Essential Guide to Disneyland Lockers

Do you need to rent a locker at Disneyland Resort?

There’s a lot of convenience that comes with renting a Disneyland locker and this article will outline the price of Disneyland lockers, locker sizes, map of Disneyland lockers and give tips on what to store in your lockers and which location might be best for your visit.

Disneyland Lockers

How much are lockers at Disneyland?

Disneyland locker prices start at $7 per day. You can get larger sizes for $10, and up to $15 per day. Your locker rental fee allows you unlimited access to open and close the locker throughout the daily rental period. Lockers inside Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park are only available during park hours and nothing can be stored in any locker location overnight.

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What size are Disneyland lockers?

Disneyland lockers are available in two sizes: standard ($7 per day) and large ($10 per day). Standard lockers will fit about one full backpack. Large lockers will fit about two full backpacks. Jumbo sizes ($15 per day) are available at the Picnic Area lockers, keep reading for more details.


inside Disneyland locker
Inside large Disneyland locker

Where are the lockers at Disneyland Resort?

Disneyland lockers are available in various spots at Disneyland Resort. We break it down here. 


Buena Vista Street Lockers Disneyland Resort


Disneyland Esplanade Lockers

This space has two locker areas which is in between Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park. I recommend this spot if you are park hopping and/or using the picnic area located nearby. This is also a good location to use if you arrive early in the morning for rope drop and don’t want to wait to get inside the parks before getting settled. Lockers in this area are most accessible and not subject to park hours, however nothing can be stored overnight.

Disneyland Picnic Area Lockers

Also in the esplanade and in between Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park. I recommend this spot if you are have a hard sided, larger cooler or a small carry-on you’d like to put in a locker. Read more about Disneyland’s picnic area here.

Disneyland Park Locker Rentals

Located on Main Street, U.S.A. near Market House on your right hand side if you’re walking toward Sleeping Beauty Castle. I recommend this spot if you are spending your entire day at Disneyland Park or plan to finish your day at Disneyland Park. Lockers in this area are subject to park hours and nothing can be stored overnight.

California Adventure Locker Rentals

Located on Buena Vista Street near Mortimer’s Market on your right hand side if you’re walking toward Carthay Circle Restaurant. I recommend this spot ONLY if you are spending your entire day at California Adventure Park- not for park hopping at all because lockers in this area are subject to park hours and California Adventure often closes much earlier than Disneyland Park.


Grizzly Lockers Free


PS, there are “secret” lockers near Grizzly River Run, they’re free for a short period of time so you can store items you don’t want to get wet. As of this writing, you can use them free for 2 hours, but the price increases dramatically if you go over at $7 per hour. And you’ll need to pay with a credit card to get your stuff out, so don’t leave that inside. 

Can a cooler or ice chest fit into a Disneyland locker?

Disneyland Resort allows coolers as long as they do not exceed 24″ x 15″ x 18″, please no glass. You will find jumbo sized lockers in the picnic area outside the main park gates. See park rules and regulations here.

Can I store luggage in a Disneyland locker?

Most carry on luggage or suitcases will not fit into Disneyland lockers, except the lockers in the picnic area. Jumbo sized lockers are available in this spot. Any luggage must not exceed 24″ x 15″ x 18″, with or without wheels.  See park rules and regulations here.


Jumbo Disneyland locker fits carry on luggage

Disneyland Locker Rental Step-by-step

  • Pass through the security check point at Disneyland Resort, making sure you do no have any items that are banned (selfie sticks, large hard side coolers, glass, etc.).
  • Choose your Disneyland locker rental location.
  • Select your language on an open locker rental screen. There are several screens in the locker area, so feel free to move to an open one inside.


Disneyland Locker Rental Language


  • Choose your locker rental size. All available sizes will be displayed with the price


Disneyland locker rental price


  • Make your locker payment with cash (U.S. dollars only) or via major credit card.

Disneyland locker rental cost


  • Create a 4-digit access code for your locker. This secret number will be used to get in and out of your locker throughout the day. Enter your 4-digit access code again to confirm.

Disneyland locker rental PIN


  • A locker number will be assigned to you. The locker assignment number will show on the screen. The locker number will also print out on a receipt. Keep this receipt to remember where your locker is located. 

Disneyland locker rental number


  • Find your assigned locker and enter your 4-digit access code to open and store your items inside.


Disneyland locker rental


  • Empty your locker completely when you are ready to leave the parks.

Disneyland locker rental


  • Follow instructions on locker to end your Disneyland locker rental at the end of the day to avoid extra fees. 

Disneyland locker done


I mostly used a locker to stash snacks, hoodies, ponchos to wear at night and our souvenirs. It definetly came in handy as we park hop regularly throughout the day. Will you be renting a locker at Disneyland Resort? Continue the conversation on Disneyland lockers here. 

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