4 Ways to Enjoy Disneyland’s Fantasmic!

Disneyland Fantasmic! is back after Rivers of America were drained and re-routed, in part to make way for the new Star Wars Land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Fantasmic re-debuted on Disneyland’s birthday July 17 to massive crowds from the D23 Expo and summer break.

Disneyland Fantasmic, Fantasmic map, Fantasmic FASTPASS

Amazing updates to this classic has made it more spectacular than ever. Here’s 4 ways to enjoy Disneyland Fantasmic! including information on seating, dining and viewing tips.

Mickey Mouse slays the dragon in Disneyland's Fantasmic
(Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)

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1. Disneyland Fantasmic! Dining Packages

If you opt for a dining package, your reserved space will have a view similar to this, only at night time:

Fantasmic reserved space along Rivers of America

Just like Paint the Night, Main Street Electrical Parade and World of Color, you can get reserved seating with a Fantasmic! dining package. A sit down meal is a great way to relax and enjoy your day at Disneyland. While these are at premium pricing, it secures your space front and center along the Rivers of America.

Fantasmic! Dessert

Reservations are required and can be made up to 60 days in advance for these options:

Disneyland Fantasmic! Blue Bayou Dining

Pirates of the Caribbean view from Blue Bayou

  • $65 per adult, $25 per child (up to age 9)
  • Reservations for this package begin at 4:00 pm
  • 3 course prix fix meal, complete menu items listed here
  • Reserved viewing area for is located at Rivers of America

Disneyland Fantasmic! River Belle Terrace Dining

Disneyland River Belle Terrace

Your seats for 8:00 pm dining will be here, along this elevated area with views of Rivers of America like this:

River Belle Terrace views of Fantasmic!

Since you’re sitting up higher, you’ll be able to see over the standing-room only viewers below. Remember, this is for upgrade 8:00 pm dining only. Everyone else will stand in the reserved area front and center. 

  • $45 per adult, $25 per child (up to age 9)
  • Reservations for this package begin at 4:00 pm
  • 3 course prix fix meal; River Belle Fantasmic menu
  • Reserved viewing area located at the center section of Rivers of America.
  • Premium upgrade available for 8:00 pm and an extra $15 per person, you can stay at your seat on an elevated terrace and watch Fantasmic! from there. You’ll be a bit set back, but it’s one of the only options with an actual chair to sit down and enjoy the show without being packed in with wall-to-wall people.

A real review from one of our readers . . . 

We originally booked a normal evening dinner reservation, unaware of the premium upgrade. I then upgraded our seats probably 2 weeks before our reservation, and apparently the earlier you make the reservation the closer to the railing and the better the view. . . . I do have to say though that I just don’t feel like you get enough food for the money you pay. I know you’re paying for the seats and the view, but it’s just so expensive and even the kids meals were pretty small in portion size. They also ran out of dessert options for the kids, though they did offer ice cream as an alternative. And it helped that we had friendly people around us because our view wasn’t the best, so my kids ended up sitting in between a few tables to watch the show. . . . I talked to a few cast members after the meal, and apparently on weekends they offer premium seating for the first show but the restaurant is closed for the second show. The seating area, however, is still open for the second show of Fantasmic and you don’t need to have a reservation or anything to sit there. The advice I got was to look for the cast members in blue shirts and ask very nicely.”

Thank you Serenity F. for that valuable piece of information!

Disneyland Fantasmic! Cafe Orleans Dining

–This option is no longer available–

Cafe Orleans fills in while River Belle Terrace is under refurbishment. You can make reservations beginning on August 15th for select nights in September, October and November (60 days in advance, subject to Fantasmic schedule).

  • $45 per adult, $25 per child (up to age 9)
  • Reservations for this package begin at 11:30am-7:30pm
  • 3 course prix fix meal; River Belle Fantasmic menu
  • Reserved viewing area located at the center section of Rivers of America.

Disneyland Fantasmic! Hungry Bear Restaurant Dining

Hungry Bear
Hungry Bear
  • $29.99 per adult, $19.99 per child (up to age 9)
  • Hungry Bear Fantasmic menu items here
  • Reservations for this package begin at 3:00 pm
  • Not a table service, pick up your meal and eat there or anywhere in the park
  • Reserved viewing area located along the Rivers of America

2. Disneyland Fantasmic! FASTPASS

As of this update April 2019, you can get a FASTPASS ticket for World of Color and Fantasmic via MaxPass. They are still free and will not count against your rides. You can also pick them up at the kiosk if you do not have MaxPass.


No need to have dining reservations to enjoy Fantasmic! A disconnected FASTPASS will secure you a seating area for this nighttime show. Pick up FASTPASSES near Big Thunder Trail, where Mark Twain River Boat docks. FASTPASSES are distributed first come, first serve for the first show of the night, until capacity is met, then later shows will be distributed.

Fantasmic FASTPASS

HOLD on to those tickets! You will need to show those as you enter the viewing area. Unlike other FASPTASS tickets, these are not tied to your park ticket in the same way. Disney MaxPass users will not be able to get Fantasmic FASTPASSES on the app, you must go the distribution area to obtain your FASPTASS.

3. Disneyland Fantasmic! Prep

Waiting along the Rivers of America for Fantasmic! can be tough among a large crowd. Be part of the show with (and keep an eye on your kids) with light up necklaces and glow in the dark gear.

While the show is standing room only (you can sit on the terraced area, but no guarantee you can see clearly), I suggest a light-weight and compact sarong. I am seriously in love with mine. I bring it every time to Disneyland. It folds up really small and is a perfect place to sit while you wait. This Minnie-inspired dot one is perfect for a trip to Disneyland and then to the beach after your day at the parks. 

4. Disneyland Fantasmic! Online

Yup, it’s what we’ve resorted to with kids. The crowds (and late night viewing options) proved to be too much for my little ones. The general viewing area gave us a view like this:

Disneyland Fantasmic view

Sure you’ll see the floats and the projections, but for little kids who need to be hoisted above the adults, you’re just asking for a Disneyland meltdown. If you’re not able to do premium dining and have kids with you, I suggest letting them watch the show online first, then bring them to the live version so they at least know what’s going on and won’t feel like they’re missing it in person.

What are your tips for enjoying Disneyland Fantasmic!, we’d love to hear about it!

8 thoughts on “4 Ways to Enjoy Disneyland’s Fantasmic!

  • Andi

    Hello! I want to purchase the Hungry Bear dining package for Fantasmic in June. Is the preferred area that you get worth it the cost? Can you buy the package, eat when you want and just return at the designated time?

    • The preferred area is center, along Rivers of America. I feel it’s definitely worth the cost because you get a meal and less stress trying to get a decent view, since it’s already included in your meal cost. When you make a dining reservation, you select a time that’s available to pick up your food. You can eat it at Hungry Bear or save it and carry with you to eat somewhere else. You do not dine at the same time or place as Fantasmic itself. Hope that helps!

  • Keala Storm

    Planning a 1st time Disneyland trip for my family, from Hawaii, 2 adults and 3 kids (13, 10, 8), and want to plan for the Fantasmic show as best as possible on a budget. How can we get right up at the railing for the show, after which dining option, what time, and weekday or weekend night better? Gosh sitting for 1-1.5 hours before the show, guess we should bring a beach towel to sit on, something to do? other tips? This may be a one time trip for us, so want to make it count. Thanks!

    • Aloha Keala, your kids are older so I suggest doing the second Fantasmic show of the night, if there are 2 shows running while you’re there. Less people come to the second show, so your chances of getting front seating is better. You can do this the free way with a FASTPASS, but you’ll need to keep an eye on FP distribution to make sure you get FP for the 2nd show. Then be ready to arrive back an hour before the show to claim front row seats. Another option of course is to get the Hungry Bear dining package and arrive about 20 minutes before the stated return time says on your reserved seat. You could also get the Hungry Bear dining package and simply show up 30 minutes before, you’ll still be in front but just a few rows back. Sounds like a fabulous vacation! I hope you have a great time. Let me know if you need help with park tickets or hotels, always happy to give tips.

  • Steffanie

    So if I make my reservations for River Belle 60 days in advance sounds like I would have a better chance at a “good” seat. Is it still a good viewing area or should we just do Blue Bayou? I actually think my kids will do better being a little further away so the villain scenes don’t scare them as much. Thoughts?

    • Yes, Steffanie that is the idea. And I think your idea is perfect to be set back a bit so your kids aren’t too scared. The Fantasmic! schedule does change throughout the year, some times it runs every day and some times it’s only on weekend nights. If you don’t see availability for your date be sure to call Disneyland dining and they can verify if it’s running that night or not.

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