10 Disneyland Meals for $10

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10 Disneyland Meals for $10, it’s like the Fairy Godmother of food just arrived on Main Street, U.S.A. Eating at Disneyland is a treat in itself, but we know you don’t want to spend tons of hard-earned cash on dining in the parks.Disneyland Meals for $10


It’s no secret, we love going to Disneyland. We get discount Disneyland tickets with my partners at Get Away Today and then we save big with food from this list.

Don’t let dining take a huge chunk of your Disneyland budget—today we’re talking 10 Disneyland meals for $10 so you can eat, play and have a magical trip even on a budget.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10: Bengal Barbecue

While technically a snack shack, these meat and veggie skewers can be combined to make a great meal on the go. Pick one meat skewer like Banyan Beef or Chieftain Chicken, add either an Outback Vegetable skewer or the popular bacon wrapped asparagus skewer and hop in line for Indiana Jones while you chow down. Be sure to ask for a cup of ice water to keep this meal priced at about $10.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10: Daisy’s Diner

10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.
10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.

Make a stop in Mickey’s Toontown and head to Daisy’s Diner for cheese or pepperoni pizza, enough to serve one person at under $10. Add a free ice water and eat while your kids explore the numerous photo ops in the cartoon themed land where Mickey and his pals call home.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10: Pluto’s Dog House

10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.
10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.

If quick eats are what you need, this no-frills location in Mickey’s Toontown has premium hot dogs with chips or apples at a bargain price. Take it to go and explore this fun area of the park.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10: Galactic Grill

Photo Credit Disney Parks
Photo Credit Disney Parks

In Tomorrowland, where Star Wars has taken over in preparation for Disneyland’s new Star Wars land, you’ll find this re-themed restaurant with 3 meal options for about $10. Order a Cheese-3PO Burger served with fruit or fries, a Chopper Salad with grilled chicken, feta and roasted pepper ranch, or choose Wicket’s Wicked Veggie Sandwich served with fruit or fries. Once you have your meal, grab a seat and watch the always entertaining Jedi Training Academy unfold just steps from your table.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10: Alien Pizza Planet

10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.
10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.

In Tomorrowland, grab a classic spaghetti and meatball dish, chicken fusilli, four different salad choices or pizza by the slice for about $10. For a large group, Alien Pizza Planet is a great place to order an entire pizza too.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10: The Golden Horseshoe

10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.
10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.

You’ll find live entertainment tucked inside this unassuming dining location in Frontierland, along with several $10 meal options. Chicken nuggets, fish and chips, chili cheese fries, crispy chicken salad and chili in a bread bowl.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10: Stage Door Cafe

10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.
10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.

Another gem in Frontierland, where you’ll find Disneyland’s famous corn dogs! Yes, these are the same corn dogs you can get at the red wagon on Main Street, so no matter where you are in Disneyland, a corn dog is always nearby. You’ll also find similar fare to The Golden Horseshoe like chicken nuggets and fish and chips in a to-go type atmosphere.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10: The Hungry Bear Restaurant

Hungry Bear
Hungry Bear

Come ready to eat, The Hungry Bear is a quiet retreat offering a crispy chicken sandwich with fries, classic cheeseburger with fries, turkey caesar wrap, a picnic salad or a pulled pork hot dog all for about $10. The Hungry Bear Restaurant is tucked back in Critter Country with plenty of seating upstairs and down, along with fabulous views.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.
10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining on a budget.

Just what you’d expect from a quaint bakery cafe on Main Street, U.S.A. This eatery gives a nod to our favorite nanny, Mary Poppins. Dine on a toasted cheese sandwich with tomato basil soup, oven roasted turkey on ciabatta sandwich with chips, caprese on focaccia with chips, the Jolly Holiday salad, an apple pecan salad, grilled vegetables and whole grain salad or a variety of soups all for under $10.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10: Troubadour Tavern

Dubbed as a snack location, Troubadour Tavern is hidden in Fantasyland near Mickey and the Magical Map, before you cross into Toontown and near it’s a small world. For a quick bite here, you can get bacon and sour cream baked potato, broccoli and cheese baked potato or a bratwurst sausage for under $10.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10: Red Rose Tavern

Red Rose Tavern

Inside Fantasyland, this place is always bumpin’. Head inside for the food line and have someone else scout a table outside. Here you’ll find your basic burger and salad options as well as a BLT flatbread pizza and a grilled chicken sandwich for under $10.

It looks like we went a little overboard since we listed 11 dining locations and almost 50 meal options at Disneyland all for about $10. And don’t forget our honorable mention, the famous Turkey leg coming in at just over $10 which you can get near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


Now that we’ve made your stomach growl, which 10 Disneyland meals for $10 would you put on your must-eat list?

19 thoughts on “10 Disneyland Meals for $10

  • Tina1965

    We always split an order of pomme frites and a Monte Cristo sandwich..they are huge and very filling we can’t eat whole order on our own. The monte cristo is always cheaper at cafe orleans…more expensive at blue bayou….

  • Rachel

    While not an inexpensive option per person, the fried chicken meal at The Plaza Inn is our go-to. It’s about $17 but you get 3 large pieces of fried chicken and a large portion of mashed potatoes and green beans (which are equally delicious!) – my husband and I could easily share one. Or we will each get a plate and share with the kids since there’s plenty to go around – and the kids love it because it’s way better than bland food off the kid’s menu that they don’t eat half the time anyway. It’s a must-do whenever we’re in the park around lunch/dinner time. Plus it’s one of the few places that serves root beer in the park! Bonus!!

    • I am a big fan of the fried chicken from Plaza Inn too! It’s delicious and perfect to share with a child. Some adults make it work to share, too by ordering an extra biscuit. Great observation on the root beer, that’s important in our family too :)!

  • Richard

    Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port is the best lunch place.

    What we do but is above you $10 price with the new increases is get a slice of pizza for $7.49 and a Starfield of Greens (just ask for the side salad they know what you want) and your going to have a great and filling meal!

    I always get a slice of the Venus Vegetarian!

  • Julie

    There are also bread bowls available in New Orleans square. They serve either clam chowder or gumbo and cost about $10. We grabbed a couple of them on our last trio and ate them while waiting for fantastic. They were delicious and took off the evening chill.

  • […] Feeding the family inside Disneyland can be a big expense. Our family of 5 usually spends about $100 a day on food in the parks. We bring a few snacks and generally eat 2 meals in the park and lots of Disneyland treats. You can certainly plan accordingly and cut back on how much you spend on food in the park, especially if you pick items from our 10 Disneyland Meals for $10 post. […]

  • Shareesa

    There is also the massive burrito for about $10 at Rancho del Zocalo that includes rice and beans. That’s our go-to meal when we are starving. They also have the coldest water in the park for refilling water bottles and CamelBacks!

    • Hi Barb, I am glad you found this helpful! We have tons of Disneyland money saving advice, including our discount ticket link to save on your tickets (on the side bar). Feel free to send me an email if I can be of any help with your trip in July!

      • Kim Hutcheon

        We are heading to LA at xmas and we are going to Disneyland with “the masses” I assume. I was wondering if I purchase Disneyland tickets online is that cheaper then getting them at the park?

        • Hey Kim, you’ll have a fabulous time! Just pack lots of patience and a good attitude. It’s a beautiful sight to see Disneyland during the holidays. And to answer your question, it is absolutely cheaper to buy through my link than to buy through Disney in any way. You’ll pay more for the same exact tickets if you buy through Disney online, at the gate or through their mobile app. You can purchase through my link here: https://www.getawaytoday.com/?referrerid=7582 and you’ll save some money (which you’ll then spend at Disneyland anyways! lol!). Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help.

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