Disneyland Roller Coasters for Kids

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Disneyland roller coasters for kids! Is your kid ready for Disneyland Roller Coasters? Let’s find out!

Disneyland Roller Coasters for Kids

If you’re taking your kid to Disneyland for the first time, or maybe the first time since they’ve grown tall enough to ride, you may be wondering how to ease them into the Disneyland roller coasters scene.

I’ve put together a list of rides to master first before heading to the top dogs so your child can have a magical, memorable Disneyland trip and not a terrifying one.

Before you Try Disneyland Roller Coasters 

Before hitting the big time, I suggest hoping on these Disneyland attractions to determine how ready your child is for the thrill rides at Disneyland Park.

disneyland roller coasters


  1. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Yes, this is a kid ride. But there are many rides at Disneyland aimed toward children that can still be a bit frightening. Try Winnie the Pooh and make sure your child is totally cool with the heffalumps and woozles scene.
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean which includes some small drops in the dark, along with of course, pirates. If your child enjoys this attraction and is not scared by the drops, you’re moving in the right direction.

First Disneyland Roller Coasters for Kids

These three attractions are classified as thrill rides and mimic the big brother roller coaster types, along with adding in some intense effects. Try these rides in this order to see if your kid is ready for Disneyland roller coasters.

  1. Star Tours – The Adventure Continues. This simulator attractions mimics the feeling of fast movement, drops and turns. But you can sit right next to your child and hold their hand along the way. Be warned, many adults experience motion sickness on Star Tours.
  2. Gadget’s Go Coaster- tucked back in Mickey’s Toontown you’ll find this “kiddy roller coaster”. It’s a great starting-out coaster because it’s very classic in nature and is an outdoor attraction. Again, sit by your child and see how they react. If all goes well, keep moving forward.

disneyland roller coasters for kids


3. Indiana Jones Adventure- this quick moving ride has one of the tallest height requirements, but if your child is too short and has enjoyed the other attractions definitely keep progressing. There aren’t any huge drops on this attraction but the music and theming may be scary to some children.

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Top Disneyland Roller Coasters for Kids

Are you ready? Like really ready? Then let’s do this!

  1. Splash Mountain- I don’t consider this a thrill ride, but since it does have that huge drop at the end, my teen insisted some kids might find in scary. She convinced me to put it in this section. I’d love to know if you agree.
  2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- I love this roller coaster and it’s consistently one of my readers’ favorite attractions. I think it gives you just enough without going off the rails.
  3. Matterhorn Bobsleds- I placed this attraction toward the end because of the abominable snow man. There’s plenty hidden throughout this ride ready to jump out and roar. Prepare your kids for that before boarding. It’s also less scary during daylight.


disneyland roller coasters for kids


4. Space Mountain- I think most people agree this is the top dog of roller coasters at Disneyland when considering thrill level. Most kids will be tall enough to ride by 3 years old, surprisingly enough. This coaster is completely in the dark and has those classic drop and twist elements of most roller coasters. Be warned, if you’re there during Halloween Time, Ghost Galaxy takes over and can definitely up the scare factor.

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What do you think about the order I put these in? How do you introduce your kids to Disneyland roller coasters?

5 thoughts on “Disneyland Roller Coasters for Kids

  • Veronica

    Took my daughter and niece (age 10 and 8) on Splash Mountain for the first time when it was dark (no lines!) and they were both traumatised. They were scared from the very first little drop. But Space Mountain they were absolutely fine with!

    • It’s so interesting, one of my daughters is totally fine with Space as well and then cried on Radiator Springs Racers! I feel like it’s something to do with being in the dark and not seeing what’s coming. Either way, I’m glad I included Splash Mountain on the list!

  • This is great! It’s hard to know how well kids will do on roller coasters. This is a great guide to help us decide if our kids are ready. I needed it when my kids were a little younger though 🙂 I agree Splash mountain can be scary for some kids. I love it, but get anxiety waiting for that big drop at the end. lol

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