Frightfully Fun Disneyland Parade

Frightfully Fun Parade runs during Oogie Boogie Bash nights only at California Adventure Park.  All the spooky sights of Halloween creep through California Adventure Park during this Halloween parade at Oogie Boogie Bash.  Do you delight in hair raising songs and floats, complete with a headless horseman, the Cheshire Cat and dancing corpses? Frightfully Fun Parade is a ghostly delight!


Halloween Parade Disneyland


Like many guests, I grew up watching Disneyland parades and it is one staple of Oogie Boogie Bash that you should catch during your night out.

Frightfully Fun Parade Details

Debuting at Disneyland Resort in 2016, Frightfully Fun parade gets a few updates here and there each year. It’s processional is a little slow at times, with large gaps in between floats. It’s something you should see once, but it’s not a repeat experience for me. 


There’s so much to do and see at California Adventure during Oogie Boogie Bash nights, I would consider a dining package for Frightfully Fun Parade so you don’t waste precious Halloween party time waiting for the parade. 




During the parade you’ll see classic Disney characters dressed in Halloween attire, creepy ghosts and goblins, dancing and floats with just enough scare factor for guests of all ages. 

What time is Frightfully Fun Parade? 

Frightfully Fun Parade runs once each night during Oogie Boogie Bash at 8:15 pm. 

What time is Frightfully Fun Parade? 

Frightfully Fun Parade is about 40 minutes long, but remember to add time for the parade to arrive to your spot along the parade route. 


Headless Horseman Disneyland


Where does the parade start?

The parade starts at Paradise Gardens Park and goes toward Hollywood Land. 

Frightfully Fun Parade Seating Guide

My favorite areas to sit during parades are detailed below. Be sure to get your Disneyland discount tickets from our partner, Get Away Today before heading over to Disneyland Resort.Book Halloween


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Where should I sit for Frightfully Fun Parade?

These are my favorite spots, explained in detail along with the map pictured. I’ll discuss each spot in details below. 

Disney California Adventure parade route


My favorite places to watch parade include the following:

  1. In front of The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. One main reason I like this spot is because it’s close to the beginning of the parade route. You can sit in front of a wall to lean up against and the restrooms are pretty close by. Plus, this is the perfect spot if you want to try and hop over to other Oogie Boogie Bash events, like World of Color. 
  2. My second best spot is near the Animation Building in Hollywood Land. This is along the end of the parade route, so expect it to arrive about 30 minutes after the parade begins. There’s plenty of seating here, along with food and bathrooms nearby.
  3. My third pick is the middle star, near Carthay Circle. This is more of a last minute spot area for me, if I am just coming in from Disneyland and don’t have time to find another location. There’s a few options for standing room last minute here. It’s also very easy to exit California Adventure from this spot. Expect the parade to arrive about 15-20 minutes after the official start time.

Note people sitting on the curb will get to remain seating. People behind row 1 or 2 will need to stand. 


Frightfully Fun Parade Seating Plan

What’s your game plan for snagging hard to get seats for this Oogie Boogie Bash parade?


Paint the Night parade route


Getting a good seat or spot requires skill and maybe a little patience. Here are three options for snagging a great spot for Frightfully Fun Parade.

1. Frightfully Fun Parade: Reserved Area

Reserved spots are the best choice. You get a reserved viewing area with Frightfully Fun Parade Dining Package. This is by far my favorite way to get the best spots for any Disneyland Resort parade. Make your reservation at Wine Country Trattoria and check in as soon as possible that day to make a note for your upgrade to the Frightfully Fun Parade reserved area. 


Wine Country Trattoria overlooks the parade route at California Adventure.


You’ll eat before coming to your parade spot, so timing of your meal does not matter much. The seats above are where you will dine, not where you will watch the parade. Arrive at your reserved area at least 60 minutes before the parade begins.


Disneyland Resort salmon


Prices and Details:

  • $50 per adult – tax not included; gratuity not required
  • $40 per child (ages 3-9) – tax not included; gratuity not required
  • Separate Oogie Boogie Bash admission is required and not included in the package price
  • Reservations made between anytime during the day. You will receive a voucher for the day’s performance of Frightfully Fun  Parade.
  • Book online or call (714) 781-3463 between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM daily

2. Frightfully Fun Parade: hold a spot early

This option is great for a medium to large size group with children and at least 2 adults or teens. Arrive at least 2-3 hours before the parade is set to begin. But keep a look out for people starting to save spots as you walk along the parade route. If people are saving spots, it’s time to get in there and secure yours too!
Frightfully Fun Parade DPI
Bring a towel, blanket or other item to mark off your spot on brick. If you have any concerns about your spot selection, ask a cast member if this is an ok place to view the parade. You don’t want to reserve a spot only to be kicked out later.
One adult or responsible teen needs to remain with your things the entire time. If you leave your blanket unattended, it will be removed. This is a good time to people watch, read a book or just relax. Adults can trade off during the waiting period. I’ll let you decide which place you’d rather be—taking the rest of the crew on rides or chilling out on your blanket.

3. Frightfully Fun Parade: hold a spot later

This option is great for any size group who is not interested in sitting around for hours or getting a dining package. Your job here is to snag an elevated spot along the parade route at the last-minute. 
Will you be making a trip to Disneyland for Oogie Boogie Bash this year?Book Halloween


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