Long Beach Airport to Disneyland

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How do I get from Long Beach Airport to Disneyland? From car rentals, shuttles, Uber and Lyft, I’ve got all the answers on how to get from Long Beach Airport to Disneyland.

LGB to Disneyland
LGB to Disneyland

Can I just tell you how much I love Long Beach Airport? If your favorite airline flies into Long Beach, please take advantage of this little gem.

LGB to Disneyland
Courtesy Long Beach Airport

I regularly used Long Beach Airport (LGB) when JetBlue Airlines serviced this airport. My morning flight arrives in time for me to make it to rope drop at Disneyland Resort when the parks open at 9 or 10 am.

The small footprint of Long Beach Airport makes it super convenient to get to and from Disneyland Resort. Passengers at LGB deplane on the tarmac in the rear and front of the plane, so you can get off quicker. Right outside is passenger pick up, perfect for Uber—as well as the small bungalow housing car rentals. Read about using points and miles to get to Disneyland here. 

Long Beach Airport to Disneyland Car Seats

Car seats are required for most transportation methods for kids under 8 years old. Make sure you’re in compliance with current California car seat laws here.

Hertz Car Rental car seats

This travel size booster seat fits in your hand just like a clutch-size purse and gets rave reviews on Amazon. If you have a child who is not old enough for a booster seat, check with your airline—you should be able to bring the car seat along at no extra charge. We used a car seat travel bag similar to this one 13 years for our little one’s car seats. It was seriously a life saver, and let me tell you that thing got beat up! Better the bag than the expensive car seat, that’s for sure.

Long Beach Airport to Disneyland Car Rental

When I hit my regular morning flight, I land at 7:25 am. During one flight I was in my rental car by 7:40 am and made it to Disneyland Resort area in 20 minutes, walked over to Disneyland Park, got through security and up to the Partners Statue by 9 am. Tell me, what other area airports can you do that? None!

Long Beach Airport to Disneyland
Courtesy Long Beach Airport

The car rental counters are as simple as it comes, just cross the little road from passenger pick up and you’re on the car rental lot. There’s really no way to even get lost here and no shuttle to take you to get your car. Super, super simple.Long Beach car rental

If you’re renting a car this also means you are braving California freeways and traffic. Again, I think Long Beach Airport is an easy drive to Disneyland, so it’s a great introduction to Southern California driving without being overwhelming.

Driving directions from Long Beach Airport to Disneyland:

  • Exit the airport terminal and turn left on Lakewood Blvd. which leads you to the 91 East ramp.
  • Take the 91 East for 9 miles
  • Take the 5 South exit toward Santa Ana
  • Merge onto the 5 South and exit Disneyland Drive or Ball Road

I love it when driving in Orange County only requires 4 steps. Other important items to note when driving  and/or renting a car in California:

  • You need a valid driver’s license recognized by the state of California. If you have questions about the validity of your foreign license in California, contact the state department of motor vehicles.
  • You need a credit card for securing your rental reservation.
  • You need a car rental reservation, I like using Costco Travel for the best rates.
  • Car Seats for children under 8; make sure you’re in compliance with current California car seat laws.
  • This travel size booster seat fits in your hand just like a clutch-size purse and gets rave reviews on Amazon.
  • You need your hotel name and/or address entered into your preferred navigation method (I like google maps).
  • A good navigator who can tell you what steps are coming next as most GPS-type of methods are too slow to announce the quick moves you might need to make.
  • Patience. If you miss a turn, an on-ramp or exit, relax. You will get there.

Long Beach Airport to Disneyland Shuttles

Long Beach Airport

There are tons of Disneyland airport shuttles available from Long Beach. Some popping up overnight and leaving just as quickly. I recommend reading several reviews before deciding on a company. I personally recommend using Karmel Shuttle and booking with added discount through my ticket partner

Here are a handful of companies to look into (not endorsments):

And of course, if you have good experience with any of these options, please let us know in the comments section. Reader Liane said, “We booked Lansky for our airport transfer to our hotel from John Wayne Airport. This was such an excellent service. The driver was waiting with our name on a sign at baggage claim and carried our bags to the car. The car seats provided were clean and well installed. We stopped at a grocery store on the way to the hotel and the service was very professional and prompt. Highly recommend them!”

Bonus Tip! Don’t forget your in park Disneyland itinerary, available for a variety of groups and visits.My Disneyland Day

Long Beach Airport to Disneyland via Uber or Lyft

I’m a huge fan of Uber and Disneyland. It’s so easy to use and ride share services can now pick you up at the curb at Long Beach. The price is usually so affordable, especially if you have more than one person. Use my referral code jessicas55003ue and earn up to $15 toward your first Uber rides. My ride without sharing with other passengers cost about $22 in 2017. Price it out on the app in advance but know prices can fluctuate.

How do you get from Long Beach Airport to Disneyland? Tell us about it!

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