Long Beach Airport to Disneyland

Top tips from Long Beach airport to Disneyland. This article answers all the most important questions on getting you from LGB to Disneyland including:

  • Location, drive time and airport tips
  • Shuttles from LGB to Disneyland (car seat options as well)
  • Car Rentals at LGB to Disneyland
  • Ride Share like Uber Lyft from LGB to Disneyland

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I’ve got all the answers on how to get from Long Beach airport to Disneyland. But first can I just tell you how much I love Long Beach Airport? If your favorite airline flies into Long Beach, please take advantage of this little gem.

LGB Drive Time to Disneyland

In California, we don’t speak in miles, we talk drive time. But for sake of information—Long Beach airport (LGB) is 18 miles from Disneyland. You can get to Disneyland from LGB in as little as 20 minutes, but if you hit the road during rush hour(s) traffic it’s best to plan for 40-45 minutes. Usually I can make it in 30 though.


LGB to Disneyland
Courtesy Long Beach Airport


The small footprint of Long Beach Airport makes it super convenient to get to and from Disneyland Resort. Passengers at LGB deplane on the tarmac in the rear and front of the plane, so you can get off quicker. Right outside is passenger pick up, perfect for Uber—as well as the small bungalow housing car rentals. Read about using points and miles to get to Disneyland here. 

How long does it take to get from LGB to Disneyland?

You can get to Disneyland from LGB in as little as 20 minutes, but with traffic it’s best to plan for 40 minutes. 

How long does it take to get to LGB from Disneyland?

When you’re planning to depart out of LGB after your Disneyland Vacation, you want to give yourself a bit of wiggle room. Plan on leaving Anaheim 30 minutes before you want to be at the airport. Airport arrival time and how much time you need before your flight depends on many factors such as:

  • domestic or international flight
  • baggage check
  • security check points
  • dining or errands before your flight
  • number of people in your party
  • if you’re returning a rental car
  • holidays and travel delays

It’s always smart to check your airline’s current recommendations for arrival time as well. I personally have TSA pre-check and don’t mind pushing my airport arrival time when I am traveling solo, with only carry on bags.


Long Beach Airport ticketing


Note that TSA lines at Long Beach airport often stretch outside. It is an awesome indoor/outdoor airport, but the info is good to know.


Long Beach airport food court


Long Beach also has a little food court area on both sides of the airpot, with the indoor and outdoor space in the center, after security. 

Shuttles with Car Seats LGB to Disneyland

Car seats are needed for most transportation methods for kids under 8 years old to make sure you’re in compliance with current California car seat laws.


fly lgb sign


Car and Shuttle services that provide car seats or boosters if needed include upon request:

Other shuttle options that do NOT provide car seats or boosters:

There are tons of Disneyland airport shuttles available from LGB. Some popping up overnight and leaving just as quickly. I recommend reading several reviews before deciding on a company.




You can always bring a car seat with you, and most airlines do not charge extra for car seats or strollers. Your regular car seat can come with you. You can even purchase some car seat travel gear to make your vacation that much easier. 

I recommend these travel gear options:

We used a car seat travel bag similar to the ones above for 13 years for our little one’s car seats. It was seriously a life saver, and let me tell you that thing got beat up! Better the bag than the expensive car seat, that’s for sure.

Rent a Car and Drive from LGB to Disneyland 

Driving from Long Beach to Orange County is pretty simple. You could even avoid the freeway and take side streets the whole way and the drive time would be pretty similar. But really, there’s not need to worry about the freeways. Just make sure you have your favorite map app ready to roll.

Where are Long Beach rental cars located?

Upon exiting the small airport, head outside you’ll see the bungalows with the car rental signs right across the small street. The rental cars lot is right there as well and sometimes it can take you 5-10 minutes to be on your way—such a time saver at Long Beach.

There’s really no way to even get lost here and no shuttle to take you to get your car. Super, super simple.


Long Beach car rental


Driving directions from Long Beach Airport to Disneyland:

  • Exit the airport terminal and turn left on Lakewood Blvd. which leads you to the 91 East ramp.
  • Take the 91 East for 9 miles
  • Take the 5 South exit toward Santa Ana
  • Merge onto the 5 South and exit Disneyland Drive or Ball Road

I love it when driving in Orange County only requires 4 steps. 

What you need to drive a rental car from LGB to Disneyland:

  • A valid driver’s license recognized by the state of California. If you have questions about the validity of your foreign license in California, contact the state department of motor vehicles.
  • A credit card for securing your rental reservation.
  • A car rental reservation, I like using Costco Travel for the best rates. I also prefer Enterprise Rental Car.
  • Car Seats for children under 8; make sure you’re in compliance with current California car seat laws.
  • Your destination entered into your preferred navigation method (I like google maps).
  • A good navigator who can tell you what steps are coming next as most GPS-type of methods are too slow to announce the quick moves you might need to make.
  • Patience. If you miss a turn, an on-ramp or exit, relax. You will get there.


Long Beach airport outdoor seating


Note that most hotels charge for parking, so be sure to add that into your cost when determining the best method of transportation for your group.

Another way to save! Get your Disneyland discount tickets from our partner, Get Away Today before heading over to Disneyland Resort.Discount Disneyland tickets

Using Ride Share from LGB to Disneyland (Uber or Lyft)

Ride share programs are so easy, but they do not offer car seats in California. It’s so easy to use and ride share services can pick you up at the curb at Long Beach.

The price is usually so affordable, especially if you have more than one person. My rides vary and are usually around $40 in 2023. Price it out on the app in advance but know prices can fluctuate.


Long Beach Airport


How do you get from Long Beach Airport to Disneyland? Tell us about it!

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