Rise of the Resistance Strategies

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So you wanna ride Rise of the Resistance—I’ve got Rise of the Resistance strategies for you! A good Disneyland ride strategy is one of the reasons I created this website and I even help people plan step-by-step Disneyland itineraries for their time in the parks.Rise of the Resistance guide

I was at Disneyland the day Galaxy’s Edge and Smugglers Run opened, but Rise of the Resistance is a whole new ball game. When Galaxy’s Edge opened, Disneyland required reservations to enter the land which took away a lot of the guesswork. UPDATED July 10, 2020. 


Star Wars Josh Damaro


The reservations were fantastic because you knew before you even got to Disneyland exactly what time you’d be entering Star Wars land. You even knew about what time you’d ride Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

Pictured above is me on far left with my Disneyland with Kids co-founders and then President of Disneyland Resort, Josh D’Amaro (he’s now president of Walt Disney World Resort). Star Wars ears

The biggest problem during opening days of Galaxy’s Edge was the demand for Oga’s Cantina. There was a “not really a line” line to get in the real line for Oga’s and many people spent the better part of their reservation hovering around the entrance.


Disneyland with Kids Ogas


True, there was also high demand for building droids and lightsabers but Disneyland quickly adjusted and refined the process. Today you can get a reservation for any and all three of those immersive Star Wars experiences up to 60 days in advance on the Disneyland App


Star Wars Galaxys Edge Jessica


You need more than just official word from Disney regarding Rise of the Resistance. Keep reading for all the details (photo above taken by Becca Robins) and insider tips. I successfully joined the virtual queue on a busy weekend with my kids in tow, then on a weekday as well. Here’s what worked for me. 

Rise of the Resistance Before Your Trip Strategies

If you want to increase your chance of riding Rise of the Resistance, you must be prepared even before you leave the house to Disneyland.


Star Wars ticket


  1. Buy your tickets in advance. Do not wait to buy at the parks. Discount tickets are available here. Be sure to buy multi-day tickets with a park hopper. You’ll need all the chances you can get at Disneyland to increase your chances for riding this popular attraction. Don’t chance it and leave it to one day only!
  2. Download the Disneyland App and get familiar with how it works. Practice joining the virtual queue specifically for Rise of the Resistance via the app a few days before your trip. You’ll want to have the app open at the exact time Disneyland opens to practice going through the steps. Yes, it’s that important. You want to be familiar with what you’re looking at. Encourage other members of your party to do the same; more on this below
  3. Add everyone’s ticket to the app. If they’re traveling with you, their ticket should be in your app. If they are not traveling with you—delete their ticket from the app. Having extra tickets will slow you down! Note you may have to call Disney to have them remove the tickets. My app no longer shows the option to remove tickets, but I did see others who still have that option. 


Boarding group Rise

Question about the Disneyland App, adding or deleting tickets? Please comment below and I’ll respond as soon as possible. 

Rise of the Resistance Day of Strategies

Joining the virtual queue can be stressful as you race the clock each day at Disneyland. Guests who have slower connections or bad wifi (don’t rely on Disneyland’s wifi) may find they’re out of luck as Boarding Groups fill to capacity within seconds of virtual queues opening.

Here’s my top tips to join the virtual queue in those first few seconds so you can ride Rise of the Resistance. See how fast the virtual queue filled on opening day here.


what time does disneyland parking open


  1. Parking seems to be the biggest choke point and can significantly delay your entry into Disneyland. Disneyland Parking opens 90 minutes prior to the park opening. Make sure you have time to clear security and still get to Disneyland’s gates. My best tip to avoid this is to park offsite and walk over. Here’s how you can park at nearby hotels for less money and save yourself valuable time
  2. Arrive at security check points well before the virtual queue opens. If you’re crunched for time—leave all bags in the car and look for the “no bag line” in the center of security check points. You can always return to your car later. 


Toy Story lot security


3. Enter Disneyland before the virtual queue opens (they’ll open the gates at the latest 10 minutes prior to official opening if you arrive early AM) and clear your phone of open apps, check you signal strength and wait. 

4. Open the app one minute before the virtual queue opens. Then be prepared with quick fingers to tap Join a boarding group or My Status>Join Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance via the app as soon as the virtual queue officially opens. If you have little ones’ tickets who won’t ride, join them to a group anyway! No time to lose by unselecting them. Just join. 

For a quick reminder on how it works, remember the acronym JEDI. Here’s what I mean by JEDI.

J: Join a boarding group instructions.

E: Everyone enters Disneyland together before the virtual queue opens.

D: Don’t open the app until 1 minute before virtual queue opens.

I: Immediately tap Join a boarding group or My Status>Join Boarding Group.

Boarding group progress


What happens if you can’t join the virtual queue or you arrive late in the day? Here’s what to do if Rise of the Resistance is sold out during your visit. 

Rise of the Resistance Strategies FAQs

There’s a lot of information to keep in your brain for one ride. It’s much more complicated to learn an entirely new system that only applies to one thing, not like Disney MaxPass that works for the majority of Disneyland attractions.


Rise of the Resistance teens


That being said, it’s likely you have more questions about Rise of the Resitance strategies, so let’s do this!

Can I use FASTPASS for Rise of the Resistance? 

FASTPASS is not being used at this time; the only way to ride Rise of the Resistance is to join the virtual queue. Please see my Rise of the Resistance Guide for more information on this, Rider Switch, wheelchair accessibility and more. 

Is Rise of the Resistance open during Magic Morning?

Magic Morning is an early admission option offered with advance 3+ day tickets at Disneyland Park. Guests with Magic Morning get access to Disneyland a whole hour earlier than the general public. Boarding groups and virtual queues will only open during regular park hours, not during Magic Morning. 

You still have an advantage using Magic Morning because you’re already in the park. You won’t be able to join a boarding group, but at least you are scanned in. 


Boarding group only


What time does the virtual queue open for Rise of the Resistance? 

The virtual queue opens at the same time Disneyland opens. Keep in mind this is published park hours not Magic Morning hours.

NOTE: Walt Disney World shifted to having multiple virtual queues per day, giving you an opportunity to ride even if you don’t arrive first thing in the morning. Times for virtual queues will vary based on park hours. Read more about that change that MIGHT come to Disneyland here

Can we try to join the virtual queue using multiple devices?

Yes, and I encourage it! Use every device you have. Just make sure everyone is together to communicate effectively. 

Can we try to join the virtual queue with multiple Disney accounts?

Yes! You can either all be logged into one account on multiple devices or be logged into multiple accounts, across various devices. The tips remain the same though, so make sure everyone has all tickets scanned into whatever account their using. 

Can I join the virtual queue from California Adventure?

You must have first entered Disneyland Park to join the virtual queue. You can then leave Disneyland after first scanning into the park and then enter California Adventure and attempting to join the virtual queue.


Rise line cave


I have also not personally tested if you can join the virtual queue after being scanned into California adventure but never being scanned into Disneyland.

Most people don’t want to risk that, but if you’re willing to try let me know how it turns out. Bottom line: entered Disneyland Park on the day you want to ride and stay there until you secure your spot in the virtual queue.

How many times can I ride Rise of the Resistance each day?

You will only be able to join one boarding group per day, essentially limiting your ride to once per day. 

Does the boarding group guarantee I will get to ride Rise of the Resistance?

Disney officially says “admission into Star Wars: Rise of the resistance is subject to capacity being assigned to a boarding group does not guarantee entrance to the attraction.” Boarding groups are called back via the Disneyland app in numerical order and can not accommodate early arrivals.

How much time do I have to get to the ride once my boarding group is called?

The time period to return to Rise of the Resistance varies. I have seen return times of one hour, two hours and three hours. be sure to check the Disneyland app throughout the day so you can be prepared to return to the attraction.

More Tips for Rise of the Resistance

I’m placing bets this ride will be one of the most (if not the most) popular attraction at Disneyland Resort for years to come. Cue Radiator Springs Racers that opened in 2012 and still regularly runs out of FASTPASSES by mid-day.


rise sold out


Rise of the Resistance is in high demand and I expect these tips to come into play during the year:

What am I missing? What would you add to my Rise of the Resistance strategies?

41 thoughts on “Rise of the Resistance Strategies

  • Michele

    This is awesome thank u! I do have one question I am a little uncertain of. There are 5 of us (one baby so he has no ticket) 2 of us will be going to the parks to attempt to ride the ROTR but all our tickets are linked. Will this slow us down. The other 2 will stay behind with the baby and go at a more reasonable time . Will we have to unselect or will it not matter because the other two will not be scanned into the park anyhow.

    • This will slow you down, you will need to unselect if they are not in the park with you. You could always opt to use two different Disneyland accounts, one logged in with only those 2 tickets and one logged in with all 5. On days you’re together have everyone’s device logged into the 5 person account, on the day for Rise have the two of you log into the 2 person account. Hope that helps.

  • Eric

    Hi, I normally use the app with my family members tickets all on my app and linked together. That way I use maxpass and it reserves it for all four of us. If our tickets are linked in the app and I attempt to join a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance, will all four of us be in the boarding group if I’m successful joining? thanks

  • Kim

    Having just been there and experienced the crazy that is getting a RotR Boarding Group at park opening, my added tip (which I don’t recall reading), is that if you are there with others that have the Disney App on their phone, you should all try to get a Boarding Group. My husband and I both had our family’s tickets linked to the app, and both were on our phones at park opening. They say this increases your chances of getting a Boarding Group. Worst case, you have back up if one of your phones has an issue!
    Note that once one of you gets the Boarding Group, it will update the app on the other person’s phone (so no, you can’t get more than one Boarding Group).

  • Blake

    Thanks for the great info. Question about the app. If two people’s ticket’s are linked together in the Disneyland app, can each person make fastpass reservations for the other? In other words, if our tickets are all linked together, can my wife make a fastpass request for me and my kids using her phone/app, and I can do the same with my own phone/app?

  • Ashley Morris

    I don’t understand how getting a boarding group or pass doesn’t guarantee that you will get to ride the Rise. How would you not get to ride if you do have a boarding pass?

    • Hi Ashley, that’s a great thing to point out. There’s many reasons why having a boarding group doesn’t mean you’ll get to ride. Here’s some just to name a few: They give out boarding groups in numerical order. Some are “regular” and some are “back up”, maybe you got a back up and your number is never called to ride. More reasons: the ride goes down and they don’t get it up in time to let your group on, you leave the park for naps and miss your boarding group, your phone dies and you have no way to prove you have a boarding group . . . you get the idea. It’s just a disclaimer basically that covers any kind of scenario.

  • Misty

    We are going for one day on February 26th but got a park hopper. Once I get the boarding pass for Resistance, I can get my fast passes for other things and go into Calif Adventure while waiting on queue correct? We have reservations at Olga’s Cantina at 4:30 pm (someone told me to do that?) What is that for? Just to go in and see it?

    • Hi! Yes once you have a boarding group assigned you can go about your day as you please, along with reserving FASTPASS via kiosk or Disney MaxPass. Oga’s requires a reservation and is a fun place to check out during your visit.

  • Steve Thompson

    We’re going Saturday 1/18 and are super excited. One question I still have after all the great tips is: What time do the turnstiles actually open? Since you can’t join a boarding group until they scan your card, it would be a disadvantage (because of the Magic Morning folks) to be standing outside the turnstiles at 8am…unless you can get inside well before 8am.

    • Hi Steve, great question. The turnstiles usually start letting people in 15-20 minutes before the park opens. Then boarding groups will be open to join on the app once the park officially opens (you could get inside before, but not join a group = Magic Morning people have the same chance as you). However, if there are massive amounts of people, getting inside by park opening is the issue. Many people know this. There are plenty of people who won’t hesitate to arrive very early just to be closer to the front of the turnstiles to ensure they’re inside at park opening. Another factor which I hope we won’t see play out here . . . at Walt Disney World there were so many people the first day and days following waiting outside the gates that Disney considered it a hazard and ended up opening the gates well before (hours!) published opening and actually distributed boarding passes at that time. It was a mess! I know for certain Disneyland was watching and has made adjustments, so hoping this won’t happen here. I don’t know if this info helps or makes you more anxious. I’m rooting for you!

  • Brandi

    So although you can’t actually get into a boarding group until regular park hours, can you request to join one in the app during that extra hour or can you not even use the app to get into one until regular park hours? Does that make sense??

    • Hi Lindsey, none of the Galaxy’s Edge rides are open during Magic Morning. You can enjoy rides in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, then once the park opens officially, be ready to join a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance on your mobile app. 🙂

  • Melody

    We can’t wait to ride RotR! We aren’t going until May so hopefully all the chaos dies down before that. One can hope, right?! 😆

  • Anonymous

    I love how detailed your reviews are! This deff helps out. I will not be attending rise of the resistance opening day. 🥺
    But I may take an adult trip end of the month and may get to try I out. If not I will take the kids Feb or March to take advantage of the discounted tickets prices 😬. Thank you so much! I love Galaxy’s edge and I’m super stoked for this ride!

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