Cheap Flights on Breeze Airways to Disney Parks

Have you heard of Breeze Airways and the cheap flights they offer to Disney Parks? If you’re some of the lucky few to be serviced by Breeze Airways, you’re in even more luck because I have all the details on flying Breeze with nonstop service, direct flights and routes to Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Updated from my most recent flight April 2024.

Quick Look at Breeze Airways to Disney Parks 

Will Breeze Airways work for your travel itinerary? Here’s a quick look on where they fly and if flying Breeze is right for you.

I’ve flown Breeze now about a dozen times and I’ve got the good and the bad about choosing this ultra-low fare airline to get to Disney Parks.

Breeze Airways to Disney

If you want to fly Breeze to Disneyland

The best way to fly Breeze to Disneyland is to fly into Orange County (SNA), on the first flight of the day. After flying Breeze quite a few times I say go for that early morning flight to be certain you’ll arrive on time (or closest to it!). It seems Breeze is still having some growing pains—the only flights I’ve personally taken that were on time were the first flights of the day. More on that later.

Breeze Airways currently flies to Orange County from:

  • Charleston International Airport – Charleston, SC (CHS)
  • Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport – Cincinnati, OH (CVG)
  • John Glenn International Airport – Columbus, OH (CMH)
  • Ogden, UT (OGD) north of Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Orlando International Airport – Orlando, FL (MCO) onestop, no plane change
  • Pittsburgh International Airport – Pittsburgh, PA (PIT)
  • Provo Municipal Airport – Provo / about an hour south of Salt Lake City, UT (PVU) nonstop route
  • Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport – Providence, RI / Boston, MA (PVD)

What’s missing from these routes? I’d definitely like to see Breeze add San Fransisco and/or a Phoenix area flight to SNA. While Breeze does fly from SFO (San Francisco) to SBD (San Bernardino), you’ll have to include extra drive time from San Bernardino to Anaheim which will take you at least an hour, but I’d plan for two or more.


Breeze Seats Nice


The other route I mentioned that makes so much sense to me is PHX to SNA. Currently, none of their Phoenix flights go to Southern California. 

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Disneyland Ticket Castle

Another option is using Breeze to fly into LAX. It’s a farther and busier airport but if you’re coming from one of these cities on the LAX route you might look into it:

  • BDL Bradley International Airport – Hartford, CT
  • CHS Charleston International Airport – Charleston, SC
  • JAX Jacksonville International Airport – Jacksonville, FL
  • MSY Louis Armstrong International Airport – New Orleans, LA
  • ORF Norfolk International Airport – Norfolk, VA
  • PIT Pittsburgh International Airport – Pittsburgh, PA
  • RDU Raleigh-Durham International Airport – Raleigh / Durham, NC
  • PVD Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport – Providence, RI / Boston, MA
  • RIC Richmond International Airport – Richmond, VA
  • HPN Westchester County Airport – Westchester / White Plains, NY

If you want to fly Breeze to Disney World

The best way to fly Breeze to Walt Disney World is to fly into Orlando (MCO). Breeze Airways currently flies to Orlando from:

  • Akron-Canton Airport – Akron / Canton / Cleveland, OH (CAK)
  • Charleston International Airport – Charleston, SC (CHS)
  • Huntsville International Airport – Huntsville, AL (HSV)
  • John Wayne Airport – Orange County, CA (SNA) non-stop
  • Louis Armstrong International Airport – New Orleans, LA (MSY)
  • Northwest Arkansas National Airport – Bentonville / Fayetteville, AR (XNA)
  • Provo Municipal Airport – Provo / Salt Lake City, UT (PVU)
  • Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport – Providence, RI / Boston, MA (PVD)
  • Tulsa International Airport – Tulsa, OK (TUL)

What’s missing from these routes? I’d definitely like to see Breeze add a New York area flight to MCO. While Breeze does fly from ISP (Long Island, New York) to TPA (Tampa, Florida), you’ll have to include extra drive time from Tampa to Orlando which is about 80 minutes.

Since Breeze already flys from Long Island, New York maybe their next route could be from ISP to MCO. We’ll have to wait and see!


Breeze Airways to Disneyland


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How much is a Breeze Flight to Disney?

Since this is still a relatively new airline (inaugural flight was in June 2021), their fares are incredibly well priced. I was able to search a flight from just 8 days in advance and still see an incredible fare totaling $111 round trip. I used XNA to MCO as my sample flight. The highlighted selection shows their affordable fares. 


XNA to MCO 59 Breeze to Disney


I did a similar search for a flight less than two weeks in advance and found a fare for totaling $98 round trip. I used PVU to SNA as my sample flight. The highlighted selection shows their introductory fares.


PVU to SNA 45 Breeze to Disney


I’ve found the low fares to be pretty consistent, and it’s always smart to be on their email list for any promotions they offer. There are various fares to choose from and you will pay fees for bags and other options. Keep reading for all the details on flying Breeze to Disney Parks below. 

Breeze Seats and Fares to Disney Parks

As I mentioned above, you can get some pretty incredible “nice” fares to Disney Parks in Florida and California at low-cost carrier fares which Breeze groups into three categories:

  1. Nice (my adult daughter has flown this section)
  2. Nicer (I’ve flown this section)
  3. Nicest with Ascent (I prefer this section)

My first time flying with Breeze, I booked the Nicest fare and it was still cheaper and had better flight time options than my go-to airline, Southwest. 


Walts Plane

Not a Breeze plane, this is Walt’s Plane 🙂


Let’s take a look at what you get and don’t get with each type of Breeze fare.

Breeze to Disney Nice Fare

The Nice fare is the cheapest Breeze Airways ticket and still has many perks that go with it. But it’s worth scanning this list to see if it meets your needs. 


Breeze standard seat


  • Seat randomly assigned or choose a seat for a fee. Upgrade fees are as follows—Standard: $10 to $30, Extra Legroom: $20 to $50, or First Class $30 to $259. I imagine the fee would just be the difference to upgrade to the Nicer or Nicest fare anyway. So at that point you wouldn’t be in the Nice section anyway. 
  • If a seat assignment is not purchased, one will be randomly assigned at check-in for free.
  • Parties are not guaranteed seats together.
  • Small children ages 2-12, can choose free seats in our standard seat section designated for Family Seating (more on this later)
  • Prices apply to a la carte purchases
  • No change or cancel fees
  • Reusable credit if you cancel (up to 24 months)
  • Personal item
  • 2% BreezePoints earned

Breeze to Disney Nicer Fare

Breeze also has a mid-tier fare option dubbed Nicer. It’s exactly what it promises, a bit nicer, more legroom and allows a free carry-on and free checked bag. Plus you’ll get more seat options. 


Breeze extra legroom seat


  • Extra legroom seat choice
  • No change or cancel fees
  • Reusable credit if you cancel (up to 24 months)
  • Personal item
  • One carry-on bag


Breeze nice leg room


  • One checked bag
  • 4% BreezePoints earned
  • Extra legroom seat
  • Priority boarding

Breeze to Disney Nicest Fare with Ascent 

Nicest is Breeze Airways first class seat. And the seats are cushy! I love that I can take a late night/evening flight home and actually rest comfortably in these seats. So much space, reclining, foot rest, adjustable headrest and more. 

Nicest fare bundles now come with Breeze Ascent, which is the upfront, first class experience including the seat, food and beverages included. 

In the Nicest seats, here are so many places to store all your stuff (don’t leave anything behind!), there’s a charger, foot rest, and you can recline without feeling like a jerk to the person behind you. Nicest seats are 2 by 2. 


Breeze Airways to Disneyland, nicest seats


  • First class seat choice with Ascent up front, first class experience
  • No change or cancellation fees
  • Reusable credit if you cancel (valid for 24 months)
  • Personal item
  • 6% BreezePoints earned
  • First class seat
  • One carry-on bag
  • Two checked bags
  • Light snack and one drink choice from our menu (flights shorter than four hours)
  • Drink (including alcohol) and one snack choice (flights longer than four hours)
  • Priority boarding

I should have double checked this before my flight because I couldn’t remember if I had to pay for the snack and drink. And the snack selection was legit! On flights since I have taken full advantage of this Ascent perk!

One thing that is weird with the Nicest seat, if you choose an aisle know that there’s this a bar in the center of the under seat storage.




It makes it harder to fit a backpack or small carry on underneath. Luckily the window seat next to me was empty so I could use that. Now I always book the window option. 

A few things about Breeze Ascent…

In spring 2023 Breeze Airways announced a new option that now comes with Nicest fare bundles on select flights. Here is what I learned about Breeze Ascent and how (surprise!) I have actually already experienced it since I’ve flown Breeze Nicest several times.

  • Ascent comes automatically with Nicest fares, but can be purchase a la carte as well
  • Breeze Ascent is the upfront experience including first class seat, food and beverages 
  • Ascent is only offered on flights operated by an Airbus A220 and which offer the Nicest fare bundle
  • If you already have a Nicest airfare booked, Ascent experience is included automatically on Airbus A220s

Breeze Airlines Rewards Program

I love a good rewards program and I am so glad to see Breeze has a free loyalty program, BreezePoints that are so simple to earn and redeem. 

How to Earn BreezePoints to Disney

You earn credit every time you make a purchase with Breeze including flights, adding bags, seat selections and soon even onboard snacks and drinks. The points are valid for two years from the date issued. 

  • Nice Fares earn 2% of the base one-way fare in BreezePoints
  • Nicer Fares earn 4% of the base one-way fare in BreezePoints
  • Nicest Fares earn 6% of the base fare in BreezePoints
  • Carry-on and checked baggage purchases earn 4% of the baggage charge in BreezePoints
  • Seat selection purchases earn 4% of the seat selection charge in BreezePoints
  • Pet in cabin purchases earn 4% of the pet in cabin charge in BreezePoints

I love accumulating BreezePoints and using this on future travel. 

How to Use BreezePoints to Disney

You can redeem BreezePoints for fares, taxes, fees, and services such as seats, bags, and adding pets on Breeze flights. You can even book for someone else. It’s super easy to see the amount (shown in dollars) of BreezePoints you’ve acquired on the top right hand side of the website anytime you’re singed into your account.
It’s like a credit or gift card toward your flight to Disney. I love it!

Breeze Airways Visa Credit Card

If you like working the points and credit card system, you’ll be happy to hear Breeze now has a Barclays Visa option.

Breeze Visa Credit Card


The Breeze Airways Visa credit card is just another tipping point for me. I have used my Southwest card for a decade to earn free flights, top tier status with the airline and free travel companion airfare. 

How will the Breeze Visa compare to other airline credit cards? Here is what we know so far:

I’m personally not super excited about the offers. Even while flying Breeze often, I don’t know that the card value is enough to pull me over from my current airline.

The initial sign up offer has arrived, so let’s see how it stacked up to ,my personal wishlist:

  • My Wish: Seriously nice sign up bonus like 50,000-100,000 BreezePoints which equals to $500-1,000 in airfare credit. Confirmed: 50,000 BreezePoints. So they did go on the low end of my wishlist. 
  • My wish: Seriously low minimum spend to get those bonus BreezePoints like $1000 in the first 3 months. Confirmed: bonus points rewarded after spending $2,000 on purchases within the first 90 days. Not bad, compared to others but double what was on my wishlist.
  • My Wish: No annual fee for those who sign up within the first 3 months of launch. Confirmed: $89 Annual Fee.
  • My Wish: Annual fee of $99 for those who sign up later on. Confirmed: $89 Annual Fee for everyone, so less than I imagined but still no free option.
  • My Wish: Breeze Buddy system which would be something similar to the SWA companion pass I love so much. Confirmed: Nope 🙁
  • My Wish: Automatic Breeze Ascent bundle Breeze credit card holders. Confirmed: Nope 🙁
  • My Wish: First booking dibs on new routes from your home airport. Confirmed: Nope 🙁

As you might have noticed, I didn’t mention anything about interest rates. I’m not one to carry a balance, so interest rates aren’t usually something I consider. However, a lot of cards launch a new deal with a temporary low interest rate which could be nice for those considering it. 

Now that I lay things side by side, I don’t think it’s one I am going to jump on but I hope this initial offer is a low-ball offer and they’ll need more perks to keep people interested in signing up later on. 

Breeze Airways App

If you’re flying Breeze to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, definitely get the Breeze app.  It’s free and it’ll help you access things like flight status, boarding passes and more. Plus, I noticed on my BreezePoints account, I got some points for using the app. 
Breeze Airways App

Breeze Airways to Disney FAQs

As of this publishing, I have flown Breeze just once. I have other flights booked as does my family. More information is certainly coming. But I do have a few FAQs to answer as I get more familiar with the airline myself.

What’s the Breeze connection to JetBlue?

Breeze was founded by David Neeleman, who previously co-founded JetBlue. If you love JetBlue, you’ll likely love Breeze. It operates very similarly and offers great early morning flights to Disney and late evening departures home. Read more from Trips with Tykes in The Complete Guide to Flying JetBlue with Kids.


Breeze plane


What’s Breeze Airways Cancellation policy?

If you need to make a flight change or cancellation, just do so about 30 minutes before your flight. You will be refunded the difference in BreezePoints which are valid for two years from the date issued. Breeze never charges change or cancellation fees.

How Do I Cancel My Breeze Flight?

One of my recent flights was so delayed out to Disney, I actually canceled at the airport and booked a new flight on an alternate airline. I was still able to cancel although I think the process needs to be better. I had 2 itineraries to cancel and there was no indication the cancelation went through. I tried it several times on the app for both and it turned out only one was actually canceled. 

I contacted Breeze via X (formerly twitter) and they could see I tried to cancel it and issued my BreezePoints right away. 

Is there Wi-Fi on Breeze flights? 

Yes, Breeze does have high speed Wi-Fi on select A220-operated flights and it’s easy Breezy to get connected:

  1. Switch your device to Airplane Mode, and turn Wi-Fi on.
  2. Choose from your “Networks” list and navigate to to login to your breeze account. If you are using your mobile device, you may also login through the Breeze app.
  3. Follow the payment guide via the Wi-Fi page and complete your purchase.

While Wi-Fi does cost, you can use your available BreezePoints for purchase, just select BreezePoints as the payment option when you check out. Breeze flight features also has free entertainment after you connect to Wi-Fi. 

Can I check in online?

Yes, you can check into your Breeze flight online or via the simple app, Breeze.

Can I bring a free personal item on Breeze?

Yes, you can bring a free personal item (such as a purse or a small backpack) that fits underneath the seat for your Breeze flight.

How much are carry on bags on Breeze?

Breeze uses dynamic pricing for bags. That means when you first purchase your flight you might be offered a $30 price tag, but if you don’t upgrade then and try to later, it might be $40 or $50. You can also use their bag pricing calculator to get an estimate. But my advice is either purchase an upgraded fare that includes a bag or take the first add-on price. 

How much are checked bags on Breeze?

Breeze uses dynamic pricing for bags. That means when you first purchase your flight you might be offered a $30 price tag, but if you don’t upgrade then and try to later, it might be $40 or $50. You can also use their bag pricing calculator to get an estimate. But my advice is either purchase an upgraded fare that includes a bag or take the first add-on price. 

Can families sit together on Breeze?

Yes, families with mall children ages 2-12 can sit together on Breeze. can choose free seats in our standard seat section designated for Family Seating. Breeze is also the first airline in the United States to offer assigned Family Seating free of charge. Please note Family Seating is subject to availability and not guaranteed.

Breeze Airlines Pros & Cons

After reading through this much, you can probably tell I am a fan. At current count, I’ve taken 2 trips via Breeze and have a couple more booked. Here are a couple quick pros and cons I’ve found with more experience. 

Breeze Airlines Pros

  • Fantastic value
  • Great flights to Disney
  • Excellent customer service
  • Very good communication should there be a delay
  • I’ve really enjoyed the flight attendants aboard

Breeze Airlines Cons

  • Frequent schedule changes, often minor but most recently I’ve had some major delays of 2-3 hours
  • After a dozen or so flights, expect any evening flight to be delayed and plan accordingly
  • Last minute airplane changes negates any paid upgrades, for example I had first class but when we had to use another plane all seats were the same

Bottom Line: I’ll continue flying Breeze when it makes sense for my schedule and wallet. But I will hesitate taking a later flight in either direction if I really need to be on time. I just don’t trust their schedule to be on time anymore. My most recent delays were “gifted” $10 Breeze credit for each hour delay.

I certainly hope more of you can try Breeze and I would love to see this airline succeed, expand and work through their growing pains. 

Want more flying to Disneyland tips? Are you ready to make your trip to Disney a Breeze? Book your flight on Breeze to Disney and let me know how it goes, I’ll be making more flights soon and will add to this the more I learn!

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