All About Disneyland’s Reservation System

Disneyland’s new theme park reservation system 2021 and beyond— all the information on booking your theme park reservations for the reopening!Disneyland Reservation System

Disneyland has launched the all-new reservation system in order to attend the theme parks. 

This new reservation system is required for all ticketed guests ages 3 and up. Even if you already have tickets, flights or hotels booked—add this to your must do list!

Important Disneyland Reservation Dates

Disneyland Resort now has a better process to control crowds and anticipate scheduling, entertainment and more. The all new Disneyland reservation system for Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park in 2021 and beyond.

Disneyland  reservations open:

Know before you go regarding tickets & reservations:

How to Make Disneyland Reservations

When the Disneyland theme park reservation system opens for your travels dates, you will want to make the process as easy as possible. 

Make a Disneyland reservation

  1. Access the Disneyland reservation system here, on Disneyland’s official website
  2. If you’re not already signed in, the website will prompt you to do so. Create or sign into your Disney account online, not via the mobile app. 
  3. Once you’re in queue and ready to make reservations it will prompt you to add your tickets and assign each ticket a guest name in your Disneyland account. If you’ve already added tickets, you should see them here.
  4. Create your party by selecting the names/tickets of people going with you to Disneyland.Book a disneyland reservation
  5. Select your date and theme park that you wish to visit from the available theme park reservations, as shown in the video.
  6. Review and confirm your plans. It will say “Disneyland (or California Adventure) All Day” but it doesn’t mean you can’t hop it you have a hopper ticket.
  7. Restart the process for multiple dates and/or visits. 

Know before you go regarding securing reservations:

Do you have more questions I haven’t addressed on Disneyland’s reservation system? Keep reading and please add your comments to help me better clarify this article as more reservation details are released. 

Disneyland Reservations Troubleshooting

Franticly trying to make your Disneyland reservations and need help? Here are some things to try:

  • Different browser.
  • Not recognizing your log in? Log in at shopDisney, then use a new tab to open the Disneyland site.
  • Chat with Disneyland IT on the Disneyland website.

Try a new device or browser. Some browsers just seem to work better with the system. If it’s not working on mobile, try a desk top or another browser.

Reservations only take a few minutes. Expect reservations to go live the morning of 120 days out, don’t stress, it should only take you a few minutes. Even for coveted dates like December 26 or December 31. 

Do not refresh or freak out if there’s a pause or error. A Touch of Disney kicked off the virtual queue and about 30 minutes in, many were plagued by errors. My friend kept her page open with the error message without refreshing. Then they paused the queue. During the pause, they were fixing things and my friend ended up getting in to purchase first in our group. 

I also had issues getting reservations because it wasn’t showing my tickets I had entered. I decided to click around in a new tab and was able to get through. 

What troubleshooting techniques worked for you? Please comment below so we can all benefit. 

Disneyland Reservations Questions

Your input is much appreciated as we all learn and gather information together during the reopening of Disneyland Resort. Here’s answers to your most common questions about Disneyland’s new theme park reservation system.

Can I preview the availability before buying tickets or making a decision?

Yes, preview Disneyland reservation calendar availability here for ONE PARK PER DAY and here for HOPPERS because it’s different for each ticket type! 

 When do Disneyland reservations open? 

Here’s when Disneyland  reservations open on the Disneyland reservation system and what it means for your vacation:

  • Everyone can purchase new tickets now.
  • Anyone holding valid Disneyland theme park tickets can make Disneyland theme park reservations up to 120 days in advance.
  • All guests can make reservations to stay at one of Disney’s hotels or a good neighbor hotel. A stay at the hotel does not include a theme park reservation or theme park access. Book your stay here with my promo code

How far in advance can I make Disneyland theme park reservations? 

Ticket holders can make reservations up to 120 days in advance. . See this article for the latest on vaccinations for out of state residents

Do I need a reservation even if I have tickets/hotel/flight to Disneyland? 

Yes, all ticketed guests ages 3 and up will need reservations in addition to your park ticket for park admission. 

Can I still park hop at Disneyland Resort? 

Yes, guests with Park Hopper tickets and reservations may visit the other park on the same day starting at 1:00 pm.

Can I leave the park and re-enter later in the day?

Yes, all theme park reservations come with re-entry privileges. 

Do I have to arrive at the exact time my reservation begins?

No, those are usually just park hours and you can arrive whenever you’d like. 

When can non-Californians make Disneyland Reservations?

Reservations are open to all guest 120 days in advance.



More questions on the Disneyland reservation system? Let’s talk!