Everything You Need for Star Wars Day: May the 4th

How to Celebrate Star Wars Day May the 4th and revenge of the 5th. It’s a light side vs dark side epic two day event you can have at home!Star Wars Key 2

Star Wars Day May the 4th Party Prep

Ready to celebrate Star Wars day with your crew or maybe even host a zoom party to get the Star Wars vibes really going? Choose from one of 30 Star Wars zoom backgrounds to get started

Next step is deciding what you’re going to wear, because we all need a reason to dress up these days right? I’m thinking one of the Star Wars Spirit Jerseys like the one below—add some Star Wars leggings and I’ve totally got this. 

Star Wars clothes

Make sure you have all the supplies on hand for your favorite Star Wars food. I list some of the best food from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge right here to give you some at-home cooking inspiration. And even if you’re just doing blue or green milk, you’re totally good to go. 

Star Wars Exclusive May the 4th Merch

If you’re a Star Wars collector, you’re going to want to get your hands on this limited release collectible Star Wars Key. It will be  on sale promptly on May the 4th at 7:00 am PST. I talk all about strategy for the best Disneyland rides, like Rise of the Resistance and I am telling you, this is no different. 

Star Wars Day Disney Key

You need a strategy to get your Star Wars limited edition key. Start with these steps right now:

  1. Make sure you have an existing ShopDisney account (it’s the same login you use for the Disneyland App, Disney Plus and all other Disney accounts) and have a credit card stored for easy purchasing.
  2. Click this link now and have the page open beforehand. 
  3. Set an alarm on your phone for 6:55 am PST and label your alarm “Star Wars Key”. I find that when I set random alarms without a label, I quickly dismiss them before I remember what it’s for and by then it’s too late! 
  4. When your alarm goes off, you’ll already have the link open and ready to click “add to cart”, then buy! Don’t waste any time. Having it in your cart doesn’t mean it’s available. Quick fingers will do the trick!

Star Wars Day May the 4th for Kids

Did your kids meet Chewie and or Rey at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Or maybe they’re older and remember doing Jedi Training at Disneyland? Whatever your kids connection to Star Wars, I bet they’re ready to celebrate May the 4th too! This round up of 12 easy activities to do with your kids on May the 4th will get everyone involved and having fun! 

Baby Yoda Plush


Star Wars Day Revenge of the 5th

I am all about Cinco de Mayo and since I can combine it with another day of Star Wars, I am totally in. 

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes so if you’re having trouble deciding which Star Wars movie to watch (umm, all of them?) this one is it! 

Since we can’t be shopping in Disney Stores or at Disneyland, we’ll have to check out all the commemorative Empire Strikes back must-have supplies at ShopDisney online. 

We’re just getting started here. Keep checking back for more Star Wars day ideas and online events happening and may the force be with you. 


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