What’s OPEN at Disneyland Resort

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What’s open at Disneyland and in the surrounding area, even during the current health concerns. I was very proud of The Walt Disney Company for taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of the Disneyland community  when they closed Disney Parks

As economies look to reopen and balance the new numbers we’re seeing with extra safety precautions in place, we can also look forward to visiting some of our favorite places.

Downtown Disney Reopening

Are you ready to come back home to the Disneyland Resort area? I have compiled a list of things that are open and more details to help you adjust your trip as needed. P.S. Walt Disney World is open, if you need some Disney in your life right now book here.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and because things continue to flip flop (or “dim” as Gov Newsom would say), it’s hard to keep track.

Downtown Disney Reopening Details

You do not need a reservation to visit Downtown Disney, but there are a few things you should know before you arrive. 

2020 Responsible Travel Notice. I support responsible travel and taking extra steps to ensure local and regional compliance. 

I stayed within my social bubble and practiced distancing with those I made contact. I was in compliance with all government restrictions during my visit to Downtown Disney including frequent hand washing and wearing a mask in all public places. During my visit, only outdoor dining was available, but indoor dining has resumed at several locations. 

Downtown Disney Parking

Downtown Disney Parking will be limited to the Simba parking lot where you will then enter Downtown Disney near Earl of Sandwich. You do NOT need a dining reservation to visit Downtown Disney, but it will help incase parking is full.

You do not need a Disneyland ticket to visit Downtown Disney. You will have to go through security to enter in this part of the Disneyland Resort “bubble” but again, no Disneyland ticket is required.


Simba parking Downtown Disney


Get QUICK DISCOUNT PARKING: Use my referral discount for parking at hotels right across from Disneyland, no shuttle or tram needed! Please comment with your parking location and cost so we can keep track of all the good deals! Last reported user parked nearby for less than $10 with my code. You will walk in via Harbor Blvd. 

Only parking is closed off when it’s full—not walk in access. 

Downtown Disney Entrance

Downtown Disney Entrances are available near Earl of Sandwich after parking in the Simba lot, or on the Harbor Blvd. pedestrian access point. The pick/up drop off area will also be open on Harbor Blvd. 


Downtown Disney entrance


No matter which direction you’re coming from, it’s super easy to access. 

Downtown Disney Health Check

I’ve covered health and safety measures extensively in this Disneyland reopening article but also have some basics for you right here. 


masks required Disneyland



Health Screenings will be performed at each entry point. All guests must have a temperature lower than 100.4. It’s a simple, quick process to get your temp checked as you arrive at Downtown Disney. 


Disneyland Health screening


If anyone in your party has a temperature above the limit, you can return at a later time or step aside to be re-screened. After this, you’ll go through the regular security screening process covered here.

Downtown Disney Mask Policy

Yes, face coverings are required for the duration of your visit. This includes cast members and guests ages 2 and up. See more regarding the face covering requirement here


Jessica DTD


Once you complete the check in process, you’ll want to stop by one of the many wonderful places to shop and eat at Downtown Disney. I’ve outlined most of the dining options here, which one will you be eating at first?

Eat at Downtown Disney

It’s hard to decide where to eat at Downtown Disney. Where I go definitely depends on my mood, who I’m with and what I’m craving. The good news is there are many fabulous places to eat at downtown Disney District, so whatever you’re craving there’s something for you.


jazz kitchen b



My downtown Disney and go-to’s are Tortilla Jo’s, Splitsville and Black Tap, but I do like to keep everything else in rotation. Click here for all the food details and my in-depth dining reviews.

Shop at Downtown Disney 

Beginning July 9th, Disney welcomes guest back as part of the phased reopening of Disneyland Resort. As Downtown Disney progresses to a full opening, hours and offerings continue to expand. Here’s what’s open for shopping.

Disney Stores Are Open at Downtown Disney:


Downtown Disney treat


Other Stores Open at Downtown Disney:

  • California Sole
  • Curl Surf
  • The LEGO Store
  • Pandora Jewelry 
  • Rinse Bath & Body Co.
  • Sephora
  • Sugarboo & Co.
  • Sunglass Icon

Disneyland Area Hotels are Open

Rumor: All Disneyland area hotels are closed.

Fact: Initially, California Governor Newsom issued an executive order that grants authority for the state to take over hotels and motels for medical use for coronavirus patients. This does not mean all hotels were part of that measure. 


Anaheim Hotel Pool


Which Disneyland hotels are open as of July 8, 2020



Pool area Cambria Anaheim


Most hotels in Anaheim are planning to reopen August 1st or later if Disneyland adjusts their reopening date. Here’s an entire list of all the hotels I have stayed at while visiting Disneyland, along with their reviews.

Orange County Outdoor Activities are Open

You might want to give your family some space to roam, being together but not too close to other people. Remember, many of the things listed can come and go as we’ve seem with that dimmer switch. Please verify reopening status with the city and/or county you intend to visit before arrival


Disneyland beaches


My friend Becca has put together a list of the best beaches near Disneyland Resort, just a short drive away. 

You can also find ample hiking trails in this article from Visit Anaheim

Don’t forget to stock up on food and other necessities for your daily outings; this article lists grocery stores nearby

Museums in Orange and Los Angeles County won’t reopen until late July (if even that early), see the list here

Of course it’s easy to plug in, that’s what many of us have been doing but if it’s safe to get out and move around with limited people and proper distancing in place, I think it could be a smart move for all our emotional well-being. What else can we add to this list?

Have other things that are open I should be aware of? Comment what’s open at Disneyland Resort below. 

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