A Christmas Fantasy Parade

A Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland Park during the holiday season. Disneyland Christmas parade

All the holiday cheer and magic dazzles Disneyland during this classic holiday parade returning in November


Santa Disneyland parade


Do you love dancing snowmen, cute reindeer and Disney characters decked out in holiday ensembles? A Christmas Fantasy parade is just what you need!


Disney Princess Christmas


Like many guests, I grew up watching Disneyland parades and it is one staple of the Disney magic that should be enjoyed by all at least one time during their visit. 

A Christmas Fantasy Parade Details

Debuting at Disneyland Resort in 1995, A Christmas Fantasy feels very 90s, but since the 90s are back on the fashion scene, I suppose this parade is in vogue too. 


The music is dated, as are the floats, but I really love watching the second showing of this parade. When the floats light up and there’s a soft glow on Main Street, U.S.A., you really feel that holiday cheer. 


Christmas Fantasy Parade


Led by Mickey Mouse, along the parade route you’ll see classic Disney characters, beautiful costumes, dancing and floats featuring Mickey’s friends and holiday characters.


Christmas Parade


What time is A Christmas Fantasy Parade? 

A Christmas Fantasy Parade runs twice daily during the holiday season, at 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm. I prefer the later show because after dark, all the floats light up a bit and it’s more magical. 

How long is A Christmas Fantasy Parade?

A Christmas Fantasy Parade is 40 minutes long, but remember to add time for the parade to arrive to your spot along the parade route. Book holidays

Where does the parade start?

The first parade starts at “it’s a small world” and goes toward Main Street, U.S.A. The second parade runs in reverse, starting at Main Street, U.S.A. and ends at “it’s a small world”.

A Christmas Fantasy Parade Seating Guide

My favorite areas to sit during parades are detailed below. Be sure to get your Disneyland discount tickets from our partner, Get Away Today before heading over to Disneyland Resort.Package

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Where should I sit for A Christmas Fantasy Parade?

These are my favorite spots, explained in detail along with the map pictured. I’ll discuss each spot in details below. 

Disneyland Parade Route


  • it’s a small world– This is a great Disneyland parade viewing area because of its easy access to restrooms and food. Choose a place on brick, or come to the terraced levels in this area for a last-minute spot.


  • Pixie Hollow– the stretch of parade route in-between Pixie Hollow and Matterhorn is lined with built in benches and narrow parade seating. I love this area because adults have a real place to sit, while kids can sit up close on the brick below. These seats go quickly; mark off your space well and no one will be able to push or sneak in behind you because of the benches and narrow accessibility. It also marks the half-way(ish) point of the parade, no matter which direction its coming from. 


  • Town Square– this area is a great last-minute spot and a smart move for people who want to leave the parks as soon as the parade and fireworks are finished. Scout out an area anywhere on brick around the route or up on the steps near the Main Street train station. 






Note people sitting on the curb will get to remain seating. People behind row 1 or 2 will need to stand. 



Disneyland Holiday parade

A Christmas Fantasy Parade Seating Plan

What’s your game plan for snagging hard to get seats for this returning Disneyland parade?


Frozen Disneyland parade


Getting a good seat or spot requires skill and maybe a little patience. Here are three options for snagging a great spot for A Christmas Parade.

1. A Christmas Fantasy Parade: Reserved Seating

Reserved spots are the best choice. You get a reserved viewing area with A Christmas Fantasy Dining Package. This is by far my favorite way to get the best spots for any Disneyland parade.

You’ll eat before coming to your parade spot, so timing of your meal does not matter much. Arrive at your reserved area at least 60 minutes before the parade begins.

Plaza Inn A Christmas Fantasy Parade Dining 

Plaza Inn is the main host for many reserved parade spot dining packages. 


Mickey Christmas Disneyland


A Christmas Fantasy Parade Dining Package  menu includes:

  • Roasted New York strip loin
  • house-made mac and cheese  
  • autumn vegetables
  • chocolate bread pudding. 

Choose any of the available restaurant tables indoors or under the adorable pink umbrellas outside. Later that evening, head to the special reserved viewing area for the parade as noted on your credentials.

Prices and Details:

  • About $45 per adult – tax not included; gratuity not required
  • About $25 per child (ages 3-9) – tax not included; gratuity not required
  • Separate theme park admission is required and not included in the package price
  • Reservations made between 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM will receive a voucher for the day’s first performance of A Christmas  Parade.
  • Use the Check Availability tool to find a table and book online.
  • Advance reservations (60 days out) are highly recommended—same-day reservations can be made at the restaurant, but are limited and subject to availability.

2. A Christmas Fantasy Parade: hold a spot early

This option is great for a medium to large size group with children and at least 2 adults or teens. Arrive at least 2-3 hours before the parade is set to begin. But keep a look out for people starting to save spots as you walk along the parade route. If people are saving spots, it’s time to get in there and secure yours too!
Disneyland parade spots
Bring a towel, blanket or other item to mark off your spot on brick. If you have any concerns about your spot selection, ask a cast member if this is an ok place to view the parade. You don’t want to reserve a spot only to be kicked out later.
One adult or responsible teen needs to remain with your things the entire time. If you leave your blanket unattended, it will be removed. This is a good time to people watch, read a book or just relax. Adults can trade off during the waiting period. I’ll let you decide which place you’d rather be—taking the rest of the crew on rides or chilling out on your blanket.

3. A Christmas Fantasy Parade: hold a spot later

This option is great for any size group who is not interested in sitting around for hours or getting a dining package. Your job here is to snag an elevated spot along the parade route at the last-minute. Areas near the Main Street Station, steps or stairs along Main Street, City Hall or elevated terraced steps near it’s a small world are your best bet.
Disneyland Christmas parade
Will you be making a trip to see Disneyland during the holiday season this year?


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