Disneyland Forever Fireworks

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It’s been over a year since Disneyland Forever fireworks debuted at Disneyland, marking the beginning of the Diamond Celebration.

See more on the Diamond Celebration here. 

The fireworks display is nothing short of amazing and today I am going to share my favorite viewing areas to end your night at Disneyland on a perfect note.

Disneyland Forever Fireworks, where to get the best view and tips from the Disneyland experts.
Disneyland Forever Fireworks, where to get the best view and tips from the Disneyland experts.

Disneyland Forever Fireworks Basics

You’ve likely seen a lot of Disneyland fireworks viewing maps on Pinterest, but most of these cover fireworks shows from the past and haven’t been updated for Disneyland Forever. Disneyland Forever is a whole new game, with expanded viewing areas over Main Street, Rivers of America and in Fantasyland.

Toss that outdated fireworks map to the side and let us show you how it’s done!

  1. Fireworks viewing areas are standing room only. Sure, you could stake out a bench, but your best bet is to stand and that’s what most people do. This makes saving spots almost obsolete.
  2. It gets crowded, but I like to think of it as “the more, the merrier.” Since it’s standing room only, you can usually squeeze into even the most coveted spots just before the fireworks begin (as long as you’re nearby about 10-15 minutes beforehand).
  3. If you’re hoping to make a quick exit from the park after the Disneyland Forever fireworks end, stick closer to the park entrance on Main Street. This spot also works well for guests coming over from California Adventure just to see the fireworks one more time.
  4. Every fireworks viewing option has a unique spin to it. If you’re visiting over multiple days, try to check out a new spot each night.

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Disneyland Forever Fireworks, where to get the best view and tips from the Disneyland experts.
Disneyland Forever Fireworks, where to get the best view and tips from the Disneyland experts.

Disneyland Forever Fireworks: “it’s a small world”

Watching Disneyland Forever fireworks from “it’s a small world” works best when your Paint the Night seat is nearby. Traffic patterns after the parade vary depending on crowds so it can be a difficult area to get to during peak season.

However, watching fireworks and the corresponding projections across the “it’s a small world” facade is absolutely fascinating. The projections are bright, clear and stunning with the fireworks display just overhead.

Disneyland Forever Fireworks: Rivers of America

Even though most of the Rivers of America area is getting ready for the big Star Wars themed land addition (read more about Star Wars here), you can still catch fireworks and projections from this area in the park. This spot is on my list to see, but if it’s anything like the others it will be fabulous.


Disneyland Forever Fireworks: Sleeping Beauty Castle

Get as close to the center of Sleeping Beauty Castle as possible and you won’t be disappointed. The opening sequence which tells the story of how Disneyland came to be hit me a lot harder standing in this spot. Imagining Walt standing there himself with the vision we have come to know and love as Disneyland, truly sets the mood for fireworks and projections on the castle.

Bonus: be sure to peek over at the Matterhorn to see certain projections come to life in a completely different way!


Disneyland Forever Fireworks: Main Street, U.S.A.

Right in the middle of the action; you’ll get a perfect view of the fireworks above Sleeping Beauty Castle. You will also get a very immersive version of the projections on the buildings on Main Street, plus some extra special effects during select songs.

Hint: if you’re a native Californian that doesn’t see snow much, you might want to pick this spot!

Disneyland Forever Fireworks: Other Favorite Spots

Downtown Disney, from California Adventure,  or wherever you happen to be in the parks, be sure to stop for a moment and take in the special “kiss goodnight” Walt Disney continues to offer guests each night as they leave the parks.

Most recently, my friend and I hopped on Mad Tea Party during the fireworks. It was an unforgettable time as we watched the fireworks just above us while “let it go” played over the sound system. We, along with the cast members, were singing our hearts out and enjoying a perfectly magical Disney experience.

Which spot is best for viewing Disneyland Forever? I think it’s just something you will have to decide for yourself. They are all simply amazing; it’s worth visiting Disneyland for several days just to see the fireworks in each spot!

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  • […] This option is great for a group of 2 or 3, especially an adults only group because it is highly unlikely you will be very close to the action. Be on the look out for any gaps along the parade route where you can stand. Keep an eye open for elevated background spots which will still allow you to see the large floats on display. Another great spot, if you’re willing to walk through crowds to get there, it near Town Square on Main Street. Since you likely won’t be sitting or holding a spot, you won’t need to trade off or bring any extra gear to mark your territory. And remember, when Paint the Night is over, you can stay in your spot to watch fireworks or move to a better viewing location. Fireworks viewing is different in that you don’t need to be seated or on brick. Almost anywhere is an option to stand and watch the 9:30 pm lights in the sky! Read more about Disneyland Forever fireworks here. […]

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