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I have provided insights and expertise in numerous news articles, live radio, and TV appearances, offering  valuable opinions and commentary on various Disney-related topics. My diverse portfolio includes contributing to stories in publications like Yahoo! News, InStyle, The Washington Post, and many more.

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Meet Jessica from The Happiest Blog on Earth

Disneyland Resort is my all day, every day. I share top Disneyland resources and content right here at The Happiest Blog on Earth.

I grew up in Los Angeles and spent my childhood at Disneyland, Griffith Park, Walt Disney Studios and many places Disney fans hold dear.

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My vast Disneyland knowledge has led me to author How To Disneyland, Disneyland on Any Budget and co-author Disneyland with Kids. I also co-host the popular Facebook group, DWK SoCal Theme Parks – Tips & Deals.

At Disneyland Resort, you can find me riding Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT! over and over again. When I’m hungry, my go-to spot is Jolly Holiday Bakery for anything sweet or savory.

While Disneyland Resort occupies most of my waking hours, I live for warm summer days and cool ocean air. I park my beach chair at Hermosa Beach or near Malibu Pier whenever I get the chance.

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Here’s what a few of our readers have to say about The Happiest Blog on Earth and our Disneyland Plans.

My wife and I take a couple kids from Foster care every couple of years to Disneyland. Our last trip was a few weeks ago. It was our best experience yet. This was due in great part to following many of your suggestions…and the very current information you provide… Much appreciated! ~Chad J.

Trip was a big success!  Did it all and even wrapped up early.  Little guy had a blast. Thank you! ~Brandi B.

Can’t thank you enough for all of your help! ~Ashley W.

I just want to thank you so much for all of your work on this blog! All of your tips and tricks were so helpful! I would have been completely unprepared with out your blog. So, thank you so much! ~Emily M.

I SO appreciate the extra effort you put in, to go out of your way to help me! You are very sweet, can’t wait for my trip. ~Heather D.

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I’m not sure how anyone has ever planned a Disneyland trip without you! ~Kristie C.

Thank you! I’ve been following your blog for a while now! We are coming from Alberta, Canada and it’s our first trip to California with our 4 kids and all your tips have been so helpful! ~Jacqueline N.

We would have been completely lost without all your tips and tricks, especially those regarding MaxPass and traveling with a toddler and baby. ~Melissa M.

I would be LOST with out help from The Happiest Blog on Earth . . .  now I feel I will have a much more relaxed vacation because of it. ~Jessica C.

So excited for Disneyland and I’m so grateful for your website, blogs, tips and newsletters. Mahalo nui! ~Keala S.

We are on our first Disneyland trip and I’m so thankful for your blog, videos, and guest appearances on AATM podcast! ~Jessie P.

This is incredible! Thank you so so much! I appreciate all you have done. You have really helped me not stress about this trip. I got off of our call last week and felt so excited and ready to go. ~Leslie W.

We had a wonderful trip!  Thank you for your help in the planning . . . we are already talking about doing our next trip for when our kids are a little older. ~Matt J.