How To Link My Disneyland Tickets

I’m Jessica at The Happiest Blog on Earth and I’m answering common Disneyland “How To” questions so you can get the quick answer and be on your way. Right here we’ll go over “How To Link My Disneyland Tickets” because you’re going to need those linked for the best Disneyland experience.

How To Link My Disneyland Tickets

This works for any Disneyland ticket type, including Disneyland e-tickets purchased with Get Away Today. If you bought your Disneyland tickets through Disney, they should already be linked to your account. It’s the same account you use across Disney platforms like Disney+, the Disneyland app, My Disney Experience and more.


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How To Link Disneyland Tickets on the App

These steps work for your own tickets ordered through Get Away Today as well as linking friends tickets to the Disneyland app. If you get physical tickets printed at the gate you can also follow these steps to link them.

  1. Make sure you have the Disneyland App downloaded on your phone and sign in using your Disney account log in.Disneyland app download
  2. Tap the 3 lines on the bottom right of the Disney app. Go to “Tickets and Passes” on the top left. Tickets and Passes Disneyland App
  3. Tap the blue “+” (plus) icon on the top right to display “Link Tickets & Passes.”
  4. You will see three options to link your Disneyland tickets: camera, tap and type ID. Link eticket to disneyland app
    • Camera – follow the prompts to open your camera and take a photo of your e-ticket or physical ticket. It doesn’t even have to be printed out if you have the barcode or QR code on your computer screen. If you are linking a friend’s ticket you can have them open their tickets in the Disneyland app and you can use your camera to scan their ticket into your app as well.
    • Tap – link your MagicBand+ to the Disneyland app with this feature. Old Magic Bands without the “plus” feature will not work.
    • Type ID – manually type your ticket number into the text box. You can find your ticket number under the barcode of your e-ticket. If you are linking a friend’s ticket you can have them text you the ticket number or read it to you as you type. 
    • Note – it doesn’t matter whose name is on the tickets, they are only tied to a specific person by their photo once they enter the turnstiles at Disneyland.
  5.  Your tickets are now linked! Continue adding all members of your party with this process. You can view each ticket on the Disneyland app by tapping the 3 horizontal lines on the bottom right. Go to “Tickets and Passes” on the top left and scroll to view all your tickets. Disneyland app tickets


Sometimes the Disneyland app will prompt you to log in to your Disneyland account several times over the course of a day, make sure you know your login info or ask a Cast Member for help should you need additional help at the parks. 

Next Steps After Linking Your Disneyland Tickets

After you have linked your Disneyland theme park tickets make sure you have checked the following Disneyland essentials off your list:

  1. Make theme park reservations. Here is my How To Make Disneyland reservations guide.
  2. Learn how Disney Genie+ works in action. Here is my How to Make Lightning Lane selections guide.
  3. See my Start Here Disneyland guide for the latest happenings at Disneyland Resort.


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Q&A How To Link My Disneyland Tickets

Do you have more questions about how to link your Disneyland tickets? Add them to the comment section so I can keep the answers coming. 

Can I use the same log in I use for Walt Disney World on the My Disney Experience App?

Yes, you can log into the Disneyland app or the Disneyland website using your Walt Disney World Resort log in or My Disney Experience account.

How do I find my Disneyland tickets from Get Away Today?

You can find your Disneyland e-tickets from Get Away Today in your email. The subject line is “Get Away Today Vacation Itinerary” and it will be sent from [email protected]. If you do not see your tickets in your email, check spam or call 855 GET AWAY for assistance. 

What’s the benefit of linking my entire party tickets? 

When you’re using Disney Genie+ (and you should!), it’s nice to have your entire party’s tickets linked so you can coordinate ride times together. 

Should I link my tickets to everyone’s account or should we all log in to my account?

For privacy reasons, it’s best to use your own Disney account but in reality most families and trusted friends tend to log into one account during their trip. You can have multiple people logged into one Disney account on various mobile apps at one time without concern. Just remember, if someone is using your account they also may have access to your other Disney accounts and charging/credit card capabilities for things like mobile order and mobile checkout.  


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