Budget Disneyland Food for $10

Budget Disneyland food for $10 or around there. It’s like the Fairy Godmother of food just arrived on Main Street, U.S.A. Eating at Disneyland is a treat in itself, but we know you don’t want to spend tons of hard-earned cash on dining in the parks.

It’s no secret, we love going to Disneyland. We get discount Disneyland tickets with my partners at Get Away Today and then we save big with food from this list.

Don’t let food take a huge chunk of your Disneyland budget—today we’re talking budget Disneyland food for about $10 so you can eat, play and have a magical trip even on a budget. 


Budget Disneyland food


Note that all dining locations listed are for quick service and no dining reservations are required. Download the Disneyland App now for even quicker ordering options once you arrive

Budget Disneyland Food in Adventureland

Bengal Barbecue: first stop for budget food at Disneyland is a favorite in Adventureland. While technically a snack shack, these meat and veggie skewers can be combined to make a great meal on the go.


Bengal Barbecue


What’s at or about $10:

  • one of many meat or shrimp skewers
  • Outback Vegetable skewer
  • Safari bacon wrapped asparagus skewer
  • Tigger Tail breadstick
  • hummus trio

See the full Bengal Barbecue menu here. Then hop in line for Indiana Jones while after your chow down.

Budget Disneyland Food in Critter Country

Come ready to eat! Once you’ve hit this backwoods area grab a seat in one of the many shaded areas and enjoy!

The Hungry Bear is a retreat before you venture off to a galaxy far, far away and a great stop to use the restroom before riding Rise of the Resistance (the ride is long!).


Critter Country


What’s at or about $10:

  • crispy chicken sandwich with fries
  • classic cheeseburger with fries
  • BBQ chicken salad
  • loaded fries (that’s a meal right?)

See full menu for The Hungry Bear Restaurant here and enjoy fabulous views of Rivers of America while you dine.

Budget Disneyland Food in Fantasyland

Fantasyland is often the most crowded spots in all of Disneyland, but if you time it right you can find lots of seating and places to relax and eat. 

Red Rose Tavern is a nod to Beauty and the Beast, so princess fans will adore this location. There’s more seating inside then you can see initially, so keep looking even if it’s busy. 


Red Rose Tavern Flatbread


What’s at or about $10:

  • various flatbreads
  • chopped salad with grilled chicken
  • beef poutine

See the full menu for Red Rose Tavern here and be sure to add some grey stuff to your order!

Budget Disneyland Food in Frontierland

Our family ends up eating here a lot. If it’s not Main Street, it’s usually Frontierland. Part of it has to do with grabbing those famous Disneyland corn dogs without the longer lines. But we also love relaxing inside the cool air of The Golden Horseshoe, no reservations needed.

The Golden Horseshoe has live entertainment tucked inside this unassuming dining location in Frontierland, along with several $10 meal options.


The Golden Horseshoe


What’s at or about $10:

  • chicken wings
  • fish and chips
  • chili cheese fries
  • chicken tenders
  • pepper jack chili Mac
  • pepper jack Mac
  • salad

See the full Golden Horseshoe menu here and take your food upstairs for a spot away from the crowds.

Stage Door Cafe is another gem in Frontierland, where you’ll find Disneyland’s famous corn dogs! Yes, these are the same corn dogs you can get at The Little Red wagon on Main Street.


Stage Door Cafe corn dog


What’s at or about $10:

  • chicken tenders with fries
  • corn dog with fries or apple slices
  • fish and chips
  • chicken slider for kids

See the full Stage Door Cafe Menu here and don’t forget to use mobile order at this location and many others via the Disneyland App. 

Budget Disneyland Food on Main Street

Main Street is full of delicious food, just take a few steps one way and then another and you’ll be satisfied in no time. I usually start my day here with my favorite breakfast but often return for lunch or dinner, sometimes both. 

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe is just what you’d expect from a quaint bakery on Main Street, U.S.A. This eatery gives a nod to our favorite nanny, Mary Poppins.


Jolly Holiday Combo


What’s at or about $10:

  • toasted cheese sandwich with tomato basil soup
  • oven roasted turkey on ciabatta sandwich with chips
  • caprese sandwich or on focaccia with chips
  • roast beef sandwich with chips
  • rueben sandwich with chips
  • Jolly Holiday salad
  • grilled veggie salad

See the full Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe menu here and use mobile ordering for quicker service. 

Refreshment Corner aka Coke Corner is a great spot to grab a quick meal and eat outside by the Ragtime piano player on Main Street. 


Award Wieners Disneyland


What’s at or about $10:

  • hot dog
  • chili cheese dog
  • Mac and cheese dog
  • seasonal offerings
  • bowl of chili

See the full Refreshment Corner menu here because sometimes a jalapeño cheese filled soft pretzel might do the trick for a snack or small meal. 

Budget Disneyland Food in Mickey’s Toontown

Mickey’s Toontown is full of cheap and quick bites. You won’t find anything fancy, but it will fill hungry tummies in a crunch with kid friendly food and American staples

Daisy’s Diner: tucked in the food court area of Mickey’s Toontown. Individual pizzas is enough to serve one person.


Daisy's Diner


What’s at or about $10:

  • cheese pizza
  • pepperoni pizza

See the full Daisy’s Diner menu here and eat while your kids explore the numerous photo ops in the cartoon themed land where Mickey and his pals call home.

Pluto’s Dog House is another that’s on my list of the best kid meals at Disneyland, but anyone can eat and enjoy a dog here. 


Pluto's Dog House


What’s at or about $10:

  • foot-long hot dog with apples or chips
  • premium hot dog with apples or chips
  • foot-long hot dog with bacon Mac n cheese on top and a side of apples or chips

See the full Pluto’s Dog House menu here if quick eats are what you need. Take it to go and explore this fun area of the park.

Budget Disneyland Food in Star Wars Land

There’s so much to eat in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that I’ve dedicated an entire article to it. However, no meals there are under $10. Most sit around the $15 mark. I guess it costs more to make food in the outer edge of the galaxy?


Ronto Roasters


Read all my favorite things to eat in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge here. 

Budget Disneyland Food in Tomorrowland

If you’re a thrill seeker, I bet you’ll be spending time in Tomorrowland. You’re gonna need some food to refuel after exploring.

Alien Pizza Planet has been called Pizza Planet by Disney/Pixar fans for years, but the name officially switched over from Redd Rockets Pizza to Alien Pizza Planet during Pixar Fest in 2018. 


Pizza Planet pasta


What’s at or about $10:

  • Chicken Fusilli (my favorite here and pictured above but now checks in at about $12; we usually split it)
  • pasta special
  • pizza by the slice
  • salads

See the full Alien Pizza Planet menu here including the price to oder an entire pizza for the whole group.

Galactic Grill is the main eatery in Tomorrowland; you can’t miss it. It still has a lot of Star Wars influence, even after the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland Park.


Photo Credit Disney Parks
Photo Credit Disney Parks


What’s at or about $10:

  • Cheeseburger and fries
  • Fried chicken sandwich with fries
  • Veggie wrap with side
  • Chicken tenders
  • Affordable kid meals

See the full Galactic Grill menu here if you need classic American fare for a decent price (note: prices are creeping up here so we’re closer to $12 on the burgers).

Budget Disneyland Food Extras

We went a little overboard since we listed so many dining locations and almost 50 meal options at Disneyland all for around $10. Let’s not forget our honorable mention, the famous Turkey leg coming in at just over $10 which you can get near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and near the castle.


Turkey Leg

Another notable spot is Troubadour Tavern is hidden in Fantasyland near Mickey and the Magical Map. I mention it here because it’s not always open. You’ll catch it before you cross into Toontown and near it’s a small world. For a quick bite here, you can get bacon and sour cream baked potato, broccoli and cheese baked potato or a bratwurst sausage for about $10.

Get the popular budget Disneyland meals in a handy printable option to bring with you to Disneyland Park.[purchase_link id=”6073″ style=”button” color=”gray” text=”Purchase”]

Menus at Disneyland change constantly! New things are added and seasonal items take over for a bit, but I hope this helps you have confidence in planning out how much you’ll spend on food during your Disneyland vacation. Let me know what budget Disneyland food you eat and how much you spent on food during your vacation below. 

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19 thoughts on “Budget Disneyland Food for $10

  • Tina1965

    We always split an order of pomme frites and a Monte Cristo sandwich..they are huge and very filling we can’t eat whole order on our own. The monte cristo is always cheaper at cafe orleans…more expensive at blue bayou….

  • Rachel

    While not an inexpensive option per person, the fried chicken meal at The Plaza Inn is our go-to. It’s about $17 but you get 3 large pieces of fried chicken and a large portion of mashed potatoes and green beans (which are equally delicious!) – my husband and I could easily share one. Or we will each get a plate and share with the kids since there’s plenty to go around – and the kids love it because it’s way better than bland food off the kid’s menu that they don’t eat half the time anyway. It’s a must-do whenever we’re in the park around lunch/dinner time. Plus it’s one of the few places that serves root beer in the park! Bonus!!

    • I am a big fan of the fried chicken from Plaza Inn too! It’s delicious and perfect to share with a child. Some adults make it work to share, too by ordering an extra biscuit. Great observation on the root beer, that’s important in our family too :)!

  • Richard

    Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port is the best lunch place.

    What we do but is above you $10 price with the new increases is get a slice of pizza for $7.49 and a Starfield of Greens (just ask for the side salad they know what you want) and your going to have a great and filling meal!

    I always get a slice of the Venus Vegetarian!

  • Julie

    There are also bread bowls available in New Orleans square. They serve either clam chowder or gumbo and cost about $10. We grabbed a couple of them on our last trio and ate them while waiting for fantastic. They were delicious and took off the evening chill.

  • […] Feeding the family inside Disneyland can be a big expense. Our family of 5 usually spends about $100 a day on food in the parks. We bring a few snacks and generally eat 2 meals in the park and lots of Disneyland treats. You can certainly plan accordingly and cut back on how much you spend on food in the park, especially if you pick items from our 10 Disneyland Meals for $10 post. […]

  • Shareesa

    There is also the massive burrito for about $10 at Rancho del Zocalo that includes rice and beans. That’s our go-to meal when we are starving. They also have the coldest water in the park for refilling water bottles and CamelBacks!

    • Hi Barb, I am glad you found this helpful! We have tons of Disneyland money saving advice, including our discount ticket link to save on your tickets (on the side bar). Feel free to send me an email if I can be of any help with your trip in July!

      • Kim Hutcheon

        We are heading to LA at xmas and we are going to Disneyland with “the masses” I assume. I was wondering if I purchase Disneyland tickets online is that cheaper then getting them at the park?

        • Hey Kim, you’ll have a fabulous time! Just pack lots of patience and a good attitude. It’s a beautiful sight to see Disneyland during the holidays. And to answer your question, it is absolutely cheaper to buy through my link than to buy through Disney in any way. You’ll pay more for the same exact tickets if you buy through Disney online, at the gate or through their mobile app. You can purchase through my link here: https://www.getawaytoday.com/?referrerid=7582 and you’ll save some money (which you’ll then spend at Disneyland anyways! lol!). Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help.

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