What’s New at Disneyland Summer 2019

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What’s new at Disneyland Summer 2019, plus Disneyland summer ticket discounts, month-by-month breakdown and massive details on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Disneyland Summer

Summer is my favorite time of year because I live for the warmth of the sun and days at the beach. Summer means school is out and everyone is looking for the perfect family vacation destination—Disneyland Resort. Summer is also when I take my kids with me on multiple Disneyland visits that aren’t just for working.  To read our entire 2019 guide, click here

This guide will tell you everything you can expect to experience at Disneyland Resort this summer, along with tips for saving money, escaping the crowds and how to experience the all new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland this summer. 

Disneyland Summer 2019 | What’s New

Since you’ve been gone, I can guarantee one thing—things have changed! Whether it’s been a year, 1o years or if this is your first visit to Disneyland Resort, read this section so you are current on what’s new at Disneyland Resort this summer. 

disneyland stroller parking

Big changes went into effect May 1, 2019 including:

How well do you know Disneyland’s FASTPASS system? What about Disney MaxPass? If these are new terms to you, let’s get clear on both the FREE “skip the line” pass and the paid version which is only $15 per person, per day. 

Don’t let parking and security screening slow you down during your mornings, read up on parking options and security check points here. 

Disneyland Summer 2019 | Discount Tickets

Summer is for savings! I have so many great deals for you to visit Disneyland in summer 2019. But first, some Disneyland ticket questions and answers.

Disneyland Tickets Discounts

Can I get one day discount Disneyland tickets? One day tickets will cost you the most money per day because only Disneyland itself sells one day tickets. If you’re looking for a discount one day ticket to Disneyland, you will need to visit during weekdays typically during the school calendar year. Because of demand-based pricing, you could pay anywhere from $104 to $204 for just one day! Compare that to buying a two day ticket from Get Away Today at $208 and you could pay only a few bucks more to spend 2 days at Disneyland Resort instead of 1 day. 

Save Even More with Multi-Day Tickets! The more days you visit Disneyland Resort, the less you pay per day. Multi-day tickets have no blackout dates, so you can travel anytime in 2019. If you’re doing Disneyland on a budget, do not buy your tickets from Disney. You’ll be paying top dollar with no discounts! Instead, buy your discount Disneyland tickets from Get Away Today (the first company to ever work direct with Disneyland to sell authorized tickets!).

Can I add DisneyMaxPass to my Disneyland ticket? YES! I am so excited that my ticket partner now offers the ability to pre-pay for Disney MaxPass. It’s just one less thing to worry about when you arrive. Go straight to the gates and be ready for an amazing vacation. 

Best price guarantee! Including specials for visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or any area of Disneyland Resort with 5th Day Free Disneyland Resort tickets, Extra Night Free hotel specials and Layaway allows you to hold their vacation for just $175 down. See all the ticket and hotel/ticket combo deals here. 

If you’re wondering which hotel to stay at during your vacation, check out my top pick here.

Disneyland Summer 2019 | Calendar of Events

There’s seriously SO much happening it’s hard to keep track. Every time Disney announces something new, this article gets an update. Lately that’s multiple times per week, so keep checking back to stay in the loop. 

Captain Marvel meet up

Disneyland in May

overlooking millennium falcon

Disneyland in June

Disneyland in July

Disneyland in August

Disneyland Forever

Disneyland Summer 2019 | Cheat Sheet

That’s a lot to digest so here’s a quick checklist to help you make the most of your time at Disneyland Resort this summer. 

  1. Book your ticket and hotel package here, use promo code Happiest10 on qualifying packages. 
  2. Secure dining reservations and special reserved spots for shows and parades now. 
  3. Print your Disneyland Plan to spend less time waiting and more time riding!

When are you going to Disneyland summer 2019? I’ll be there a ton, so it’d be fun to say hello! How can I help you plan? Visit me on Facebook and let’s chat

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