Top Tips Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to Disneyland 2024

Top tips from Los Angeles airport to Disneyland. This article answers all the most important questions on getting you from LAX to Disneyland including:

  • Location, drive time and airport tips
  • Shuttles from LAX to Disneyland (car seat options as well)
  • Car Rentals at LAX to Disneyland
  • Ride Share like Uber Lyft from LAX to DisneylandLAX to Disneyland

I’ve got all the answers on how to get from LAX to Disneyland. My last LAX airport experience was April 2023 and it went super smooth! There are so many reasons the Los Angeles airport has a bad reputation, but it’s also not out of the question for your trip to Disneyland. We’ll go over all the basics, including the good and the bad. 

Bonus: if you’re traveling internationally for the LA28 Olympics be sure to read this guide on Disneyland and Olympic celebrations.

LAX Drive Time to Disneyland

In California, we don’t typically speak in miles, but for sake of information—Los Angeles airport (LAX) is 34 miles from Disneyland. You can get to Disneyland from LAX in as little as 40 minutes, but with traffic it’s best to plan for 2 hours. More likely it will be a 1 hour drive time.


LAX airport Disneyland


How long does it take to get from LAX to Disneyland?

You can get to Disneyland from LAX in as little as 40 minutes, but with traffic it’s best to plan for 2 hours. More likely it will be about a 1 hour drive time.

How long does it take to get to LAX from Disneyland?

When you’re planning to depart out of LAX after your Disneyland Vacation, you want to give yourself much more time. Plan on leaving Anaheim 2 hours before you want to be at the airport. Airport arrival time and how much time you need before your flight depends on many factors such as:

  • domestic or international flight
  • baggage check
  • security check points
  • dining or errands before your flight
  • number of people in your party
  • if you’re returning a rental car
  • which terminal your airline is located
  • holidays and travel delays

It’s always smart to check your airline’s current recommendations for arrival time as well. I personally have TSA pre-check and don’t mind pushing my airport arrival time when I am traveling solo, with only carry on bags.


LAX terminal


LAX departure travel time tip: Check google maps each day for a couple of days before your flight, at the same exact time you’d like to leave. This will give you an idea of what traffic is like around your departure time.

Shuttles with Car Seats LAX to Disneyland

Car seats are needed for most transportation methods for kids under 8 years old to make sure you’re in compliance with current California car seat laws.


LAX Southwest


When you travel to and from Disneyland in a shuttle, rental car or rideshare you are required to provide a car seat. if needed, for your child. Very few services offer car seats. And if they do I would be concerned. 

Here is why I think you should bring your own car seat with you when you travel:

  1. Your child’s car seat can come with you for free! Trips with Tykes explains it all here and adds, “Every U.S. airline allows you to check a car seat free of charge when traveling with a child. You can check your car seat at the airport baggage counter or wait and check it at your gate.”
  2. If your child has a plane ticket (2 and over require one anyway), it’s so nice to have them secure on the plane in a place they already feel comfortable—their own car seat.
  3. The biggest reason is going to take more explaining. And it has to do with insurance and liability. Let me explain…
I recently spoke with the team at Karmel Shuttle and there are plenty of reasons I recommend them when hiring shared or private ground transportation to and from Disneyland Resort. Here are a few major points we discussed during our conversation.
  • According to Karmel, offering car seats is not permitted by any insurance provider or department of transportation. What does that mean for all the services offering car seats for your shuttle drive? If transfer companies offer car seats, they are often unaware of the risks in the event there is an accident. Insurance companies do NOT cover medical expenses resulting in an incorrectly installed or incorrect size car seat. And I personally do not want to find out what that would mean for me or my family.
  • A little more about insurance from Karmel, “Car seats must be properly installed and latched down with safety clips. Installed by police or fire department only. Certificate is issued once installed. Insurance will cover any claims with this certificate. It is impossible to have a car seat professionally installed every time.”
  • Car seats are specifically designed for a child’s age, height and weight. It is impossible for any transfer company to meet those needs. Wrong size seat results in no insurance coverage.Karmel Shuttle

In addition, you know your child and their needs best, along with their car seat requirements, the condition of your car seat (including expiration dates). I recommend these travel gear options:

We used a car seat travel bag similar to the ones above for 13 years for our little one’s car seats. It was seriously a life saver, and let me tell you that thing got beat up! Better the bag than the expensive car seat, that’s for sure.

Rent a Car and Drive from LAX to Disneyland 

I grew up in Los Angeles and as a teen with a car and a license, it meant that freeway driving was a must. You learn quickly to navigate the endless freeway swaps and which freeways have what names associated with them. This was long before GPS and google maps.


LAX to Disneyland


I once took the wrong freeway home from the valley while driving my dad’s car. He wondered why I used SO much gas. Well, that’s what happens when you accidentally hop on the 101 instead of the 405 and take the scenic route all the way around before catching up with the 118 and back to the 5. Sorry, Dad. I think I owe you some gas money.


Los Angeles Disneyland


Even though I took the wrong freeway, I still knew it would eventually take me back to where I wanted to be. Because Los Angeles is so spread out, we did a lot of driving as teens and eventually you get the hang of it.


Hertz Car Rental car seat sign - LAX to Disneyland


Coming to LA and traveling into Orange County for your Disneyland vacation might seem like a nightmare. The traffic, the freeways, the traffic. But I’m here to tell you, you can do it! You can navigate and handle the traffic for the hour-ish drive to Disneyland.


LAX to Disneyland

Where are LAX rental cars located?

Upon exiting the baggage claim area, look for the purple signs and cross the street as needed to stand under the purple sign and wait for your rental car company’s shuttle bus. All rental cars are located off-site, about 15 minutes away.

LAX to Disneyland driving directions.
LAX to Disneyland driving directions via Disneyland website.


What you need to drive a rental car from LAX to Disneyland:

  • A valid driver’s license recognized by the state of California. If you have questions about the validity of your foreign license in California, contact the state department of motor vehicles.
  • A credit card for securing your rental reservation.
  • A car rental reservation, I like using Costco Travel for the best rates. I also prefer Enterprise Rental Car at LAX.
  • Car Seats for children under 8; make sure you’re in compliance with current California car seat laws.
  • Your destination entered into your preferred navigation method (I like google maps).
  • A good navigator who can tell you what steps are coming next as most GPS-type of methods are too slow to announce the quick moves you might need to make.
  • Patience. If you miss a turn, an on-ramp or exit, relax. You will get there.

Note that most hotels charge for parking, so be sure to add that into your cost when determining the best method of transportation for your group.

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Using Ride Share from LAX to Disneyland (Uber or Lyft)

Ride share programs are so easy, but they do not offer car seats in California. Another thing to note is LAX requires users of ride share programs to take a shuttle from the terminal pick up area to an off-site ride share lot. 


LAX to Disneyland


I’m still a  huge fan of Ubering to Disneyland. Ride Share services, including taxis must now be accessed via a quick shuttle ride away. Here’s a video I have that explains the situation.



The price is usually pretty decent and you can even preview pricing by inputing your pick up and destination before your trip. 

LAX airport Disneyland

How do you get from LAX to Disneyland? Tell us about it!

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    • Hi Angie, it really depends on the time of day you arrive. I just checked rates right now and it’s about $45, but again that I could change depending on traffic. If you download the Uber app now you can enter in your pick up location and drop off location front approximate rate. You can even check it at the actual time of day you’ll be arriving.

  • Katie


    We do not have Uber where I live and I am not familiar – will there be Ubers available with car seats? Someone told me they are common, another told me not to count on it.


    • Hi Katie, Uber and Lyft are rideshare services. So basically a car owner/driver uses their own vehicle to transport you to your destination. Neither service is equipped with car seats (in California at least) and company policy says they must deny you a ride without proper car seats for children. Other options listed in this article might be a better choice for you if you’re not bringing your own car seat, such as Disneyland Express.

  • Ricky

    Hi there
    can 3 year olds ride on the shuttle without a car seat? how about taxis?
    what will be the best way to get to Disneyland from LAX with a 3 year old and no car seat?


    • Hi Ricky, thanks for your question. 3 year olds will need a car seat in a taxi (or similar services like Uber) and in shuttles. Disneyland Express is a coach/charter bus so it doesn’t require car seats. If you don’t want to bring a car seat then your best option is likely Disneyland Express. You can of course, check with individual shuttle services to see if they provide a car seat (usually an additional fee) but most of them don’t due to safety regulations. If you do find one that offers car seats please let me know so I can update this post for others. If there’s anything else I can do to help you plan your trip please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Kristy

    Hi there
    Are there cars with Uber that would be big enough to hold 6 people as well as luggage? Or would we be better off ordering 2× ubers?

    • Hi Krsity, Uber has larger cars available (UberXL) which can fit groups up to 6, but depending on how much luggage you have you may want to go with 2 Ubers. I would first select UberXL if you decide that works for you and if the wait time is too long, switch to two cars. I’d love to hear about your experience afterwards!

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