Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff Recipe

Bing Bong’s Memory Refreshers slushy recipes from Disney California Adventure’s Pixar Pier. Here’s how to cool down in the hot summer sun with a copy cat recipe you’re sure to love.Bing Bongs Sweet Stuff Pixar Pier Slushy Recipe

I’ve always been a slurpee girl. 7-11 runs were a staple of my childhood and teenage years, the bigger the better. I’d always go for Cherry Coke combo on a hot summer day. 

When Pixar Pier debuted at California Adventure Park, we were greeted with the best slushy flavors via Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff and Memory Refreshers.

Bing Bong’s Memory Refresher Menu

Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff offers a variety of shopping, sweets and my favorite cool down drinks—Memory Refrehsers. Here’s what’s on the menu for our copy cat cool down.


Memory Refresher


  • Rainbow Slushy, inspired by the Rainbow Unicorn
  • Sunshine Slushy, inspired by Sunshine in a Cup
  • Imagination Slushy, inspired by Imaginary Pal
  • Sad Slushy, inspired by Gloomy Blues

We’re highlighting just four of the flavors listed on the menu, but once you get going I am sure you’re going to experiment with all kinds of creations. 

Memory Refresher Slushy Shopping List

Before we get to the recipe, I’ve gathered the shopping list of items you’ll need to make our copy cat Memory Refreshers from Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff at home. 


Fanta DIsney Soda


I wanted to create the most immersive Pixar Pier experience possible, so I did my shopping online to get a few things that complete the look:


Rainbow nerds receipe


You’ll also need ice cube trays and a blender to complete the slushy process. 

Note that not every copy cat recipe calls for popping boba pearls so you can choose what’s easiest and most fun for you. My kids aren’t the biggest fan of them anyway, so we went the rainbow Nerds route.

Bing Bong’s Slushy Recipes

While it’s called Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff, it’s really Jangles the Clown who presents to you my favorite slushy in all of Disneyland Resort—Memory Refreshers. Each slushy copy cat recipe is listed below, but you can certainly modify or make creations of your own!

  1. If you don’t have every color, create whatever rainbow or color combination you’d like. Unique creations are the best part of making recipes at home.
  2. Prep your slushy a few hours before or even the night before by filling an entire ice cube tray with one color. I picked up ice cube trays at the dollar store. Refrigerate the leftover soda or drinks.How to make a slushy 1
  3. Once your ice cubes are frozen solid you can begin to blend them, color by color. Use a bit of the corresponding liquid and ice to create a smooth slushy consistency.
  4. Pour each color into separate containers and freeze as you make all the colors.
  5. When all the colors are in slushy form, use a spoon to fill your serving cup with a layer desired layers, toppings and a colorful straw.

Memory Refresher Slushy Recipe


I used a full ice cube tray for each color. Four colors produced 5, 18 ounce slushies. I only used about 3 cups total from each flavor, including the ice. I used about 1 box of rainbow Nerds for all 5 slushy toppings.

Rainbow Slushy | Inspired by Bing Bong’s Memory Refreshers Slushy

  • Pineapple Fanta
  • Lime Soda or green drink
  • Blue Raspberry Fanta
  • Grape Fanta
  • Cherry or Strawberry Fanta
  • Rainbow Nerds


Memory Refresher Slush


Sunshine Slushy | Inspired by Bing Bong’s Memory Refreshers Slushy

  • Blue Raspberry Fanta
  • Pineapple Fanta
  • Popping boba pearls

Imagination Slushy | Inspired by Bing Bong’s Memory Refreshers Slushy

  • Cherry/Strawberry Fanta and Apple Juice to blend or another bright pink drink
  • Grape Fanta
  • Cotton Candy


Bing Bong Slushie


Sad Slushy | Inspired by Bing Bong’s Memory Refreshers

Prep your slushy a few hours before or even the night before by filling an entire ice cube tray with a blue drink. Refrigerate the leftover soda or drinks.

Once your ice cubes are frozen solid, blend the liquid and ice to create a smooth slushy consistency. Add popping pearls to the bottom and cover with blue slush all the way to the top. Add your straw and enjoy!


Rainbow Slushy Recipe


I was so surprised at how well the consistency turned out. We loved having our copy cat Memory Refreshers on a warm summer day. 

More Bing Bong’s Must Haves

Inside Out introduced us to the emotions inside Riley’s head—and really, we can all relate. We met Joy, Sadness, Anger and Disgust. 


Disney Pixar Pier Joy


Each of these beloved Pixar character are featured on Disney’s Pixar Pier in California Adventure park. We join them on an Emotional Whirlwind attraction (that used to be in the now gone forever a bug’s land). We snack on Angry Dogs for lunch. And we enjoy Memory Refreshers and shopping at Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff. 

But we truly just can’t get enough of the sweetest Inside Out merchandise. 

Inside Out merch
Disneyland Resort


I mean just look at that Rainbow Unicorn shirt and backpack. That’s reason enough to do a happy dance! 

Inside Out ShopDisney

Until you can get back to the real deal Pixar Pier, I hope these tide you over. There are so many flavor and color combinations you can create to relive your favorite memories at Disney’s Pixar Pier.I’d love to see what Bing Bong’s Memory Refreshers Slushy ideas you can create too.

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