Where are Disneyland FuelRods?

Where can I charge my phone at Disneyland? The answer is Disneyland FuelRods. 

Find FuelRod locations, phone recharging stations at Disneyland Resort to keep your phone fully charged and ready to use Disney MaxPass, take photos and stay connected inside the parks.

What is a Fuel Rod?

Simply put, it’s a portable charger. Just like the ones you can buy on Amazon (I have this small Anker portable charger), but with a huge added convenience.


Disneyland Phone Chargers Fuel Rod location


You never have to re-charge your charger because you buy the FuelRod once and then swap it out as many times as you’d like, so you always have access to a fully charged device.

When you’re visiting Disneyland, keeping your phone charged is essential and the parks drain your battery like no other. Having a Fuel Rod is super nice because you can keep your phone fully charged at all times.

What’s included in a new FuelRod purchase?

FuelRods are a bit more expensive than regular external battery chargers but you can swap them out for free with FuelRod “founders status.”


Fuel rod new


When you buy your Fuel Rod, the first purchase comes with one fully charged portable battery, one 6″ USB to micro-USB cable for most Android devices, one Apple 30-pin to USB cable for iPhone and iPad generations 1-4 and one Apple lightning to USB cable for iPhone generations 5+.


Fuel Rod


When you swap it out you keep all the cords and only trade the battery itself. 

Are FuelRod swaps free?

FuelRod swaps are always free for users with “founders status.” Some locations charge a small fee, but many times, coupon codes can be applied.


What’s FuelRod Founders Status?

Founders status gives you access to lifetime perks like unlimited free swaps no matter which FuelRod SwapBox you use. Apply for FuelRod founders status with these steps.

FuelRod founders status

  1. Download the FuelRod app
  2. Apply for founders status with purchases made before November 1, 2019
  3. Enjoy unlimited free swaps when you use your mobile app to scan and swap

Disneyland FuelRod Phone Charging Locations

Disneyland FuelRod locations can change, usually it’s a slight adjustment from one wall to another. If you notice one is listed incorrectly please let me know.

My favorite spot to switch out my FuelRod is near the lockers on Main Street.

I usually walk by this spot to park hop or get things from my locker a few times a day, so it makes it very simple to switch it out. Here are all the FuelRod phone charging station locations inside Disneyland Park:

  • Main Street lockers, on the right hand side as you walk into Disneyland Park on Main Street, U.S.A. close to Starbucks. Lockers are in the hall on the right, Fuel Rods tend to switch between in the hall on the left and the locker hall on the right. So check both if you don’t see it at first.

Fuel rod main street lockers


  • Tomorrowland, by Space Mountain’s exit and more specifically near Star Traders (the old Starcade side) and the Tomorrowland ATM.
  • Tomorrowland, by Buzz Lightyear‘s exit and more specifically in the shop you enter at the exit. 


Fule Rod Tomorrowland


  • Frontierland inside Pioneer Mercantile.
  • Critter Country, all the way in the back at Pooh Corner—my favorite little shop for sweets and Winnie the Pooh souvenirs.
  • Critter Country, lower level of Hungry Bear by the restrooms. 
  • Fantasyland, inside the small world gift shop. 
  • Did one of these locations change? Snap a pic and tag me on social @DisneylandPlan. 


Tomorrowland Fuel Rod


California Adventure FuelRod Phone Charging Locations

My favorite spot to switch out my FuelRod is inside Julius Katz & Sons on Buena Vista StreetIt is on the right side, just past Kingswell Camera Shop.

This is a super easy spot to get to because it’s right by the park entrance. Here are all the Fuel Rod phone charging station locations inside California Adventure Park:

  • Buena Vista Street, outside in Mortimer’s Market. Sometimes it’s moved inside the camera shop.
  • Five and Dime on Buena Vista Street, just inside the entrance. 
  • Hollywood Land in the Gone Hollywood shop which is on your left hand side just before Award Wieners as you enter Hollywood Land from Buena Vista Street.
  • Cars Land in Ramone’s House of Body Art and sometimes it’s moved right outside the shop.

Cars Land Fuel Rod


  • Pixar Pier in front of Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff.


Fuel Rod Pixar Pier


  • Did one of these locations change? Snap a pic and tag me on social @DisneylandPlan. 

Disneyland Resort Hotel FuelRod Locations

There are 3 locations to swap your FuelRod at the Disneyland Resort hotels.

If you’re spending at day at Downtown Disney or need to change out your FuelRod after a long day at the parks, these are the locations for you. Here are all the FuelRod phone charging station locations inside Disneyland Resort Hotels.


Fuel Rod Paradise Pier Hotel Disneyland



Fuel Rod Disneyland Hotel


  • Pixar Place Hotel in the lobby, see a video review of the hotel here
  • Downtown Disney District across from the restrooms by Salt & Straw and Wetzel’s Pretzels.
  • Did one of these locations change? Snap a pic and tag me on social @DisneylandPlan. 


Grand Californian Fuel Rod

Is FuelRod Right for Me?

I use my phone like crazy in the parks for photos, Disney MaxPass, live video coverage on Facebook and more.

I would usually bring my small Anker portable charger, but I still would run the battery very low by mid-day, even running on low battery mode and using airplane mode throughout the day.

buy fuel rod


I finally caved and bought the FuelRod when I saw a kiosk at the Oakland airport.

The huge convenience it offers is what pushed me to buy and I am beyond happy with my purchase. FuelRods removed the short-lived fee to swap, swap for free still at Disneyland! You can get free swaps anywhere for life with founders status mentioned above.

I’m never worried about running out of battery with my phone and even offer people to charge up their phone with my fuel rod if I notice they need a little boost in their battery. Do you have a FuelRod to charge your phone at Disneyland?

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