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Please note, Disneyland tickets are only available for ANYONE, but reservation are required. Buy your ticket as step one now, then get your reservations as step two.

Discount Disneyland Tickets

  • Disneyland ticket prices went up February  11, 2020, but my ticket partner Get Away Today still has lower ticket prices than buying from Disneyland.
  • Travel in 2021 with these tickets, then book your Disneyland reservation.
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Discount Tickets


Discount Disneyland Tickets

Can I get one day discount Disneyland tickets? One day tickets will cost you the most money per day because only Disneyland itself sells one day tickets. If you’re looking for a discount one day ticket to Disneyland, you will need to visit during weekdays typically during the school calendar year.

Because of demand-based pricing, you could pay anywhere from $104 to $209 for just one day! Compare that to buying a two day ticket from Get Away Today at $223 and you could pay a bit more for 2 days at Disneyland Resort rather than 1 day. 

Save Even More with Multi-Day Tickets! The more days you visit Disneyland Resort, the less you pay per day. Multi-day tickets have no blackout dates, so you can travel with flexibility. 

If you’re doing Disneyland on a budget, do not buy your tickets from Disney. You’ll be paying top dollar with no discounts! Instead, buy your discount Disneyland tickets from Get Away Today (the first company to ever work direct with Disneyland to sell authorized tickets!).

Discount Disneyland Tickets Layaway Option

Did you know you can lock in low rates on Disneyland tickets or hotel & ticket packages? In addition to the already low rates, you’ll still get perks like free night specials, free breakfast, no resort fees and free parking when you choose the layaway option from Get Away Today!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Search for your perfect ticket only or hotel and Disneyland ticket package.
  2. Just $175 down-payment (includes non-refundable layaway fee) secures your low cost Disneyland vacation.
  3. Make payments prior to your vacation and it’s all good toward your dream Disneyland trip!
  4. Pay off your vacation two weeks prior to travel.
  5. Enjoy your stress-free, paid off Disneyland vacation!

Extra Disneyland Discounts for You!

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When you book your tickets with a hotel room for 2 nights or more, use promo code DisneylandPlan and save an extra $10 on already low prices and current hotel promotions.Package

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“Get Away Today is the way to Go! We loved booking our Disneyland trip with Get Away Today and wouldn’t have done it any other way. The payment plan is a great way to go, not only to lock in great prices but helps our family budget. They have a great selection of hotels and vacation extras to choose from. Looking forward to booking all our future vacations with Get Away Today.” -Victoria E.

“When we found out bug’s land was closing we really wanted to move our trip up, so our kids could experience it before it was gone. Get Away Today is so fantastic! They let me move my vacation up 4 months, and still keep the lower rate I got back in February because I had the ‘peace of mind’ plan!” -Trisha M.

Discount Disneyland Tickets Cautions

Remember, never buy Disneyland tickets from someone you don’t know, eBay or other classified ad services. A good Disneyland discount will never be more than a few dollars off per day. If it’s too good to be true, it is!

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