Disneyland Single Rider Lines

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Have you heard of the Disneyland Single Rider lines at some of the most popular rides at Disneyland and California Adventure?

On my latest trip to the park with one other adult, we decided to use the Single Rider option whenever possible. Here’s everything you need to know about Single Rider Lines at Disneyland

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Disneyland Single Rider Lines

Single Rider is an option on several attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure. When you choose to ride as a Single Rider, it means you will be used to fill an empty seat whenever a single spot opens up on an attraction. Guests ages 7 and up can use Disneyland Single Rider lines.

You can stand in line with your group while you wait. However, you will not sit with your group, but ride as the odd ball in another group– sometimes even appearing in photos with families that you don’t belong to. Now how great is that? It’s like the ultimate photo bomb!

For example, Matterhorn Bobsleds are made up of two bobsleds, holding 3 passengers each. If a group of 5 boards, cast members need to fill one empty seat. That’s where you come in! If you choose to be a Disneyland Single Rider, you take the chance that an empty seat might not open up for a while.

My experience using Single Rider lines was fabulous and I highly recommend it.

Disneyland Single Rider Line: Indiana Jones

Indiana Jone Mickey Mouse
Indiana Jone Mickey Mouse

If you’re hoping to skip the lines on this very popular Disneyland attraction, and having a FASTPASS isn’t an option, Single Rider might work for you. Indiana Jones seats 4 to a row, so you’ll often be used to even out groups of 3. Seek out a cast member at the entrance to the ride and you will get a Single Rider pass and be directed to enter through the exit.

When you reach a circular type room, hand in your Single Rider pass and you’ll be directed towards the elevator and eventual loading station.

Disneyland Single Rider Line: Matterhorn Bobsleds

Disneyland Single Rider Lines, ride Matterhorn and other rides without the long wait!
Disneyland Single Rider Lines, ride Matterhorn and other rides without the long wait!

Matterhorn  seats 6 total in 2 connecting bobsleds, so the chances for needing a Single Rider are good! Head toward the main entrance of the attraction to find out where Single Riders line up. On one visit, I left my brother in line on the Tomorrowland side while I went to check out our options. By the time I returned to him, the line was moving so fast and almost to the front, we decided to ditch the Single Rider option. I suggest you do the same and determine which suits your timeframe best.

Disneyland Single Rider Line: Splash Mountain

Seating 6 or 7 guests, Splash Mountain is a great option for Single Rider when it’s hot and lines are long. This line is clearly marked, advising Single Riders to enter through the exit. Now get ready for that photo bomb on the way down!

Tell us about how you use the Disneyland Single Rider lines and check out even more Single Rider Line options in our post about Single Rider Lines at California Adventure!

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