Disneyland Single Rider Lines

Have you heard of the Disneyland Single Rider lines? Disneyland Single Rider line

Find them at some of the most popular rides at Disneyland and California Adventure!

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Disneyland Single Rider Lines Answers

Single rider lines are one of those not-so-secret secrets that still hold their weight and can allow you to skip long wait times when done right.


Disney Pixar Pier Joy

What is the Disneyland single rider line?

Single Rider is an option on several attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure; when you choose to ride as a Single Rider, it means you will be used to fill an empty seat whenever a single spot opens up on an attraction.

You can stand in line with your group while you wait. However, you will not sit with your group, but ride as the odd ball in another group– sometimes even appearing in photos with families that you don’t belong to. Now how great is that? It’s like the ultimate photo bomb!


Radiator Springs Racers race


For example, Matterhorn Bobsleds are made up of two bobsleds, holding 3 passengers each. If a group of 5 boards, cast members need to fill one empty seat. That’s where you come in! If you choose to be a Disneyland Single Rider, you take the chance that an empty seat might not open up for a while.

What is the Disneyland single rider line age requirement?

Guests ages 7 and up can use Disneyland Single Rider lines. I’ve outlined which attractions work best to try for a new, young single rider and which ones to avoid here. 


Single Rider Pass Disneyland


What rides have single rider lines at Disneyland? 

Disneyland offers single rider lines for Indiana Jones Adventure, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.


overlooking millennium falcon


Please note that not all of these attractions have their single rider line open throughout the day. In fact, I’ve seen all of these attractions close their single rider line during busy times like summer and the holidays. They might also close the single rider line if it’s a slower day at the park. For that reason I don’t depend on single rider lines, but there great to use when they’re available.

What rides have single rider lines at Disney California Adventure?

California Adventure offer single rider lines for Incredicoaster, Goofy’s Sky School, Grizzly River Run and Radiator Springs Racers.


Grizzly River Run Single Rider


Does Soarin’ have a single rider line? 

No, at Disney California Adventure, Soarin’ used to offer single rider back when it was Soarin’ Over California, but when it switched to Soarin’ Around the World it eliminated that line and now only has stand-by and FASTPASS.





Does Guardians of the Galaxy have a single rider line? 

No, at Disney California Adventure, Guardians used to offer single rider back when it was Tower of Terror, but when it switched to Guardians it eliminated that line and now only has stand-by and FASTPASS.

What’s the wait time for Disneyland single rider lines?

Wait times vary for each attraction, and often times are considerably shorter than the stand-by line, usually about 20 minutes or less. If you do not have a FASTPASS (read about Disney MaxPass here), Single Rider lines at Disneyland might be your ticket.


Matterhorn Single Rider line


I definitely recommend single rider line for Indiana Jones Adventure, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. Matterhorn Bobsleds is a bit of a different beast and doesn’t require single riders to fill their bobsleds as often as other rides. You can easily wait 40 minutes or more for this single rider line.

Disneyland Single Rider Line: Indiana Jones

If you’re hoping to skip the lines on this very popular Disneyland attraction and having a FASTPASS isn’t an option, Single Rider might work for you. Indiana Jones seats 4 to a row, so you’ll often be used to even out groups of 3.


 Seek out a cast member at the entrance to the ride and you will get a Single Rider pass and be directed to enter through the exit. When you reach a circular type room, hand in your Single Rider pass and you’ll be directed towards the elevator and eventual loading station.

Disneyland Single Rider Line: Matterhorn Bobsleds

Matterhorn Bobsleds seats 6 total in 2 connecting bobsleds, so the chances for needing a Single Rider seem to be good, but I usually see the same people waiting in line for quite a while when I circle this attraction throughout the day.


matterhorn seats


Head toward the main entrance of the attraction to find out where Single Riders line up. On one visit, I left my brother in line while I went to check out our options. By the time I returned to him, the line was moving so fast and almost to the front, we decided to ditch the Single Rider option. I suggest you do the same and determine which suits your timeframe best.

Disneyland Single Rider Line Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

New in 2019, as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened, we also added another Single Rider line to Disneyland Park. 


Disneyland Millennium Falcon entrance


Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run has a single rider line! Read all about the ride, what you’ll see in the queue when you do single rider and how long you’ll wait. 

Disneyland Single Rider Line: Space Mountain

Space Mountain added a single rider line in 2018. Approach the cast member at the exit and look for the Single Rider sign behind them. 

Space Mountain


If the sign displays Single Rider, proceed as directed. This is one of my favorite attractions at Disneyland Park and I am so glad it now offers single rider.

Disneyland Single Rider Line: Splash Mountain

Seating 6 or 7 guests, Splash Mountain is a great option for Single Rider when it’s hot and lines are long.

What to Ride First in Critter Country. Disneyland's Splash Mountain.


This line is clearly marked, advising Single Riders to enter through the exit. Now get ready for that photo bomb on the way down!

Disneyland Single Rider Line: Star Tours

New in 2020, Star Tours added Single Rider line. Will this be temporary during the holiday season or last throughout the year? We’ll keep you posted but it doesn’t hurt to try. 

California Adventure Single Rider Line: Incredicoaster

This is one of the easiest and sometimes quickest rides to single rider, depending on the time of day. You’ll enter on Pixar Pier as you approach from the Adorable Snowman side. Notice the people lining the walkway on the left?




That’s your spot, under the Pixar umbrellas. Incredicoaster seats two by two so any time there’s a group with an odd number of people, they fill in from the single rider line.

California Adventure Single Rider Line: Goofy’s Sky School

When offered, this is the best attraction to single rider. Take a trip with a “Goofy” sort of feel to it, hop in line all the way to the left of standby and FASTPASS to claim your spot. 


Goofys Sky School


Bonus: Kids age 7 and up can use the single rider line and you can watch them from the sidelines while they wait.

California Adventure Single Rider Line: Grizzly River Run

If you’re trying to single ride this on a hot day, good luck. They often close this one off because too many people in the single rider line violates fire code since you’re standing in the exit area. 


Grizzly River Run


However, if you have a poncho and are ready to get drenched no matter the weather, this opp is golden! After getting a single rider ticket from a cast member at the FASTPASS area, head in through the exit and you may even get to sit in the same raft as your party.

California Adventure Single Rider Line: Radiator Springs Racers

Still one of the most popular rides in all of the Disneyland Resort, don’t let the long lines or lack of FASTPASSES deter you. You want to ride this ride! I have used single rider on Radiator Springs Racers almost every time I’ve been on it.


Radiator Springs Racers


Once we went in the single rider line and on a day where the standby wait was 2+ hours and we waited 30 minutes. It was totally worth it; we both loaded about the same time and were done within seconds of each other.

Tell us about how you use the Disneyland Single Rider lines and check out even more Single Rider Line options in our post about Single Rider Lines at California Adventure!

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