Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures

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Princess character dining is back at Disneyland Resort with the all new Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures hosted at Napa Rose inside Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. Disneyland Princess Breakfast, new in 2019 at Disneyland Resort. Prices, menu and which Disney princesses you'll meet. #DisneylandPrincess #DisneyPrincess #DisneylandFood

Disneyland Resort character dining changes in a big way for this Princess breakfast. Gone are the days when you could dine with Disney Princesses at Ariel’s Grotto for around $60. Ariel’s Grotto is now the new Lamplight Lounge at Pixar Pier. And since then, we’ve been awaiting a new Princess dining location. I was hoping for a Princess Afternoon Tea at the Disneyland Hotel, but Disney finally released the details in January 2019 and they have everyone shocked. Keep reading for more details. royal street disneyland

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Cost

What’s the buzz? It’s the price point that’s making waves. It is expensive. There’s no other way around it. It’s more than double most Disneyland character dining meals and even more costly than certain 1-day Disneyland theme park tickets. So while I can’t say exactly why they priced it this way, I can say that this is an add-on experience. A true upgrade that sadly, not everyone will be able to afford.

How much is Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures? Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures is $125 per person, ages 3 and up, plus tax and gratuity (read about tipping at Disneyland Resort here). Reservations are available Thursday through Monday between 8:00 am and noon.

This breakfast offers more than the traditional character breakfast flare including:

  • 3 course meal with wait staff, unlike the buffet service at all the other character meals where you serve yourself
  • Activities and games 
  • Story time “inspired by confident, kind and courageous Disney Princesses who dream big and celebrate who they are.” -Disneyland Resort
  • Sparkling beverages upon arrival, including champagne for adults
  • Farewell photo opportunity (we’re still gathering details on the price point for photos and if Disney MaxPass works for this photo location)
  • Departing gift of “special treasures” includes your choice of charm necklace or sword and shield, truffles and autograph book you receive when checking in. 

If cost is a huge deciding factor, I suggest looking into some of the other more affordable character meals like Minnie & Friends at Plaza Inn or Donald Duck’s Seaside Breakfast. To further save, you might even be able to add an extra day to your vacation and dedicate that day to in-park character meet and greets.


You can meet and see Disney Princesses at several locations throughout Disneyland Resort, even if you do not attend a character meal.

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Location

belle beauty and the beast

Where is Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures located? Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures character dining is located at Napa Rose inside the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. You can park on-site at the hotel and will receive a 5 hour validation. If you are walking from a nearby hotel or from the parks, just walk through Downtown Disney or exit California Adventure Park right into the hotel to get to your character dining reservation.

You will need a dining reservation but you WILL NOT need theme park admission to attend this meal. You don’t even need to be a hotel guest to eat here. Reservations are available Thursday through Monday between 8:00 am and noon.

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Characterstangled disneyland

If this dining experience is like any of the others at Disneyland Resort, I expect nothing less than a truly exceptional  experience which simply can’t be matched by quick meet-ups inside the parks.

Disney Princess meet and greets with the following princesses (up to eight during one visit)

  • Aurora, Sleeping Beauty
  • Belle, Beauty and the Beast
  • Tiana, Princess and the Frog
  • Ariel, The Little Mermaid
  • Jasmine, Aladdin
  • Mulan, Mulan
  • Pocahontas, Pocahontas
  • Rapunzel, Tangled

In addition to one on one time, Disneyland Resort notes, “Princesses will share the moments they felt empowered to be their true selves. Mulan may encourage children to strike a pose to discover their own inner warrior, while Rapunzel may share how she felt when she found the courage to explore the world outside her tower, showing little ones how to spin joyfully and shout, “Best day ever!” Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures will encourage youngsters to discover their own strengths and talents, and start each morning with a “can-do” attitude to never stop believing that anything is possible.”

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Foodrapunzels tower

Another thing that’s certainly getting people talking is the food. It’s not your typical breakfast ensemble and some might find this menu unappealing early in the day. It’s unclear if traditional breakfast food will also be available.

Royal Beginnings. All guests begin their dining experience with pastries and fruit including Sunrise Citrus and Vanilla Bun with Raspberry Glaze, Assorted Fruit Slices and Berries and an Egg Custard Served in its Shell with Parmesan Crisp and Ketchup Caviar.

Main Event. Children choose from a selection of items like Mac & Cheese, Mini Chicken & Princess Waffles and Beef Sliders. Adult dishes include Shepherd’s Pie, Slow Braised Short Ribs and Pork Belly.

On the Side. A variety of side dishes like Roasted Seasonal Root Vegetables & Heirloom Potatoes, Artisan Breakfast Sausage, Bangers and more to compliment your meal.

Desserts for the Kingdom. Served family style, choose from Chocolate Princess Cake Pops, White Chocolate Slipper with Strawberry Ganache, Petite Fruit Tarts and more.

What do you think of this un-traditional menu or the price? My quick poll on Instagram stories had this result, with 92% of people saying the cost was too high. Let’s talk more about the Disney Princess character meal on my Facebook page.Princess dining poll

New details from opening days and the media preview of the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures here.

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