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Want to get into Disneyland 1 hour early— this is all about Disneyland Magic Morning and Extra Magic Hour at the Disneyland Resort.Magic Morning Disneyland

The Disneyland Resort has two early admission options and the two sound so identical that most people confuse them. No need to worry, we’ve done all the Magic Morning research so you don’t have to.

Let’s start by defining the two early admission options.

Magic Morning at Disneyland Park

If you are a guest of any of the Disneyland Resort Hotels, this DOES NOT apply to you . . . well it sorta does, but that’s where it gets confusing (see Extra Magic Hour info below).




Magic Morning is an early admission option offered ONLY at Disneyland Park, NOT California Adventure. If you’re a guest of Disneyland Resort Hotels, you get access to this same time period, only for you it’s called Extra Magic Hour and some things are different. Hang in there and keep reading.

Quick details on Disneyland Magic Morning

  • Offered at Disneyland Park is offered on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and select days throughout the year, so check the calendar before your visit. 
  • Begins one hour before the official park opening.


Dumbo the Flying Elephant


Who gets access to Magic Morning?

  • Guests with a discount 3 day+ ticket purchased with our friends at Get Away Today get access to Magic Morning at Disneyland Park.
  • 3 day pass or longer receive ONE Magic Morning early admission during your entire visit.
  • This is not a bonus offered only on certain tickets— when you buy a 3 day ticket or longer in advance, your 3 day+ ticket automatically comes with a Magic Morning at Disneyland Park.
  • Magic Morning access is indicated on the back of your advanced purchased 3 day+ park ticket, good for one Magic Morning use.

fantayland tea cups


What’s open during Magic Morning?

Extra Magic Hour at Disneyland Resort

If you are a guest of any of the Disneyland Resort Hotels, this applies to you. If you are staying off-site, you do not have access to Extra Magic Hour.


Disneyland Hotel room


Quick details on Extra Magic Hour

  • Extra Magic Hour is an early admission option offered at Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park. 
  • Extra Magic Hour is hosted at California Adventure on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and select days throughout the year, so check the calendar before your visit. 
  • Extra Magic Hour is hosted at Disneyland on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and select days throughout the year, so check the calendar before your visit. 




  • Yes, Extra Magic Hour and Magic Mornings at Disneyland Park are essentially the same thing and occur during the same time. It is not a separate event.
  • Extra Magic Hour begins one hour before the official park opening.

Who gets access to Extra Magic Hour?

  • Guests staying at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier Hotel
  • This is not a bonus offered only on certain tickets—any ticket will work, you just need to be a guest of one of the Disney-owned hotels. 
  • Extra Magic Hour access is granted with valid theme park admission and a current hotel room key (they are marked with valid dates).




To get access to Extra Magic Hour,  you can get discount Disneyland tickets with our partner here and book your stay with promo code DisneylandPlan for even more savings at a Disneyland hotel here.

Magic Morning at Disneyland Resort Q&A

Still have questions about Magic Morning and Extra Magic Hour? There’s lot to learn so I’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions here. 


Extra Magic Hour


Can I use my Magic Morning for California Adventure?

Unfortunately, no. Magic Morning is only for one time use at Disneyland Park on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

What time is early entry at Disneyland?

Early admission begins one hour before regular park opening. Check the Disneyland app for official park hours.

What rides are open Magic Morning?

Attractions offered during early admission can change at any time, but typically you’ll find Fantasyland and Tomorrowland open at Disneyland during Magic Morning. At California Adventure’s Extra Magic Hour, it is usually Guardians of the Galaxy, Soarin’, Incredicoaster, Toy Story Midway Mania, Radiator Springs Racers, Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree and sometimes other smaller rides are thrown into the mix. 

Can I use Disney MaxPass or FASTPASS during Magic Morning? 

You can select FASTPASSES to use later via Disney MaxPass only, but they won’t be eligible to redeem until regular opening hours. This even works if you have Magic Morning at Disneyland and want to get a FASTPASS for Radiator Springs Racers at California Adventure. 


Radiator Springs Racers

What days does California Adventure have Extra Magic Hour?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

What days does Disneyland open for Magic Morning? 

Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.


Disneyland Magic Morning

How can I get early entry to California Adventure?

To get Extra Magic Hour at California Adventure you must be a registered guest at one of the Disneyland Resort Hotels.

How can I get Magic Morning at Disneyland?

You must either be a registered guest at one of the Disneyland Resort Hotels or have a valid 3 day+ ticket to Disneyland Park.

Can I use my Magic Morning on every day of my trip?

No, you can only use it one time per ticket on either Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

Can I use my Extra Magic Hour access on every day of my trip?

Yes, with a valid theme park admission and being a registered guest at one of the Disneyland Resort Hotels allows you this access.

There’s certainly lots of information to keep straight, if we’ve missed something or if you have a question please let us know and we’ll address it in the comments and with updates to this post.

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12 thoughts on “Disneyland Resort Magic Morning

  • Kelly S. Boland

    We have purchased 3 day military hopper passes. We are arriving Sunday Dec. 10th. We were wanting to participate in a Magic Morning Breakfast. Having a hard time clarifying how to get this done. Any help you may give would be appreciated.


    • Hi Kelly, you can make reservations online at Disneyland.com. If your reservation is during Magic Morning, there is usually a special line at the gates for those waiting to dine. Let me know if you need any other help planning, but I would snag those reservations ASAP. 🙂

  • Danielle

    During the holidays, as it is very busy, I am told usually both parks open an hour early every day. If that is the case, can you use a Magic Morning day on Wednesday in Disneyland (as the park is technically open early that morning)?

    • Hi Danielle. Regular park hours during the holidays are quite extensive. Usually the park will open at 8:00 am and close at midnight. That means Magic Morning begins at 7:00 am on the designated days (currently Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). In short Magic Morning is the hour before regular park opening. Does that make sense? Let me know if you need any other assistance during your trip. You might also find this article on the Holidays at Disneyland to be of some help.

  • Jan

    Hi there
    Thanks for the detailed sharing. Can I get extra magic hour if I just buy one day ticket and stay at the Disney hotel? Is there any separate registration required other than belonging the key card with you for the whole family’s entry? Appreciate your advice.

      • Jerry

        Will each registered guest receive a key card or is one hotel key card good for everyone? The reason I ask is because, my brother is visiting the park for one day, but he is not staying in the hotel. Will he be able to get in with me?

        • Hi Jerry, thanks for your question. When you enter the turnstile, simply show one room key for your party to enter. I haven’t heard of anyone having problems bringing in their entire group but of course it’s at Disney’s discretion to check guest counts upon entry but I do think it makes things move slower and more complicated for them. Of course, if there is a slip up your brother can grab some breakfast at nearby La Brea Bakery and meet up with you soon after!

    • So glad I could help clarify some of the madness that is Magic Morning and Extra Magic Hour. I love Magic Mornings and enjoy using that hour and then having breakfast in the park as the general public arrives. Enjoy your visit!

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