Everything To Try at Disney’s Lamplight Lounge

Lamplight Lounge at Pixar Pier is the hottest ticket at Disneyland Resort—here’s everything to try at Disney’s Lamplight Lounge.Everything to try at Disneys Lamplight Lounge

Pixar Pier Lamplight Lounge Quick Info

I know you’re probably here for the Lobster Nachos and that’s totally cool because they’re totally delicious. But you should know Lamplight Lounge at Pixar Pier has much more to offer than just the famous nachos which is why we’ve gathered everything you’ll want to eat at Disneyland Resort’s Lamplight Lounge.


Pixar Ball Lamplight Lounge


First, a couple important questions and answers if you have never been to Lamplight Lounge or just need a refresher course.

Does Disney’s Lamplight Lounge have Lobster Nachos?

Yes! One of the first things Disney revealed to us as we said good bye to Cove Bar, was that Lobster Nachos would make a comeback at Lamplight Lounge. You can also customize these babies with various meats or vegetarian options.


Lamplight lounge lobster nachos


Is California Adventure Cove Bar closed?

Yes, Cove Bar is now Lamplight Lounge at Disney California Adventure’s Pixar Pier. Many of your favorite drinks and menu items have returned, including Lobster Nachos. Thumbs up to Lobster Nachos and more imaginative drinks at Lamplight Lounge!


Cove Bar California Adventure

Is Princess Breakfast Ariel’s Grotto closed?

Yes, Ariel’s Grotto is now Lamplight Lounge at Disney California Adventure’s Pixar Pier. Click here for information on the Princess Character Breakfast now at Napa Rose


Ariel Princess breakfast


Does Lamplight Lounge take reservations? 

Yes, and if you want to the full menu, you’ll need a reservation. Click here to book up to 60 days in advance. 

Can you watch World of Color from Lamplight Lounge?

I haven’t tried it, but word is if you can dine outdoors on the lower level and time it right you will get a side view of World of Color. Here’s more details on reserved dining spots for World of Color



Disney Lamplight Lounge Atmosphere

California Adventure’s Lamplight Lounge is a nod to everything Pixar Animation. The immersive decor and story-telling pay tribute to the creative minds of Pixar Animation which celebrates personality and imagination.  Keep reading for our full review on Lamplight Lounge lunch and dinner, drinks and brunch. 


Lamplight Lounge decor


Pixar Pier’s Lamplight Lounge is the number one spot all Pixar fans needs to visit when vacationing at Disneyland Resort. Grab your discount tickets here and start planning!


Lamplight outdoors


Lamplight Lounge is a tribute to Pixar storytellers, and if you’re used to looking for “Easter eggs” in Pixar films, you’ll want to keep an eye out for them at every corner of Lamplight Lounge.


Lamplight Lounge Pixar Pier


The eclectic interior features an open indoor dining space with leather couches and booths, comfy chairs and Pixar treasures everywhere!

When you dine indoors, you might even snag a table along the exposed brick wall, sectioned off to feature various Pixar movies. We sat at the WALL-E wall and loved looking at the knick-knacks and momentos on display. 


Lamplight Lounge WALLE


Outside and around the back, it’s the familiar space formerly know as Cove Bar, now with a Pixar twist but still the same beautiful views of Paradise Bay, Incredicoaster and Pixar Pal-A-Round.


Lamplight Lounge Pixar Pier


I’ve also dined outdoors on the lower level (heat lamps when it’s cold out) and at the famous Cars table inside. Which tables have you sat at inside Lamplight Lounge? Each offers such a unique vantage point inside!


Lamplight Lounge Cars Table


Pixar Pier Lamplight Lounge Reservations


Pixar Pier sign


Do I need reservations for Lamplight Lounge? If you want the full Lamplight Lounge experience and the complete menu, you’ll want to book dining reservations 60 days out. Lamplight Lounge is still one of the hottest spots to get reservations.

I called the very first day reservations were open and took whatever time they could give me for my visit. Later on when I tried to change it, there were no spots available. Use the Disneyland mobile app, or call (714) 781-DINE between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM daily (Pacific Time) to get your preferred dining time. 


Lamplight Lounge outdoor


Can I visit Lamplight Lounge without reservations? Both the upstairs and downstairs lounges accept walk-ins but offer a slightly smaller menu. The indoor space is mostly for reservations only.

Does Lamplight Lounge serve breakfast? Yes, new in 2019 Lamplight Lounge serves brunch on weekends! Check out more breakfast options at Disneyland here

Are children allowed at Lamplight Lounge? Yes, children are allowed to dine at Lamplight Lounge. Keep reading for all the incredible Pixar-themed drinks kids can order. 

Disney Lamplight Lounge Brunch 

When I first heard that Lamplight Lounge would open for brunch, my first instinct was, “sign me up!” My friend made reservations for our group before they had even published the menu. 




When the Lamplight Lounge Brunch menu was made public, I was so glad my friend snagged those reservations because this menu is everything I had been looking for in a breakfast at Disneyland Resort.


Lamplight Lounge for Brunch


Brunch service began Spring 2019 on Saturdays and Sundays. Seeing how popular it has been only a couple weeks after opening for brunch, my guess is it will expand to other days soon.

After 3 full days of Disneyland and covering the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, I was in dire need of a good meal, food that just really spoke to me. Oh, and I little more sleep too . . . but that comes after Disney!


Jessica Pixar Pier


A previous look over the menu, I knew this was going to be a difficult choice because Lamplight Lounge’s new brunch menu was speaking my love language. Is food a love language? Because it totally is to me. That and sleep.


Lamplight Lounge Brunch Menu


Keep in mind you can order from this brunch menu and the full drink selections that are also available during regular hours. You cannot however, order food off the lunch menu during brunch and vice versa. Brunch drinks are exclusive to brunch hours as well. 

The first thing that caught my eye on the menu was the egg white frittata. If you’re watching your calories or counting Weight Watcher points at Disneyland, this is one offering (with some modifications) that is healthier and lower points. Read about healthy Disneyland dining here

But since I was splitting with friends, we wanted to order several entrees we all wanted to try, so I went to my tied-for-first-place, next option: Lamplight Chilaquiles. You need this in your life! I am telling you, do not leave Lamplight Lounge without ordering these. I love chilaquiles and these stack right up against the best of them. 


Lamplight Chilaquiles


Chilaquiles is a loaded dish, big enough to share. Tortilla chips, cheddar-jack cheese, two eggs, queso fresco, red onions, cilantro sour cream, sliced avocado, topped with a red sauce. It’s what California dreams are made of. 

Next, we needed a little something sweet and Indulgent French toast is all about it! This massive slab of goodness has a cinnamon-brown sugar coating on two slices (pretty sure these were actual loaves of bread though, massive!) of challah bread, Irish whip cream, maple syrup, berries and house made almond brittle. 


Lamplight Lounge French toast


And because one French toast dish wasn’t enough, we ordered the kid menu version too to see how littles would like the Lamplight Lounge brunch menu. 


Lamplight Lounge kid brunch


Our server explained it was a slightly different dish. Differences: served in thinner, dipping-stick type portions which is perfect for little hands and syrup (not the real maple syrup served with the adult entree). Other things that kids might like on the menu? Everything: brunch omelet, brunch quesadilla, mini brunch burger, plus anything can be made and ordered a la carte like scramble eggs, bacon, fruit, etc. 

Next up on the menu? Disney surprised us after we closed out our bill and offered to bring us a few more entrees to test. Yes, they knew I own The Happiest Blog on Earth and wanted to make sure I could show off even more menu items to you. I was stuffed to the brim, but I am committed and I tried each one of the following three entrees that Disney provided.

New York Avocado Toast. Simple avocado toast ain’t got nothin’ on this. Piled high, start with a sourdough toast base, topped with avocado mash, egg, piquillo butter sauce, tomatillo salsa and arugula salad. If you’re not on the avocado toast train, you just might be after this!


lamplight brunch avocado toast


Brunch Burger. This is so my husband. He’s always throwing new and interesting things on his burgers. The Brunch Burger is one of the reasons I have already rearranged my summer family visit so my husband and I can sneak off for a little Lamplight Lounge Brunch (update: we did exactly that summer 2019). Made-to-order burger with one egg and a crispy hash brown patty. Delicious!


Lamplight Lounge Brunch burger


Vegan Potato Flautas. Disney has upped their game with plant-based food and drink options in the last year or two. And it’s not just vegans who are happy about it.

This stuff is good. Like so good sometimes you eat a slider at Food & Wine Festival and you don’t even realize it wasn’t meat. The vegan potato flautas feature plant-based chorizo, vegan piquillo crema and tomatillo salsa. 


vegan potato flautas Disney


Now that we’ve shown off almost every food dish on the brunch menu, what will you order? Or better yet, how many people will you bring with you so you can sample a bite of everything off their plates? That’s what I’m saying because Lamplight Lounge Brunch is the best breakfast food in the entire Disneyland Resort. And I’ve eaten breakfast everywhere. 

Pixar Pier Lamplight Lounge Menu

When I first saw the regular menu online I was underwhelmed. I thought it lacked variety from other theme park food items and I wanted more Pixar-type dishes.

Then I started to see the food pics pop up on my Instagram feed—and it was making me hungry! I still felt a little meh about the menu offerings when I arrived, but it’s the venue itself and drinks that really amp up the game. But first, let’s talk food.


Lamplight Lounge kid meal


We ordered nachos, and since I was feeding a gaggle of kids I ordered them with chicken instead. You can really customize your nacho options here with steak, chicken or go vegetarian.


Lamplight lounge lobster nachos


We also ordered a kid meal slider, and the potato skins which I thought were lacking. They tasted like soggy hash-browns and wasn’t what I was expecting. 


Lamplight Lounge potato skins


There are plenty of other things on the menu I’d love to try next time, but with one a adult and a group of kids, I didn’t want to have one huge entree just for me. Instead we ordered a few things to share. Since my initial visit, I have gone back enjoyed the carne asada roll and mini donuts for dessert.


Lamplight Lounge Brunch


I still need to test-taste the chicken sandwich and spinach salad on my next visits. What’s been your favorite menu item on the Lamplight Lounge menu?

Disney Lamplight Lounge Drinks

If you’re not here for the Lobster Nachos, my next guess is you’re here for the drinks. Cove Bar was famous for their cocktails and that’s one thing Lamplight Lounge has going for it as well.


Lamplight Lounge coasters


True to my style, I ordered every mocktail on the menu and we weren’t disappointed. My youngest ordered Goofball Island which is a fruit punch, lemonade and raspberry mixed drink. 


Lamplight Lounge drink


These cool dudes ordered the crowd-pleaser, Infinity Fizz with moutain berry Powerade, apple juice, cherry pearls and amazing effects!


Lamplight Lounge drinks


The 2319 is of course a nod to Monters, Inc. featuring frozen strawberry purée, cream of coconut, pineapple juice and Coca-Cola.  Not pictured, we also ordered Mint to Be (because I can’t resist any drink with mint!) and Falling with Style to round it all out.


Lamplight drink


Now if you’re looking for drinks with a little more punch to it, you’ll find a huge variety of cocktails, along with draft, bottle and can beer selections. I love the Pixar connection with all the names!


Lamplight Lounge cocktails

Lamplight Lounge cocktail menu

Pixar Pier Lamplight Lounge Gluten-free 

Lamplight Lounge detail


I’ve covered gluten-free dining at Disneyland here, and at press time gluten-free options include:

  • Gluten-free carne asada roll
  • Gluten-free grilled chicken salad
  • Gluten-free lobster nachos
  • Gluten-free potato skins
  • Gluten-free spinach salad
  • Gluten-free ratatouille
  • Gluten-free bun, burger
  • Gluten-free kids bun with burger slider

Let’s talk more Lamplight Lounge, which is easily my favorite restaurant and California Adventure Park. Have you dined at Lamplight Lounge—continue the discussion on my Facebook page here.

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  • Anonymous

    Just want to add a comment about the potato skins, to me they were perfect and I loved every single bite. I shared it with people at the table and they also love them so very much. Mine had a crispy outside edge and delicious fluffiness inside and I love the sauces they came with. I highly recommend them.!

  • Roxanne

    I have never been to Lamplight Lounge but went to Cove Bar and I plan to go in November and have already made my reservation for lunch. I hope the Lobster Nachos are just like they used to be, because that is why we are going.

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