Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures

Dine with Disney Princesses galore during character dining at Napa Rose, inside Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. Here’s everything you need to know about Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures an all-you-care-to-enjoy spread of all your favorites for breakfast, along with appetizers and desserts served at your table.

I’ve been and I love it. See if this Princess Breakfast is right for you and learn what to expect from my dining review. My most recent Princess Breakfast character dining was when it first opened, although the experience has remained very consistent since then.

Disneyland Princess Breakfast
Disneyland Princess Breakfast

Princess Breakfast Quick Details

Here are the quick details you need to know about this and other Disneyland character meals.


  • Breakfast with Disney Princesses is offered Thursday – Monday 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM inside Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.
  • Breakfast price is $125 for everyone ages 3 and up. Price last verified June 2023.
  • Children under 3 are free with a paying adult, but must be included in the reservation.
  • Princesses wears their traditional gowns during this breakfast.
  • Make your Disneyland Princess Breakfast dining reservation here. My ideal dining time is on any non-park day or the morning of your departure day at around 9:30 or 10:00 AM. There’s nothing wrong with any of the time slots, so truly do what works best with your sleep schedule.

Disneyland Character Dining

There are currently a total of 4 character dining experiences available at Disneyland Resort which include:

  1. Minnie & Friends – Breakfast in the Park hosted at Plaza Inn at Disneyland Park 
  2. Mickey’s Tales of Adventure Breakfast or Brunch Buffet hosted at Storytellers Cafe at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa

  3. Goofy’s Kitchen Breakfast or Dinner hosted at Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel
  4. Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures hosted at Napa Rose at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa which we are reviewing here


Disneyland princess breakfast


I’ve tried each one of the Disneyland character dining experiences these several times over! Having a meal or breakfast with Disney characters is often a highlight of many guests’ visits to Disneyland Resort. Keep reading for further details on what to expect at your breakfast with Disney Princesses.

Disney Princess Breakfast Location

You can enjoy breakfast alongside your favorite Disney Princesses inside Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. Since this character breakfast or dinner is outside the theme parks you will need:

You will NOT need:


Princess breakfast napa rose grand

Where is the Princess Breakfast at Disneyland?

Princess character dining is as elegant as ever at Disneyland Resort. Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures is hosted at Napa Rose inside Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

Where is Napa Rose at Disneyland?

Napa Rose is located at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. You can park on-site at the hotel with validation or walk through Downtown Disney to enter the Grand and get to your character dining reservation.

Need to Uber to the Grand Californian? Not a problem, Cast Members will greet you as you pull up to the Grand Californian. Just tell them you’re dining at Napa Rose for the princess breakfast and they’ll direct your driver to the front entry. 

There are plenty of indoor tables to dine and part of the experience will be at an outdoor covered patio. When you check in for your character dining experience a Cast Member will direct you to your table, but preferences are often accommodated. 

Character Dining Price

The price to dine with Disney Princesses includes a 3 course meal of starters, an all-you-care-to-enjoy spread of all your morning favorites and a dessert final course.

During breakfast there’s also an assortment of waffles, French toast sticks, meats, chicken fingers, Mac and cheese, salads, cold cuts and more! 

The price also includes a farewell visit with Princess Ariel (rotations are possible) and free photo downloads from a Disney PhotoPass photographer. This meet and greet happens as you exit, so don’t skip it! 

This Disneyland Resort character dining is an elevated Princess adventure. It’s not just breakfast, it’s a full on experience lasting about 2 hours or more. 


Princess dining place setting

How much is Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures?

The Princess Breakfast is the only princess dining option available at the Resort. It is the same price for children and adults, ages 3 and up at $125 per person plus tax and tip which are included on the receipt but additional to this price. Price last verified June 2023.

When this dining option was first announced in 2019 the price point was certainly a shocker. It is expensive. There’s no other way around it. It’s more than double other Disneyland character meals and even more costly than certain 1-day Disneyland theme park tickets.


Ariel Princess breakfast


While all that is true and a smart comparison to make, it is important to keep in mind that this is an add-on experience. Disneyland Resort Princess breakfast is a premium upgrade to your vacation. It is not for everyone and the price point can be a major factor.

But let me tell you, I have had so many incredible experiences character dining at Disneyland Resort, that I have gone multiple times on my own dime. 

It is that coveted one-on-one time with Disney characters I enjoy the most— otherwise you would just dine anywhere at the Disneyland Resort.


Princess dining table


Is the Princess Breakfast worth it?

After experiencing Princess dining for myself, I continuously turned it over in my mind if it was priced appropriately. Ultimately my opinion is yes, it worth the price point. Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures is a fabulous concept with high expectations. My expectations were met and then some. Keep reading to see how I came to this conclusion.

I recommend Princess Breakfast Adventures for . . . a special mommy and child date, a birthday celebration, to kick off or conclude a Disneyland vacation, a special family meal on rest days, a grown-up girls brunch or even a multi-generational meal with grandma, mom and child.


Belle and friends


In the dining room with me that day, I saw every one of these occasions play out, including my girls-day-out brunch with Leslie from Trips with Tykes.

I watched in adoration when little boys and girls giggled with delight as princesses engaged them in conversation. I saw fathers bringing their children to enjoy and meal and talk sports with their server, I saw a grandmother indulging her daughter and granddaughter over a meal they will remember forever and I saw families making magical memories. 

Princess Breakfast Dining Characters

Since you’re here to meet all the Disney Princesses possible, we list out the possible Disney characters you might see at Napa Rose. While the line-up can and does change, here is who I have seen:

  • Rapunzel, Tangled
  • Tiana, Princess and the Frog
  • Aurora, Sleeping Beauty
  • Belle, Beauty and the Beast
  • Ariel, The Little Mermaid
  • Jasmine, Aladdin
  • Mulan, Mulan

This dining experience is unlike any of the others at Disneyland Resort. It is a truly exceptional  experience which simply can’t be matched by quick character meet-ups inside the parks.

How Much Time to Set Aside

Set aside at least 2 hours for this experience, but you’re welcome to stay longer.

During my dining experience, we waited about 8 minutes to check in for our 8:30 am reservation. There were about 4 parties ahead of us in line. While waiting I was enjoying the princess music playing in the lounge area of Napa Rose, when I noticed it was live music! I am a sucker for live music, especially when the musician plays some of my favorite Disney Princess movies like Moana, Tangled, Frozen and more.  


Music Napa Rose


Disneyland Princess meet and greets with up to eight Disney Princesses during one visit. Want to increase your chances of meeting the most Disney princesses? I discussed at length with my server about the best time to dine. She suggested that earlier in the day is better, and weekends tend to be less busy than weekdays. It’s another Disneyland Resort experience where it truly pays to arrive early (another is rope drop, don’t miss it!)


Sleeping Beauty princess breakfast


We found the dining room wasn’t too crowded and princess after princess arrived at our table, before we even had a chance to visit the buffet. I prefer the quick succession of meet and greets. We met mostly all the princesses before food cluttered the table and we were not worried about leaving our table and missing our favorite princess. 

Those who dine later in the morning will see more scattered visits by princesses, but should still meet each one visiting Napa Rose during their breakfast. 

Our Disney Princess Interactions

Rapunzel was the first Disney Princess we met in the lounge at Napa Rose after checking in. While we waited for our table, sipped drinks and enjoyed the ambient music, we watched delighted little ones take photos and chat with the star of Tangled.


Princess breakfast Rapunzel


Choose any table you’d like in the lounge and be sure to pick up your Champagne from the host as you check in for those in the 21+ category. 


disneyland champagne


A few tables had Tangled inspired tic-tac-toe set up for kids to play while they waited for Rapunzel to come greet them. If you recall, I put a poll up on my Facebook page asking if you wanted a review on the princess dining, even though I wouldn’t be bringing my girls during this visit. The response was a big YES! And I am so glad you all encouraged me to test it out. 


princess breakfast games


I am glad I attended with another adult because it also allowed me to observe other families and see how they reacted to this premium dining event. I saw little boys and girls smiling from ear to ear as Rapunzel came by and took photos in front of the fireplace at Napa Rose. I wondered if the princesses would still want to hang out with me and my friend Leslie, but they showed absolutely no hesitation. 

Rapunzel came by and we chatted about how she was able to make it here so early and even get her hair done on time. She was smart, witty and fun—just like the Rapunzel we know from Tangled. 

After being seated in the main dining room, we noticed Tiana first. Her gown is stunning and calls attention from everyone in the kingdom. As she visited other guests, we met with our waitress and discussed drink options before our first course came to our table.

Princess Tiana stopped by and we talked southern food and of course beignets! If you’re ever in New Orleans Square you can order them at Mint Julep Bar where they’re shaped like Mickey Mouse. You can also get beignets to go at Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. Not that you’ll be able to eat any after this extensive meal, but Tiana was lovely to meet. 

When we met with Sleeping Beauty herself, we couldn’t help but talk about the vibrant colors on Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Park. We laughed and chatted like old friends and bonded over our blonde-haired sisterhood. Now if I could only get that kinda volume and waves in my hair, I’d be princess material in no time!


Princess Disneyland


Belle is dressed in her provincial attire, which really just makes me want to shout/sing “Good Morning, Belle!” every time she walked by. Belle was also the star of this breakfast, in my opinion. Not only did she meet with guests in the dining room, she also gathers the children outside after their meal for story time.


Belle Story Time Disneyland


I am not sure if the princesses rotate story time, but this was a sight to behold and something parents will never forget. Imagine Belle, a real life princess, gathering your kids at her feet for story time. She shares a story that happened to her, so it’s not read from a book but told from her memory. Kids join in and fill in important details where they can like the names of friends Belle met in the castle. 

We met Belle both indoors and outside for story time, where there are heat lamps if it’s chilly and also a table set up with coffee and hot cocoa.


princess breakfast coffee


The outdoor area has plenty of seating in a beautiful woodsy setting. You will be escorted out to story time after your meal is complete. The time you spend here is up to you and your little royalty. Typically, you join in on story time and then have two more princess meet and greets. 

Back indoors, we met with Jasmine who was very popular since her the release of her new film, Disney’s live action Aladdin.


Princess Jasmine breakfast


Jasmine mentioned missing rajah and I told her I heard there were some cats around this area that he might enjoy hanging out with. We talked like old friends about magic carpet rides and what it would be like if rajah could join us for breakfast in Napa Rose. 

Mulan is a rare princess to spot at Disneyland Resort. But if you’re visiting during Lunar New Year, Mulan makes multiple appearances and is even the star of Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession.


mulan princess breakfast


You will meet Mulan outdoors after story time for warrior poses, meet and greets and autographs. Mulan did not roam indoors during my visit. 

Ariel was the last princess I met during my princess character meal. You will meet her on your way out, after dining and all outdoor activities. This is also the exclusive photo opportunity set up in a private meeting space just off the patio area at Napa Rose.


ariel photopass


The photographer will give you a unique Princess Breakfast Adventures PhotoPass card to download your images. No further purchase is necessary as this is included in your adult package. Don’t forget to link your photos in the Disneyland App, then select edit to see the decorative boarders you can add to your image (note: reports from readers say boarders are only available on iPhones, let us know if you have an android and have been able to add boarders). 

Pocahontas was one princess seen during early media previews. Meeting every princess is not guaranteed, and Pocahontas did not make an appearance during our visit. When you sit down in the dining area, be sure to ask your server which princesses you might meet during your visit so you can be sure to meet them all. 

I have run into Pocahontas just around the river bend, near the petrified tree overlooking Rivers of America so be on the look out for her in the park if she’s your favorite. 

In addition to one on one time, Disneyland Resort notes, “Princesses will share the moments they felt empowered to be their true selves. Mulan may encourage children to strike a pose to discover their own inner warrior, while Rapunzel may share how she felt when she found the courage to explore the world outside her tower, showing little ones how to spin joyfully and shout, “Best day ever!” Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures will encourage youngsters to discover their own strengths and talents, and start each morning with a “can-do” attitude to never stop believing that anything is possible.”

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Menu

Another thing that’s certainly getting people talking is the food. While originally the menu had some interesting selections for kids like sliders and Shepherd’s pie, it offers those dishes and a complete variety and breakfast and brunch cuisine. 

Royal Morning Libations. The perfect compliment to brunch is found here—a full menu of mimosas, bloody Marys and other bubbly drinks to start your day. The non-alcoholic selection is also quite extensive for our princesses and princes in attendance. 


princess drinks


I ordered Finding My Way Home which came with the ever-popular light up ice cube. My kids love keeping the light up ice cubes and using them again and again at home.


Princess breakfast drinks


Royal Beginnings. All guests begin their dining experience with pastries worth diving into including Sunrise Citrus and Vanilla Bun with raspberry glaze, assorted fresh fruit and berries are available in abundance at the buffet to compliment your pastries. 


Princess dining table


Guests will receive a 3-tier tower with a gorgeous variety of bite sized offerings such as:

  • chia and granola parfait with mango, kiwi and coconut

chia parfait


  • banana wrap with berry compote
  • lobster salad crostini with a dinglehopper (or mini hot dog for kids upon request)


ham cheese princess breakfast

  • open face ham and cheese sandwich with cranberry cream cheese

princess breakfast disneyland

Main Event. The full buffet offers guest a selection of items like Mac & Cheese (both with and without bread crumbs!), Mini Chicken & Mickey Waffles and Beef Sliders. Single servings make this buffet easier to grab for little hands so parents and kids can fill their own plates. 


breakfast mac and cheese


Other dishes include Scrambled Eggs, Artisan Turkey Sausages, Roasted Tomato and Asparagus, Lemon Olive Oil and Herbs, Fresh Mint Papas Bravas & Romesco Sauce and either Roasted Nueske Pork Belly or Braised Short Ribs.

On the Side. A variety of side dishes like Roasted Seasonal Root Vegetables & Heirloom Potatoes, Artisan Breakfast Sausage and more to compliment your meal.


breakast shrimp Napa Rose

Desserts for the Kingdom. After your buffet visits, desserts are delivered and served family style.


mermaid macaroon


Taste a bit of everything or have it packaged to-go.


princess breakfast dessert


We sampled Chocolate Princess Cake Pops (my favorite!), petite Raspberry Tarts, Sea Shell Macarons with Mango Passion Fruit Ganache, Strawberry Honey Sorbet, Cotton Candy Fruit-Fresh Strawberry and Almond Crunch and Vanilla Chantilly.


princess cotton candy dessert


Now that I have you completely drooling over this menu, I want to hear from you! What do you want to try at Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures?

Princess Breakfast Character Dining Extras

I’ve already mentioned the food, the 3 course meal, the champagne greeting. But let’s really get into all the extras that make this even more special.

This breakfast offers more than the traditional character breakfast flare including:

  • 3 course meal with very attentive wait staff and buffet service. 
  • Activities where each guest is invited to participate. 
  • Story time “inspired by confident, kind and courageous Disney Princesses who dream big and celebrate who they are.” -Disneyland Resort.


table setting napa rose


  • Children ages 3-15 receive a Disney autograph book and pen upon arrival and a departing gift of either a princess necklace or shield and sword.


disneyland princess breakfast gift


  • Adults enjoy sparkling champagne beverage upon arrival, Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures drawstring bag with chocolate farewell gift and a free PhotoPass download upon departure.


princess breakfast gift


Remember, you can meet and see Disney Princesses at several locations throughout Disneyland Resort, even if you do not attend a character meal.

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Reviews

It’s been a few since Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures opened and we’re still getting very mixed reviews in my Disneyland with Kids Facebook group. These reviews are what led me to try it out for myself. I wanted to address some points of concern and see if this Disneyland upgrade is worth the money


Princess Adventures necklace
Courtesy Amy Hart


Reader Amy Hart who attended on April 5, 2019, had this to say about her experience: 

We went Friday, April 5th my sister and I and a just shy of 3 year old and a brand new 2 year old and  a 7.5 year old. We had a 10:20 reservation and were seated in the [waiting] area right away.

My son was given a signature book but the other 2 were not. We were never offered drinks but the people next to us were. We waited 40 minutes before we were seated. They offered us to pay for drinks that were not juice or water. So fancy mixed drinks and non alcoholic drinks.

We were given a tiered thing of food and then baskets of pastries right as we sat. My sister is severely celiac and they were good this catering to that it just took longer for all of our food because of that. I think that’s why at least.

About 30 minutes in princesses started visiting us. We saw Aurora, Tiana, and Jasmine. They were super good with the kids and spent lots of time with them. Then we did the buffet and finally dessert. Other people around us got one dessert we were not given like a sailboat one. My sister got her own.

My sister had called to make sure our toddlers would get the end of meal present and they said as long as my sister and I didn’t get a sparkling wine at the beginning which we were not even offered as many others were not offered either they could.

When it came time to get the toy they told us we couldn’t have them for the kid who were upset. She got a manager who brought us a necklace for my daughter and sword for my nephew. Then we went outside and they did storytime with Belle and warrior training with Mulan.

At the end we got photopass pictures with Ariel so 6 princesses total. The outside experience only had 6 kids total and was my kids favorite part. My son loves Belle and she spent lots of time talking with him and Mulan was also great. The new 2 year old had issues with sitting during storytime and they let him go ahead and do his photopass pictures early.

I inquired about the issues addressed above extensively, with both onsite servers, managers and Disney officials.

Here’s some important updates to note:

  • Children under 3 are free but will not receive the welcome gift (autograph book) or departure gift (necklace or sword and shield). 
  • Adults packages come with Champagne, PhotoPass download and departing gift (cinch bag with chocolates).
  • If you are not offered Champagne or any gifts you are entitled to, please mention it to your server so they can make it right, right away. 
  • You cannot swap adult gifts for children’s gifts. For example, if you attend with a 2 year old, you will still receive the adult gifts. You can certainly pass those along to the little one. 
  • If your under 3 year old would like any of the gifts for children (autograph book and pen, sword and shield or necklace you can purchase them from the host as you check in. 


mulan selfie


Overall, I think this is a special event that should seriously be considered during your Disneyland Resort vacation. The added touches of elegance is unmatched and the level of attention you receive is stellar. I’d love to hear what you think of this new dining experience, inducing what they did right and what Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures can do to improve. 

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5 thoughts on “Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures

  • Athina

    In my opinion, don’t bother.. You don’t get a lot of food for your money and many of the meal options s are geared towards adults and not children. We met 3 princesses and felt like we were rushed through. W6e were not offered champagne and the parting “keepsake” is now a doll and not a necklace.

    • The entire event is about 2 hours, so be sure your little ones can sit through something that extensive. Sometimes Cast Members sing, but sometimes they don’t. Be sure you mention you’re celebrating a birthday when you arrive.

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