Café Orleans Disneyland Dining

You probably walked by Café Orleans many times near Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion. The inviting outdoor ambiance is enough to turn heads, but the meals served here is what really keeps this place packed.

The dining area indoors is a very small, I suggest eating outside when the temperatures permit. I’ve dined inside twice in the seating arrangement is just awkward and uncomfortable.


Cafe Orleans Disneyland Dining


Café Orleans Quick Info

Are you here for the Monte Cristo? Everyone raves how totally delicious they are but I am going to tell you right here, they aren’t my thing. However, there’s plenty of other things on the menu at Cafe Orleans ensuring everyone will want to eat at Disneyland Resort’s Cafe Orleans.


Cafe Orleans


First, a few important details on Cafe Orleans:


Cafe Orleans Soup


When you arrive at your reservation you can let the host know if you prefer indoor or outdoor seating. I recommend dining outdoors at this location.

Cafe Orleans Disneyland Menu

We’ve talked about the Monte Cristo, but there’s much more to dine on here including a cheese only Monte Cristo your kids might really enjoy. 

The menu may change seasonally, but this gives you a decent idea of what to expect when you arrive.


Cheese Monte Cristo


I’ve also taken a snap shot of the allergy menu if you need gluten-free or other options at Disneyland, Cafe Orleans is a great choice. 


Cafe Orleans Allergy Menu


The kids menu has your standard flair, including some of these Disneyland kids favorites. My kids usually get the cheese Monte Cristo and split it between 2 of them.


Cafe Orleans Kid Meal



And of course, you’ll need to order some of their famous Parmesan-Garlic Pommes Frites and Cajun-spiced Remoulade to go with whatever you order at Cafe Orleans!


Pommes Frites

Cafe Orleans Best Drinks

While alcohol has been introduced to two locations inside Disneyland Park at Oga’s Cantina and Blue Bayou, Cafe Orleans remains dry.


Mint Julep


For now, you can get your standard fountain drinks or the famous non-alcoholic Mint Julep, pictured above.

Complete Disneyland Dining Guide

Disneyland Resort is full of foodie finds. You don’t always need a reservation to eat the best food. I prefer to have one sit down reservation each day during my trips but there’s so much to eat and taste, don’t worry if you can’t snag one. 


Cafe Orleans appetizer

If you’re looking for more places to eat, snack or indulge your sweet tooth be sure to check out my entire Disneyland Foodie Section here

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Is Cafe Orleans on your must-eat Disneyland list? I want to hear from you. 

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