Disneyland Ticket Expiration Dates

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Disneyland ticket expiration dates. Do Disneyland tickets expire? How do I extend my Disneyland ticket? What’s Disneyland’s ticket policy with the newest health scare? These questions and more answered here so you don’t have to worry. Disneyland ticket coronavirus

This article has been updated December 3, 2020. 

Disneyland Ticket Expiration Dates

You can find your Disneyland ticket expiration date at the bottom right corner. For electronic tickets, like those purchased through my ticket partner, you can see the expiration date in the fine print on the actual electronic ticket themselves—but keep reading because those dates may have been extended!


Joy Pixar Pier Ticket

Unused Disneyland Ticket Extensions

Did you plan a Disneyland visit during the closure dates or want to postpone your trip? You can still use your Disneyland tickets for a future visit. 

Partially Used Disneyland Ticket Extensions

Multi-day Disneyland tickets offer the most value per-day, and many people need more than one day to experience all the magic (listen to the podcast: how many days do I need at Disneyland?).


Star Wars ticket


Normally, all multi-day tickets must be used within 13 days of first use. But current health concerns could mean there was no possible way to complete those visits. 

If you used only some of your multi-day ticket with first use made between February 28th and March 13th your ticket is now extended to December 16, 2021 but see more details below. 

SoCal Disneyland Ticket Extensions

SoCal Disneyland tickets offered each spring are incredible values for those living in Southern California. SoCal tickets, unlike other multi-day tickets do NOT have to be used within 13 days of first use.

As of May 20, 2020 SoCal tickets can be used through December 16, 2021 AND subject to black out dates. Here’s a recap of the 2020 SoCal Ticket valid use dates:

  • December 16, 2021 ticket expires
  • November 21-28, 2020 blackout
  • December 19- January 10, 2020 blackout
  • March 26- April 11, 2021 blackout
  • July 4, 2021 blackout
  • November 20-27, 2021 blackout

These tickets are no longer being sold, only those who have them can use the extension. 

Canadian/Aussie/NZ Disneyland Extension

As of May 20, 2020 these tickets (both unused and partially used) can be used through December 16, 2021. These tickets are no longer being sold, only those who have them can use the extension. Are these tickets refundable? Disneyland’s official policy is that no tickets are refundable. But we had quite the discussion about it in the Disneyland with Kids Facebook group. Read about others’ experience requesting a refund for their Canadian tickets.

Spring Child Disneyland Ticket Extension

Kids spring multi-day Disneyland tickets as low as $65 per day! It’s insane, but so is the health situation that has us all wondering . . . will the expiration date be extended? YES any unused Spring Kid Ticket is now valid for an extended period of time (this date has been pushed farther out twice!)

As of May 20, 2020 spring promo child tickets can be used through December 16, 2021 AND subject to black out dates. Here’s a recap of the 2020 Spring Child Ticket valid use dates:

  • December 16, 2021 ticket expires
  • December 19- January 4, 20201 blackout
  • March 26- April 11, 2021 blackout
  • July 4, 2021 blackout
  • November 20-27, 2021 blackout

These tickets are no longer being sold, only those who have them can use the extension. 


Rise of the Resistance teens

Military Disneyland Ticket Extension

Disneyland finally extended Military Salute Tickets on June 19, 2020 to reflect the following. 

Military Salute Tickets can be used through December 16, 2021 AND subject to black out dates. Here’s a recap of the 2020 Military Salute valid use dates:

  • December 16, 2021 ticket expires
  • December 19- January 4, 2021 blackout
  • March 26- April 11, 2021 blackout

If you used only some of your multi-day ticket or are simply wondering if there will be an extension, let me know in the comments below. I am actively monitoring this situation and will update this article as soon as I have more information in the coming days. 

Disneyland Annual Pass Extended Dates

On January 14, 2021 Disneyland Resort President issued a statement ending the Annual Pass program.

Disneyland AP canceled


Annual Passes Paid in Full: Your AP may be eligible for a partial refund. The pro-rated amount will depend on how many valid days your pass had left during the closure. See your refund amount here

Annual Passes on Monthly Payment Plans: Effective April 5, 2020 all upcoming monthly payments were automatically paused for the duration of the closure; no further actions needed unless still owed a pro-rated amount in which case Disney will issue a refund. Any payments processed between March 14 and April 4, 2020 will be refunded. 

You can check your refund amount here

The entire email sent to Annual Passholders is below:

Dear Annual Passholder,

For nearly four decades, our Annual Passport program has been an important part of connecting with some of our most valued Guests. We are incredibly honored and grateful for that legacy, and the memories and magical moments you have helped us create over the years.

It’s because you’ve played such an important part in the history of the Disneyland Resort that I personally wanted to share this news with you. In the next several days, we will begin the process of issuing appropriate refunds for eligible Disneyland Resort Annual Passports and sunsetting the current Annual Passport program due to the continued uncertainty of the pandemic and limitations and expected restrictions around the reopening of our theme parks.

I know that sunsetting the Annual Passport program will be disappointing to many of our Passholders who are just as anxious as we are to reopen our gates and welcome Guests back when the time is right. But we are also very excited about what’s ahead. We plan to use this time while we remain closed to develop new membership offerings that will utilize consumer insights to deliver choice, flexibility and value for our biggest fans.

Once we have more information to share about future membership offerings, our Passholders will be the first to hear from us as we embark on this next chapter. Annual Passholders who held active Passports as of March 14, 2020 will continue to receive applicable discounts, based on their Passport type, on merchandise and food & beverages at select Downtown Disney District and Buena Vista Street locations, until new membership offerings are announced.

As an added benefit, starting January 18 through February 25, 2021, these Passholders will receive a 30% discount on select merchandise at select locations in Downtown Disney District and Buena Vista Street, Monday through Thursday. 

We also encourage you to stay connected with the Disneyland Annual Passholders Facebook page as we plan to continue our Annual Passport communication and digital content with more special opportunities to come, until new membership offerings are announced.

A pro rata refund will be issued for your Passport, if you are entitled to one. We are committed to processing refunds as diligently and as quickly as possible. A separate confirmation email will be sent once any applicable pro rata refund has been processed.  

While I have not had the chance to engage with many of you since assuming my Disneyland role in May of last year, I do want to thank you for your understanding during this challenging and unprecedented time. We are incredibly optimistic about our bright future – and look forward to you being part of it. Again, thank you for your loyalty over the years and your continued support.

Disneyland Expiration Dates Q&A

If you’re planning an out-of-town visit to Disneyland Resort, chances are there were many other reservations and tickets tied to your vacation. Please visit the following resources to help you modify your vacation plans:


Best Disneyland PhotoPass Spot tea cups


Do Disneyland tickets expire?

Yes, tickets do have an expiration date listed on your ticket. But many have extended expirations dates, so it’s actually the best time to buy lower priced tickets. Plus, if they ever drop—my ticket partner will adjust the price for you!

What if I don’t use my ticket before it expires?

If you don’t use your Disneyland ticket before it expires you can still use it with some restrictions. Here’s how it works:


Drive to Disneyland


What if I only use part of my ticket before it expires? 

If you have a 2,3, 5 or 10 day Disneyland ticket, you have 13 days from the first day of use to complete those additional days in the parks. Any unused days expire within 13 days from the first use. See sections above if your ticket was left partially unused due to the temporary closure for their extensions.

Do I need to get a new ticket to use the extension?

No, the ticket you hold now whether physical or digital is your valid park ticket. You do not need to call Disneyland or your travel agent. Expiration dates on eligible tickets will be updated prior to theme park reopening. At that time you can upload it to the Disneyland App where it will show the current, updated expiration date. 

What if I have a special events ticket or Disneyland After Dark ticket?

I am in that same boat. The closest Disneyland After Dark event  affected by the closure is Villains After Dark. Originally Disney said if your event is affected by the temporary closure, you will receive a full refund within 30 days. On April 3, 2020 they had updated policies to share.


Villains After Dark refund

I contacted Disneyland about my Villains After Dark ticket on May 10, 2020. The answer from Disney at this point is, if the event is not rescheduled or if you cannot attend, they will be converted into 1 day, tier 5 tickets. I certainly don’t need more 1 day tickets but you can always upgrade those to multi-day tickets. I am hoping they will come up with a better solution in the meantime. I would like to convert mine to Oogie Boogie Bash tickets instead. That’s fair right?

What can I help you with during the Disneyland closure? I am happy to help direct you to resources to help you reschedule your Disneyland vacation.

2 thoughts on “Disneyland Ticket Expiration Dates


    I bought disneyland tickets from a 3rd party discounter through my work: memberdeals. these expire in jan 2021.
    memberdeals refuses to grant an extension on the expiration date and refuses refund.
    Anyone else have any luck with this issue or recommendations on where to proceed?

    • Do you have the actual Disney tickets in hand either paper or electronic? Any actual Disney tickets will be automatically extended, you don’t need to exchange them or anything at this point. They will work once Disneyland reopens. Let me know if I can be of any further help.

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