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Disneyland Plans for less waiting and more riding!

I’ve stood in the very spot where Walt Disney sat when he took his daughters to Griffith Park in Los Angeles and dreamed up what we now call Disneyland Resort.

Griffith Park Merry Go Round ticket

Sundays were special days in the Disney family, when Walt would take his daughters to nearby Griffith Park in Los Angeles. They would spend hours on the merry go round while Walt sat on a nearby park bench.Griffith Park Merry Go Round

Walt envisioned a place where parents and children could come together and leave their cares behind.

Disneyland Park opened its gates in 1955 and has greeted thousands of guests, all hoping to create that feeling of togetherness while they explore new lands, create new memories and connect with one another and their favorite fairytale characters. Sleeping Beauty Castle with crowd

Many Disneyland guests instead feel overwhelmed at planning such a special vacation. They’re worried they won’t get to experience all the attractions they came to enjoy, they’re concerned about navigating a new place with young children in tow or wonder if their teens will still appreciate the magic of Disney.

That is exactly why I want to help create your Disneyland vacation just the way you imagined it.

“I started planning our first ever trip to Disneyland over a year ago and quickly realized I needed help!  While we are seasoned WDW vacationers, I discovered planning for Disneyland is a completely different experience!  After reading several of Jessica’s posts on FB amd watching some of her Facebook live chats, I knew that she was definitely a seasoned Disneyland expert and just the person we needed to help plan our trip. Working with her was easy and she was very knowledgeable, answering my many, many questions!!  She setup our daily itinerary and made sure we would be able to see and do everything we wanted to.  I was apprehensive about going during Memorial Day week but even during this week, we were able to do all of the items on our daily itineraries (using our MaxPasses, of course) by early afternoon each day!  It was wonderful!  I can’t thank Jessica enough for making our trip a success and I highly recommend anyone to use her for your next trip to Disneyland!” -Danyale P.

Disneyland Plan for Every Visit

Whether this is your first Disneyland Resort vacation or you’re returning for another Disneyland visit, there is a Disneyland Plan for you. Disneyland monorail

All the time, energy and savings going into your Disneyland vacation can be even more magical with a Disneyland Plan in-hand.

Just like Walt Disney created a place for families to come together and make memories, I’ve spent countless Disneyland visits and innumerable hours researching the best way to do Disneyland for every group and all types of visits, during every season of the year.

No matter who is going, when you’re going or what experience you’d like to create at Disneyland Resort, there is a Disneyland Plan for you. 

VIP Custom Disneyland Plan $100

VIP Custom Disneyland Plans are now CLOSED for 2018. For those visiting during the holiday season (November through early January), I have a special semi-custom offer for you!

Let’s plan your perfect Disneyland day together! A VIP Custom Disneyland Plan is your step-by-step guide for inside Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park. It details what to ride and when so you spend less time waiting and more time having fun! It includes dining options, entertainment selections, Disney MaxPass and FASTPASS integration, character meet and greets and so much more.

In your welcome packet, you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire so I can get to know you and your group. We’ll discuss:

  • the dates of your Disneyland vacation and any special events going on during your visit so we can plan accordingly
  • what type of Disneyland Resort tickets are right for your group
  • hotel selections and suggestions based on personal experience
  • detailed breakdown of your group including ages, height and special considerations
  • celebrations for special occasions
  • dietary concerns
  • your schedule preferences including adjustments for early risers, night owls and kids who need naps
  • tolerance for thrill rides
  • Disney characters important to your family
  • shows, parades and special entertainment options your group will enjoy
  • dining reservations
  • Disney MaxPass
  • and more

After your welcome packet is complete we’ll move onto a Disneyland Plan Session— a 30 minute phone call to discuss your wants, expectations and concerns about your Disneyland vacation so we can make this just right for your family.

Each family is unique and no VIP Custom Disneyland Plan has ever turned out the same.

After the initial consultation is wrapped, I begin piecing together your VIP Custom Disneyland Plan, with a draft sent to you two weeks before your vacation for your review. We can schedule a follow-up phone call to discuss any alterations or new concerns.

One week before your vacation, your final draft is sent to you and ready to take with you on your Disneyland Resort vacation outlining your step-by-step guide for inside Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park. It details what to ride and when, dining options, entertainment selections, Disney MaxPass and FASTPASS integration, character meet and greets and more.

Note: VIP Custom Disneyland Plans are now FULL for 2018. Please consider a phone consultation or join my insiders group for the holidays.

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Disneyland Plan Phone Call $60

When you need a Disneyland expert to walk you through Disneyland planning, schedule a Disneyland Plan Session with The Happiest Blog on Earth founder, Jessica Sanders.

Disneyland Plan Sessions are perfect for the family who wants to piece together their own Disneyland Plan but need expert advice to help close the gaps.

Your Disneyland Plan Session includes:

  • Welcome packet to determine how I can best help you plan the Disneyland vacation you deserve
  • 30 minute phone call to discuss your wants, expectations and concerns about your Disneyland vacation
  • Follow up packet with details notes from our Disneyland Plan Session (no need to take notes during our conversation)
  • Quick picks to starting your day off right at Disneyland Resort

Popular Disneyland Plan discussion topics:

  • Special needs at Disneyland Resort
  • Picking the right time of year/date to visit
  • Placing rides in the optimal order
  • Navigating Disneyland Resort with young children
  • Anything else of concern to you

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Disneyland Plan Print Out $20Reunion

Perfect for the on-the-go family or group heading to Disneyland Resort.

  • 1 Day Disneyland Plan with step by step plans for what to ride
  • Created for a general audience
  • Choose from Disneyland Park or California Adventure Park Plans
  • Choose your experience from classics to storybook to princess and thrill seekers
  • Disneyland Plan Itineraries are not date specific
  • Some attractions may be closed during your visit
  • Includes character meet and greets
  • Dining suggestions
  • Entertainment options
  • Ready-to-print files to take on your trip

Order your Disneyland Plan Itinerary now

Choose from the following printable Disneyland Plan Itineraries:

Disneyland Classics Plan at Disneyland Park (featuring the classic attractions of Disneyland Park)


Disneyland Storybook Plan at Disneyland Park (kid-friendly and kid-focused Disneyland plan


Princess Plan at Disneyland Park (a Princess lovers dream come true) 


Baby Bump at Disneyland Park (for expectant mothers and their group)


Thrill Seekers at Disneyland Park (roller coasters and thrills to explore)


Disneyland Reunion Plan (for large groups exploring both parks) 


Please note the Pixar attractions and offerings at California Adventure are changing, this plan is the ideal choice for visiting California Adventure during these changes but some attractions may not be available due to re-imagineering.

California Adventure Pixar Favorites (kid-friendly and Pixar-focused plan) 

Which Disneyland Plan is Right for Me?

Here’s a quick break down which outlines what is included with each type of Disneyland Plan.

Disneyland Plan details

What People Say About Our Disneyland Plans

“I SO appreciate the extra effort you put in to go out of your way to help me!” -Heather D.

“I used both the Princess Plan and Pixar Plan. The plans were easy to understand and use. I had each plan as a screenshot on my phone. The plans include shows, food suggestions, a few characters and what rides to include first in your day. The plans are easy to follow and of course you can always add your own personal touch to them – there is plenty of time left to meet that extra character you see or watch a show you stumble upon.” -Erin C. 

“We had a wonderful trip! Thank you for your help in the planning . . . we are already talking about doing our next trip for when our kids are a little older.” -Matt J.  

“Thank you so much! Our family of four went to Disneyland for the first time at the end of February 2018 and we had a blast! We would have been completely lost without all your tips and tricks, especially those regarding MaxPass and traveling with a toddler and baby. Using your detailed guidance, we were able to get on all the rides we wanted and were rarely waiting in line (a major plus when you have a toddler). Your tips on MaxPass and Rider Switch made sure that we got to the front of the FASTPASS line and my husband and I both got to ride with our toddler on rides that our baby couldn’t go on. Our son loved it because he got to go on each ride twice! MaxPass also gave us amazing photos with all of us together. Much better than family selfies. Thank you so much for your help making this the best Disneyland trip ever. We’re already planning our birthday trip for 2019!” –Melissa M. 

Need help deciding which plan or kit is right for you? Let me know; I am happy to help!