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Holiday Inn Express is my new go-to hotel near Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.  Keep reading for my complete review on this property for large families near Disneyland and bonus—it has free breakfast!Holiday Inn Express, your go-to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Read my review on why I recommend this hotel for large families.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Disneyland

If you haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn Express & Suites in a few years, it’s time to try this hotel chain again! And if you have, you know exactly what to expect.

holiday inn express disneyland


Holiday Inn Express & Suites (especially this one right by Disneyland) are perfect for families or other large groups. Add that with their free breakfast option (including cinnamon rolls!), and you have my new favorite hotel near Disneyland.


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Location

There are a few Holiday Inns within Disneyland Resort vicinity, so be sure you’re getting the right one! This review is for Holiday Inn Express & Suites on Manchester Blvd., just off of Harbor Blvd. It’s proximity to Disneyland’s main gates is fantastic.


holiday inn express disneyland pool


Sure there are some hotels that are a bit closer, but it’s right on the money both in cost and convenience. I may have once taken an Uber from Disneyland to the hotel and it was $1.25, I blame that on a new pair of shoes I never should have worn. It’s totally walkable on a normal day with normal shoes and not the ones I wore lol.

Your walk to Disneyland Resort property should take you about 10 minutes, and you’ll just cross the street on Harbor along your way.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Rooms

Holiday Inn Express & Suites is still a very new hotel, considering this area. The space is fresh and clean and the rooms were exactly what we needed for a larger Disneyland group.

anaheim holiday inn express room


 Most rooms have two queen beds and a pull out bed, along with a desk and extra seating. There is one TV, a small fridge, microwave and counter/sink area outside the bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with a large vanity and bath tub/shower combo. 


holiday in express disneyland fridge


Be aware that some windows face the 5 freeway. I could still hear the freeway inside my room with the windows closed. While the sound didn’t bother me because it’s more of a constant, steady stream of traffic, I was surprised they didn’t invest in some better soundproof windows on this new hotel. Holiday Inn provides sound machines in each room for some extra white noise. It’s a nice touch, but I found I didn’t need it and slept fine even with the light freeway noise.

Guest noise from the hall was nonexistent and the hotel has a strict quiet time policy. This is great for those of us who go to bed earlier. As a parent with young children I know it’s a pain to be woken up by other guests returning late from Disneyland but you won’t need to worry about that here. Quiet hours are 10 PM to 7 AM.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Breakfast

Breakfast is always a nice bonus! When we’re on a busy Disneyland schedule, we usually head out super early and grab something like bagels and yogurt. I was pleased to find the breakfast seating area has a lot of space for families to sit.

holiday inn breakfast cinnamon rolls


I even asked the front desk when the seating area gets crowded, and found out because they have so much seating, it’s actually rare for this location. And if you’re heading for rope drop, you should be able to find a table with no problem. I also love that they had cinnamon rolls, I definitely indulged on my last morning.


Holiday Inn breakfast Disneyland

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Extras

Pools are hardly an extra bonus anymore, but the pool area is a decent size with a handful of lounge chairs. However, this Holiday Inn has a few other extras that make it stand out from the crowd


holiday inn disneyland pins


For one, their staff is incredible. Every person I chatted with at the check-in desk was not only knowledgeable about Disney and the surrounding area, but they were very friendly and attentive to all my needs. On top of that, they have a Disney pin trading board in their lobby! You will also find a steady stream of Disney, Marvel and LucasFilms movies playing on the TVs in the lobby and dining area.

Ready to book your stay at Holiday Inn Express & Suites?


Let’s talk more about Disneyland area hotels and Holiday Inn & Suites right here and on my Facebook page.Holiday Inn Express, your go-to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Read my review on why I recommend this walking distance Disneyland hotel for large families.

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