and you can hop on it with little wait in the early morning hours, giving your little crew some instant gratification upon park opening.

If you’ve got a taller and more daring crowd, Matterhorn Bobsleds is sure to be a winner. Another thing to keep in mind is Single Rider line option and the new FASTPASS option for Matterhorn Bobsleds. Plus, Mom and Dad can take little ones on other rides while trading turns doing rider switch on the Matterhorn.

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What to Ride First in Fantasyland: More Favorites

Peter Pan’s Flight WAS my FORMER overall winner for what to ride first. The line is always long but I feel this attraction really brings to life the magic of everything Disneyland has to offer. Every age can ride Peter Pan’s Flight and the journey over Never Land is always magical.

Why is this not the first must-do ride anymore? Everyone knows Peter Pan’s Flight is a long wait. Everyone rushes to this line first, so it can be 40 minutes long even when you’re arrived at rope drop.

The longer you wait for the ride, the less of an impact the magic seems to have. Peter Pan’s Flight is guaranteed to be a long line even the minute the park opens. It rarely drops below 40 minutes, so you may as well go enjoy other rides with shorter waits in the morning and take your chance at Peter Pan whenever you’d like but don’t make it a morning priority.

What to ride first in Fantasyland at Disneyland. Peter Pan's Flight and more Disneyland tips.
What to ride first in Fantasyland at Disneyland. Peter Pan’s Flight and more Disneyland tips.

Is Fantasyland your first stop or must-do at Disneyland?

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