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Want to be part of the largest official Disney fan club in the world—then D23 membership is for you! Keep reading for all the essential information. Updated with new welcome gifts and events January 2, 2023.D23 Disney Fan Club

All About Disney Fan Club D23 

D23 is the official Disney fan club that celebrates everything Disney from the classic animations to the live action films, to parks and attractions, to merchandise (hello, Minnie Mouse ears!) and everything in between. If you love Disney, this is your club—helping you celebrate Disney every day. 



D23 of course has magical meaning behind it. D is for Disney and 23 is for 1923, the founding year of the Walt Disney Company. D23 was established on March 10, 2009 and hasn’t stopped bringing the magic to fans of all ages, all over the world. 


D23 Expo outside


The main event produced by D23 is the D23 Expo which is held every other year in Anaheim, California. They also host of number of exclusive, member-only experiences across the globe ever year. 


D23 Disney gift


You want it don’t you? D23 produces so much Disney content and excitement, I can see why. D23 has various membership levels that unlock extra access to Disney exclusives. 

Disney Fan Club D23 Gold Duo Membership

This membership level was first introduced in 2021 and serves as a replacement to the Gold Family Membership. It’s the perfect combination of flexibility for Disney fans, who like to stick together! Gold Duo Plan is priced at $129.99/year.

Here’s what you can enjoy with a D23 Gold Duo MembershipDisney 23 Disney:

  • membership for two
  • annual Gold Member gift (see below for current gift)
  • personalized membership cards for two (see below for designs)
  • D23 certificate for two
  • subscription to the Disney twenty-three quarterly publication
  • special offers, discounts, and exclusive merchandise opportunities
  • access to over 100 D23 member events across the US, including some specifically for Disney100 in 2023
  • ability to bring guests to select D23 member events

Here’s a closer look at the exclusive gift set that comes with your membership.


D23 Gold Member gift 2023


The 2023 gift is certainly set to be a favorite for many!

Disney Fan Club D23 Gold Membership

I’ve held Gold Membership status twice, and I’ll tell you more about that below. But before we get into that, I have to point out  the new design options now available in 2023. The one I had was the solid gold with black Mickey silhouette but I love all of these new options!


D23 Gold Membership card new designs

A closer look reveals these designs with four themes:

  1. Disney Classics
  2. Pixar Favorites
  3. Marvel Universe
  4. Star Wars Franchise

And yes, it’s an actual physical card you get in the mail for your card-holding D23 membership status. Gold Individual Plan is priced at $99.99/year.

Here’s what you can enjoy with a D23 Gold MembershipDisney 23 Disney:

  • membership for one
  • annual Gold Member gift with 
  • personalized membership card


D23 membership Mickey statue


  • D23 certificate
  • subscription to the Disney twenty-three quarterly publication
  • special offers, discounts, and exclusive merchandise opportunities
  • access to over 100 D23 member events across the US
  • ability to bring one guest to select D23 member events


Disney Fan Club D23 Free Membership

Not ready for a full commitment? You can still become part of D23, Disney’s largest official fan club. Just having a free membership still gets you some awesome perks. 

One of my favorite perks (also included in Gold Memberships) is the free Disney Fan-Fare newsletter. This isn’t one you delete without opening. It’s one you actually read, save and share. A recent email I got was packed full of Disney things like:

Disney Fan Club D23 Gold Family Membership

This membership level expired in 2020 and is no longer being offered. Families might opt for the new duo membership listed above instead. In my Disneyland with Kids Facebook group, it’s clear that Disney families stick together. 


D23 Gold Family Membership


Here’s what you can enjoy with a D23 Family Gold MembershipDisney 23 Disney (no longer being sold):

  • membership for four
  • annual Gold Member gift 
  • personalized membership card
  • D23 certificate
  • subscription to the Disney twenty-three quarterly publication
  • special offers, discounts, and exclusive merchandise opportunities
  • access to over 100 D23 member events across the US
  • ability to bring up to three guests to select D23 member events

Disney Fan Club D23 Events

Before I dive into the events, you need to understand one thing. D23 events are one hot ticket! There’s an art and strategy to it, read up on the tips here

The line up of 2023 events is a big one! Many of the most popular events returning for an encore incident The Official Walt Disney Studios Tour. I’ve been to “the lot” a few times and even saw the iconic “Seven Dwarfs” building be built as a child. 


Walt Disney Studios


Here’s what D23 says about this incredible opportunity:

Of all the fantastic places in Disney history, Walt Disney’s “dream factory†in Burbank would prove to be one of the most influential. Tour The Walt Disney Studios exclusively with D23: The Official Disney Fan Club, and celebrate the historic Studios’ milestone 80th anniversary in 2020!

Join your D23 tour guide on a stroll through the original Animation building, where beloved animated films, including Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp, and The Jungle Book, were created; see the historic soundstages used for filming such Disney live-action movie classics as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Mary Poppins, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Plus explore the beautiful Legends Plaza, which honors those who have made significant contributions to the Disney legacy. Many guests will also recognize the exterior spaces on the lot, which have been featured in productions from the Mickey Mouse Club and The Absent-Minded Professor to Saving Mr. Banks, Muppets Most Wanted, and ABC’s black-ish!


D23 Members


Other D23 Events include:

  • shopping at Mickey’s of Glendale | Glendale, CA
  • advance screenings of upcoming Disney films | Various cities, USA
  • Disney roadshow events | Various cities, USA
  • Walt Disney Family Museum events | San Fransisco, CA
  • D23 Member Mixer | Various cities, USA
  • See the list here in conjunction with the Disney100 Years of Wonder Celebration

And of course, many other events during the year in addition to D23 Expo every other year

Is a D23 membership worth it?

That’s the golden question! The value of the physical products in the mail for the price of membership alone is definitely worth it. You just have to determine if the welcome gifts and quarterly publications are worth it to you.

The publications are gorgeous! They are not just a simple magazine. They are more like a soft cover coffee table book and are visually stunning. The welcome gift is perfect for Disney collectors and fans of every age. 

I’ve had a D23 Gold membership twice. I tend to upgrade from the free membership to the paid right when D23 Expo tickets go on sale. This is a common tactic. If you have your membership just before D23 Expo tickets go on sale, you can get some pre-sale perks and you also get major benefits at the D23 Expo itself

If you’re considering a D23 Gold membership just for D23 Expo, it is absolutely worth it, no doubt about it. 

D23 Fun at Home



Disney history is just as intriguing to me as new things coming to Disneyland! The history is what paved the way for the Disney we know and love. Explore the Disney Archives at home here, I especially love the “Ask Dave” section. 

Eat like you’re at Disney with this collection of free Disney recipes from D23

Can’t get enough of new Disney news? D23 has you covered right here. What do you think, is becoming a D23 Member right for you? Or are you already a member of the official Disney fan club, D23? 

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4 thoughts on “D23 Membership in the Disney Fan Club

  • Cat

    I just upgraded from Gold Individual to Gold Duo. Should I gift the 2nd membership to my spouse or is he included in everything with the individual membership? I know it says you’re allowed a guest at certain events, but I didn’t know exactly how that would work. If he’s covered under my membership I’d like to gift the other to my brother for his family. Thanks~

    • Hi Cat, great question! I think it just depends on what you want out of it. If you imagine you’ll always bring your spouse as your plus one to events (which usually, although not always offered), you can give the Affiliate Membership to a friend who they might want to join them.

      However, if your spouse loves Disney as much as you and if you can’t attend an event for some reason but your spouse wants to go, they would need to be the other membership holder (since they can’t go without you). I hope that helps!

  • Renee

    Hi! I’m currently an entry member of the D23 group and interested in up grading to a gold member. Do you have memberships for 1? Also is this just for Disney or both Disney World as well.

    • Hi Renee! The Disney fan club, D23 Gold, is not admission to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. It’s membership into the fan club with exclusive gifts and magazines. See the above links to purchase.

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