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Family Guide to Oga’s Cantina

Family guide to Oga’s Cantina, the first place to serve alcohol to the public in Disneyland Park since opening in 1955.Ogas Cantina


“Look at you! You have a baby…in a bar.” This classic line from Sweet Home Alabama couldn’t be more accurate when we’re talking about Oga’s Cantina. A family bar, yes a weird thing to say. But in its truest form—Oga’s is a bar and all ages are welcome. Cheers to that!


Cheers ogas


Whether it’s before you pilot the Millennium Falcon, or after you escape on Rise of the Resistance, you’re gonna want to stop into Oga’s. 

Here’s how to make the most of your visit to Oga’s Cantina as a family and with little kids in tow. Plus, stop by my other Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge family-centered articles:


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Family Guide to Oga’s Cantina | Reservations

The opening weekend of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was madness. Not madness for security, parking, getting into Disneyland or getting into the new land or even the one ride that opened. 


Family Oga Cantina


It was insane getting into Oga’s Cantina. Everyone wanted a sip. Luckily, Disney quickly implemented new procedures which brings us to where we are today. I’ve been to Oga’s with my girlfriends, with my dad (pictured above) and with my kids and husband. Every time I’ve been, it’s been a blast. 

Do I need a reservation for Oga’s Cantina?

Yes, you need a reservation. You can now make your reservations 60 days in advance here.  Walk up parties are not accepted and in cases of capacity inside Galaxy’s Edge, a reservation to Oga’s Cantina grants you access to the land. And while you’re at it, let’s make sure you have discount Disneyland tickets in-hand from my partner. 


Ogas reservations


You’ll receive cards like this once you check in at the covert entrance to the bar. The card will then be given to the host once you’re placed at a table or counter to order. 

What’s family seating like at Oga’s Cantina?

Most spots in Oga’s Cantina, even if you have a reservation are standing room only. It doesn’t matter if you have small kids or even a baby (in a bar). There are a couple of booths with actual seats and there’s no way to guarantee you get them. 


Ogas cantina seating


Does Oga’s have highchairs? 

Oga’s Cantina does not have highchairs. It is mostly standing room only, so be prepared to hold or wear your little one inside. Bonus tip: like many places in Disneyland, Oga’s is loud! Get noise cancelling headphones for your little one to wear and be comfortable during their vacation. 


DJ Ogas cantina


Does Oga’s Cantina allow strollers? 

No, space is extremely limited so you will need to park your stroller outside  the Cantina. Be sure to take your belongings with you and be prepared to hold everything you need as it’s mostly standing room with no chairs or barstools. 


Strollers Galaxys Edge


Family Guide to Oga’s Cantina | Menu

You’ve got 45 minutes and a two drink (with alcohol) max per person, so it’s best to know what you want to order in advance. 


ogas drinks


Visit the bartender to order and bring your drinks back to your table or counter. 


Ogas alcohol menu


There’s plenty of drinks with and without alcohol. Note prices on this menu may have changed, as these prices reflect opening weekend options. 


Ogas mocktail menu

Family Guide to Oga’s | Drinks

Since I’ve been to Oga’s 4 or 5 times during the first couple months of opening, I’ve tried almost every non-alcoholic drink on the menu. 


Blue Bantha Ogas Cantina


They all start to tase the same after a while, but there are a few standout flavors:

  • Oga’s Obsession is not a drink, but sorta a snack. It’s like jello with cotton candy flavor and popping pearls, kinda like pop rocks inside. It’s really fun to eat and our group all shared bites of it. 
  • New snack item added! Happabore Sampler featuring a selection of cured meats, artisan cheeses, pickled and preserved rations, and crackers. Note: crackers look moldy and might turn some kids off. Need a bigger snack? Buy a packaged item before you come into Galaxy’s Edge. 


Ogas Obsession


  • Cliff Dweller was the first drink I tried, and I ordered it in the souvenir Porg mug. You’ll get a new Porg mug in a box to go with you when you leave. 
  • Blue Bantha is blue milk, the same one you can get at the Milk Stand but it comes with a cookie on top. A very delicious (think Girl Scout Somoa flavor) cookie! 
  • Carbon Freeze is a kid favorite with dry ice making this drink perfect for photos. 


Ogas Cantina Night


Should you visit Oga’s Cantina in Black Spire Outpost, here’s what members of my Facebook group had to say about it. 

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