Inside Disneyland’s Club 33

A few weeks before my birthday an incredible opportunity fell into my lap and before I knew it, I was inside Disneyland’s Club 33.

Look inside Disneyland's Club 33. An exclusive club at The Happiest Place on Earth.

As most of you know, dining at Disneyland’s Club 33 is a completely exclusive experience and the only way to get a reservation is to dine with or as a guest of one of the club’s members. Turns out I know someone who knows someone who knows someone and by chance we put it all together. The member was gracious enough to allow me and my guests a chance to dine at Club 33.

It was a day I will never forget.


Club 33 Entrance

Inside Disneyland’s Club 33 Entrance

The entrance to Club 33 is somewhat hidden in New Orleans Square, located at 33 Royal Street. While most people walk right by and never notice the door, others are quick to recognize this iconic Disneyland landmark and stop to take a photo.

The most well-known Club 33 entrance is at the original door, just next to Blue Bayou. You’ve probably seen this plenty of times as you’ve strolled by to grab a Mint Julep or hop on the Disneyland Railroad stop nearby.


Club 33 Original Door



Today the entrance to Club 33 is just a few steps away from the original, adorned by this lovely etched glass above the doorway.


Club 33 doorway


To enter Club 33, you’ll need a reservation and/or a membership to this private club. When it was finally time for me to ring the buzzer I took a deep breath and said, “This is it!”

I rang the buzzer and was greeted by a friendly voice that said who-knows-what because I was too worried about what I would say. I managed to get out my name for our reservation and the door was quickly opened.


Club 33 doorbell


When you walk in you are greeted in the open air reception area while they confirm your reservations and bring you cool hand towels and water.

The Court of Angels may look familiar—it used to be a public area of Disneyland Park but now serves as the guest entry area for Club 33 since the expansion and remodel in 2014.


Court of Angels


Even Tinker Bell makes an appearance at Club 33. Do you think she’s a member or just knows someone? 😉


Tinker Bell inside Club 33.

Inside Disneyland’s Club 33 Souvenirs

Guests dining at Club 33 can purchase a variety of souvenirs during their visit. In the reception and dining areas you will find a glass case filled with various Club 33 merchandise.

Club 33 souvenirs in the photo below include:

  • $4,500 Limited edition (60) for Club 33 members only, Adam Throgmorton framed castle. Adam is known for making scaled architectural models. You can get a similar Sleeping Beauty art print  here for about $13.
  • $30 Club 33 Metal Paperweight. This was one item I was super tempted to buy.
  • $30 Club 33 Key
  • $20 Club 33 Pin, limited edition.
  • $99 Club 33 60th Anniversary Glass Paperweight.




  • $33 Club 33 Door Christmas Ornament, limited edition. Find more Disneyland Resort ornaments here.
  • $45 Club 33 Wide Mouth Glass.
  • $55 Club 33 Bottle Stopper.



  • $30-225 Variety of Club 33 Glassware


There were also Club 33 Mickey Ears and these Club 33 fashion accessories.



I have since been back to Club 33 and dined in the lounge area. I decided to get some Club 33 Minnie Mouse Ears while I was there and I wear them with pride. 

Inside Disneyland’s Club 33 The Views

Before heading up to the dining area you’re given a choice of stairs or elevator. We took the stairs both times. The original lift featured in many Club 33 articles is no longer in operation since the remodel.



One of the amazing aspects of dining at Club 33 are the incredible views of Disneyland. You see the park in a whole new perspective.



Most people walking below don’t even notice you’re there. I distinctly remember seeing people up there as a child, imagining they lived there and wondering what it was they were doing and how could I get there.



Another stunning view from inside the dining room at Club 33.



Inside Disneyland’s Club 33 Menu

After being escorted to our table in the dining room of Club 33, you quickly notice the fine linens, crystal and table settings. If Fancy Nancy could choose anywhere in the world to eat, she’d probably come here.

Our spot, just above Cafe Orleans, came with a clear view of the Rivers of America. I could have sat there all day long.



We chose to dine during the lunch hour because for one thing it was cheaper 😉 and the dress code is more casual at lunch. One thing, among others, that is not allowed in Club 33 is flip flops.




And if you know me, I pretty much never wear anything else at Disneyland. So I brought a skirt and some ballet flats to wear until after our lunch at Club 33.

In the past Club 33 had a buffet selection of food, but now you order 4 courses (for lunch) from their seasonal menu offerings. And it’s true, when I went, Club 33 was the only place in Disneyland that served alcohol. That has changed with the addition of Star Wars and Oga’s Cantina.



Even the menus are elegant.



We dined mid-week and were one of three other parties in the restaurant.

If you’ve read reviews of Club 33 food, the results can be a bit all over the place. Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious and worth every penny.







Club 33 also has a wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks and each was refreshing and tasty.




We each ordered the same dish for the soup or salad course. A corn and lobster (or was it crab?) soup.


I chose the fish of the day flown in from Florida (maybe it even came from Walt Disney World :). The sauce and everything else was so good, I completely devoured it.


My husband had the classic, filet mignon.



For dessert I chose chocolate. I didn’t care what it was, it had chocolate and it did not disappoint. My husband said it looked like one of those hostess cakes, but I can assure you, it was much, much better!




My husband opted for the cheese platter as his dessert choice. And he ate it all. There was nothing left, I didn’t even get to sample any. Apparently it was good.



Inside Disneyland’s Club 33 Special Perks

Dining at Club 33 was certainly the highlight of our day, but the attention to detail we’re so familiar with at Disneyland is what also made Club 33 so wonderful.

If you leave to use the restroom, you’ll come back to a freshly folded napkin like this.




And while we’re on the topic of the restroom, you will most certainly want to take a trip there.

You can find plenty of pictures of the Club 33 restrooms online, but taking photos there is a no-no. Most of the pictures I’ve seen online are of the old bathrooms before the remodel but the women’s restroom at least is the epitome of elegance. Fine craftsmanship and fixtures, a double vanity area with lotion, mouthwash at the sinks, a chaise lounge and a beautiful parlor-like area.

Another perk—since it was my birthday week I of course had my Disneyland birthday button and was treated to a card from the Club 33 cast members and a trio of macaroons.






Have you ever dined at Club 33? Tell us about your experience inside Disneyland’s Club 33; we’d love to hear about it.

18 thoughts on “Inside Disneyland’s Club 33

  • Walter

    All those looking to get in, don’t hold your breath.

    1) Membership is difficult to get if you aren’t connected.
    2) Membership and dues for your first year cost more than your average Disney visitors yearly salary.
    3) My last lunch bill at the club, two adults & two children, no alcohol, including tip – just South of $400
    4) Dinner is more expensive.
    5) Lunch takes about 2 hours to get through the meal. The club is NOT really the place to eat if you’re trying to see the park.

    While I am not a member, a very close friend is. My family has dined on a number of occasions at the Club.

    • Way to tell it like it is, Walter. Very, very true stats. My visit came about in a very interesting way and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Although I had always wanted to go it really wasn’t even on my radar. Pretty much fell into my lap. I think the huge appeal is how hard it is to get inside. Loved my time there, cheers to you and your next Club 33 visit! Thanks again for your comments, would love to hear more about your experiences there.

  • Tami

    Oh my gosh. I need an invite to Club 33. After all my visits to Disneyland over the years, I can’t believe there is a restaurant I did not know about. My husband and I are celebrating our 24th anniversary at Disneyland in March with my best friend and her husband. Would love to dine there March 5th or 6th while we are there. We will be staying at Grand Californian Hotel 5th – 7th of March.

    • Hi Tami, you will definitely notice the Club 33 windows and entrance now that the secret’s out! I don’t have the ability to give out reservations at the Club, as you probably know—my invite was in a round about way. Keep those dreams alive because you certainly never know! It sounds like you have a wonderful anniversary planned with a stay at the Grand Californian! I would also suggest dining at Catal if you’ve never tried that restaurant it is fabulous and perfect for an anniversary date night. Happy 24 years of marriage to the both of you!

  • Krystel @ Planning The Magic

    Wow I’m loving this. Oh man. Wish I could go there but not sure how I could make that happen haha. Thanks for the pics!

    • It is totally fascinating. I think that’s one of the things Disney does so well— they just know how to captivate us at every turn in the parks. You’ll have to look out for it next time you’re there.

  • Alyse

    First things first: Looks like I now know someone who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone… I think there’s one more… *wink*
    That is crazy awesome! That chocolate dessert looks like they painted it right onto your plate! I’m totally jealous. How do you even become a member?
    And how cool to go on your birthday, lucky girl!
    Awesome post, I ate it up. 😉

  • I need someone to hook my husband and me up. We will be in Disneyland Nov 10. 10 days after my birthday, and 8 before his. That would be perfect! And we will be wearing our Disney birthday buttons too!

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