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Best Places to Eat at Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney restaurants are part of Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California but no ticket is required to enter. You can eat, enjoy food, drinks, shopping, live entertainment and more. 

Get the Disneyland vibe while you dine at the best restaurants on your arrival or departure day along with delicious food, decent prices and an unbeatable location.


Downtown Disney Reopening




Where can I park at Downtown Disney?

Downtown Disney Parking is clearly labeled as you approach the Disneyland Resort. Follow the signs to Downtown Disney parking which is located near the three Disney owned hotels.


Simba parking Downtown Disney


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Where do I enter Downtown Disney?

Downtown Disney Entrances are available near The Disneyland Hotel, where you will walk in after parking. Or you can enter on the Harbor Blvd. pedestrian access point. The pick/up drop off area will also be open on Harbor Blvd. 


Downtown Disney entrance


No matter which direction you’re coming from, it’s super easy to access. 

Once you complete the security screening process, you’ll want to stop by one of the many wonderful places to shop and eat at Downtown Disney. I’ve outlined most of the dining options here, but the true question is—which one will you be eating at first?

Where’s the best place to eat at Downtown Disney?

Really, you’re going to make me choose? It definitely depends on my mood, who I’m with and what I’m craving. The good news is there are many fabulous places to eat at downtown Disney District, so whatever you’re craving there’s something for you.


jazz kitchen b


My downtown Disney and go-tos are Tortilla Jo’s, Splitsville and Black Tap, but I do like to keep everything else in rotation. Keep reading for all the details and my in-depth dining reviews.

Do I need a Disneyland ticket for Downtown Disney?

You do not need a Disneyland ticket to visit Downtown Disney. You will have to go through security to enter in this part of the Disneyland Resort “bubble” but again, no Disneyland ticket is required.


Black Tap my CrazyShake


A lot of visitors to Disneyland Resort like to come to Downtown Disney to explore or go shopping on the day they get into town from LAX or even pop over to Downtown Disney for a date night, like my husband and I often do.

Do I need a reservation to eat at Downtown Disney Restaurants?

Some advance planning is smart, especially when planning over holidays or Valentine’s Day. You can call restaurants directly for reservations at Downtown Disney, or make your reservations via the Disneyland mobile app.

I highly recommend dining at Downtown Disney before arriving for a special ticketed event like Oogie Boogie Bash.

I’ve had the best walk-up experiences (arriving with no prior reservations) at Splitsville and Tortilla Jo’s. We especially like Splitsville for its ability to seat large groups of 15 or more, even as a walk up. 


Jazz Kitchen seating


Eating at Downtown Disney is also an excellent option when snagging dining reservations inside Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure are hard to come by. Most restaurants in downtown Disney also have a quick service counterpart so you can get select menu items to go or to eat at a walk up table.

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Downtown Disney Restaurant List

Dining at Downtown Disney makes for a romantic date night or can be a great way to unwind from a day spent at the parks. You can call restaurants directly for reservations at Downtown Disney, or make your reservations via the Disneyland mobile app.

Here’s a list of all the Downtown Disney Restaurants to choose from.


Tortilla jos street tacos


  • Asian Street Eats closed January 2021.


Asian Eats Downtown Disney



  • Catal Restaurant. The vibe at Catal is elegant, old world romance with Mediterranean and California fare infused with tastes of Spain. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with bar seating options as well. Read our detailed review of Catal Restaurant here.


Catal Restaurant


  • Din Tai Fung coming soon to the westside of Downtown Disney.
  • Earl of Sandwich. OPEN (again!) Earl of Sandwich got the axe in 2018, and 2022 but will be back in 2023.  Read our detailed review of Earl of Sandwich here.
  • ESPN Zone Restaurant. ESPN Zone Restaurant CLOSED June 2018 to make way for the now scrapped Disney hotel project in Downtown Disney. At my last check in, it currently houses some of the Youth Group workshops.
  • La Brea Bakery Cafe. CLOSED Jan 2023. La Brea Bakery Cafe is artisan bakery with a cool, California fresh cuisine feel. Open for brunch and dinner. Express option also available for those who want a quick meal to go. Read our detailed review of La Brea Bakery Cafe here.

La Brea Bakery Downtown Disney


  • Naples Ristorante E Pizzeria. Naples Ristorante E Pizzeria just completed an extensive renovation in 2019.Come here for a relaxing pizzeria, expansive bar, indoor and outdoor seating with the charm and comfort of southern Italy. Read our detailed review of Naples Pizzeria here.


Naples Pizza Disneyland


  • Rainforest CafeRainforest Cafe CLOSED June 2018 to make way for the now scrapped Disney hotel project in Downtown Disney. If you happen to have one near you, you’ll want to read our detailed review of Rainforest Cafe here
  • Jazz Kitchen Coastal Grill and Patio. Jazz Kitchen is Louisiana fresh paired with southern hospitality. It’s currently getting a remodel so new pics will be coming. Read our detailed review of Jazz Kitchen here. 
  • Porto’s Bakery is coming soon to Downtown Disney where La Brea Bakery used to be. Porto’s is a family favorite and we can’t wait to have it at Downtown Disney. 



Splitsville menu


  • Tortilla Jo’s. Tortilla Jo’s is a Downtown Disney staple with a vibrant south-of-the-boarder feel with live entertainment and various indoor and outdoor dining spots. Don’t miss the made to order guacamole. See my full review here.


Tortilla Jos Guac


Quick Bites & Treats at Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is filled with places to get a quick bite to eat or a special sweet treat. Here’s the complete list of quick places to eat or snack at Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney


  • Black Tap has a window just to order CrazyShakes on the go! Don’t miss it!
  • Earl of Sandwich. Closed Spring 2022. Earl of Sandwich got the ax in 2018, but was brought back to life when Disney cancelled their 4th hotel project. Located right by the Disneyland monorail stop in downtown Disney, this quick service sandwich shop is a delicious place to eat at a lower price point than most places in Downtown Disney. Read our detailed review of Earl of Sandwich here.


  • Jamba. Formerly known as Jamba Juice, it’s now just Jamba. They serve refreshing smoothies on a hot summer day or the perfect way to boost your energy if you skipped breakfast in an effort to be at the park for rope drop. Note this location doesn’t open until after Disneyland does 🙁
  • Jazz Kitchen Express with their famous beignets! See my review of Jazz Kitchen here
  • La Brea Bakery Express. La Brea Bakery Express is artisan bakery with a cool, California fresh cuisine feel. Open for brunch and dinner. Express option also available for those who want a quick meal to go. Read our detailed review of La Brea Bakery Cafe here.


La Brea Bakery Downtown Disney Distrcit


  • Marcelines Confectionery. You won’t find this listed as a dining location, but it’s stocked full of the famous Disneyland fresh candy apples and tons of tempting treats. Plus, grab some snacks for the parks or as an edible souvenir.


Downtown Disney treat



Sprinkles Cupcakes Disney


  • Starbucks. Everything you expect from the Starbucks chain, grab it and head on over to Disneyland. Plus, this is the only place open in Downtown Disney early enough to get you in for park opening.
  • Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’s has drinks and that guacamole you’ve been craving, plush other quick, fresh Mexican flare.
  • Wetzel’s Pretzels. Quick snack stop with soft, giant pretzels, lemonade and drinks.
  • Snack carts featuring churros and other eats can also be found throughout Downtown Disney.


Churros near me


There’s not just food—you can find tons of Disney shopping from World of Disney to Disney Home, Disney Dress Shop and more. But the big question is, where will you choose to eat at Downtown Disney District?

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7 thoughts on “Best Places to Eat at Downtown Disney

  • Lori

    I’m quite salty that they closed ESPN Zone for the hotel project that’s not happening anymore. ESPN Zone was by far my favorite Downtown Disney hangout – the staff was awesome and food was really good! I feel bad for the staff who lost their jobs and now for no reason. 🙁 Tortilla Jo’s is my new go-to if I happen to be there, but I don’t go out of my way to go to Downtown Disney like I did for ESPN.

  • Lindsey

    Several are closing in June as mentioned. What will be replacing them and when? We’re going in July and want to know our options

    • Hi Lindsey, unfortunately nothing will be replacing them at this time. This is part of an extensive Disneyland Resort overhaul. This area is being re-done to include a new Disneyland Resort hotel and won’t be open again for at least a couple of years.

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