Grocery Stores Near Disneyland

Grocery stores near Disneyland; this article covers the where and how-to for getting groceries to your Disneyland area hotel even without a car.Disneyland Grocery Stores

Sometimes eating out all day, every day loses it’s spark. In this article we’ll talk about our favorite places to get groceries near Disneyland and stocking that mini-fridge for your vacation!

Disneyland Grocery Store Tour

Check out the replay of our live video touring CVS just a few minutes walk from Disneyland’s main gates.

Grocery Stores Near Disneyland Walking Distance

If you’re looking for a full-scale grocery store within walking distance of Disneyland, you may be out of luck, but keep reading on how to get to a full-scale grocery store even without a car (think delivery!).


CVS near Disneyland


There are several quick-mart, liquor store type places that carry the basics. Think soda, water bottles, a few microwavable meals, milk, bread, etc. Many hotels also have small convenience stores on site and there are plenty of off-property restaurants surrounding the Disneyland Resort to keep you well fed.


Walking distance stores on the map above include the following:

ABC Market Grocery Store Near Disneyland

  • 1765 S. Harbor Blvd., just south of Candy Cane Inn near the intersection of Harbor and Katella.
  • Pros: Quick walk from most Harbor Blvd. hotels.
  • Cons: Limited grocery selection.

CVS Grocery Store Near Disneyland

  • 1803 S. Harbor Blvd., near Springhill Suites on Harbor and Katella.
  • Pros: Quick walk from most Harbor Blvd. and Katella hotels, pharmacy chain with plenty of over the counter and prescription medications available.
  • Cons: Limited grocery selection.

Craftsman Grill inside Grand Californian Hotel

White Water Snacks


This little hideaway was a life-saver for me during my D23 Expo visit. I knew I would be in line for hours (around 5, actually) with limited access to food. White Water Snacks is open to the public, so you don’t need to be a guest of the hotel to stop in.


White Water Snacks

I was super impressed with the wide variety of hot and cold options. I grabbed a yogurt parfait for breakfast and a massive caesar salad for the day ahead. There was tons of kid-friendly options as well and lots of grocery-type items to stash in your hotel room.

Grocery Stores Near Disneyland: 4 Miles or Less

There are plenty of grocery stores near Disneyland and your choices are only limited by how far you want to drive. For a farther drive you can find Costco, Whole Foods and other familiar names. Today we’ll discuss how to get to grocery stores within 4 miles of Disneyland. Here is some basic information for the grocery stores listed on the map above.

Food 4 Less Grocery Stores Near Disneyland

  • 1616 W. Katella Ave., in a hub of fast food options.
  • Pros: The closest by distance to Disneyland Resort, offers lower priced groceries in a warehouse-type setting. No membership needed for this bag-it-yourself grocery store.
  • Cons: No frills, may not have all the brands and selections you’re used to but a good option for a fully stocked grocery store.

Walmart Grocery Stores Near Disneyland

  • Two locations: 10912 Katella Ave. is a “Neighborhood Market” with groceries only. 440 N. Euclid St. is a “Supercenter” with groceries, clothing, souvenirs and other household items, now offering grocery pick up!
  • Pros: Full selection of groceries with the low prices of Walmart you’re used to.
  • Cons: Be sure you know which location you’re headed to depending on if you just want groceries or the “full Walmart experience.”

Target Grocery Stores Near Disneyland

Target recently announced plans to deliver groceries and other Target products. So far, it is not available in the Disneyland Resort area, but stores are being added on a regular basis. Let us know if they’ve added the Disneyland Resort area so we can update this post.

  • 12100 Harbor Blvd. in Garden Grove is just minutes away from Disneyland when driving. 
  • Pros: Large selection of clothing, souvenirs and home goods. Newer than the Harbor Blvd. location.
  • Cons: Not a full grocery store, but a decent selection of groceries.


Vons Grocery Stores Near Disneyland

  • The Vons on the map is located at 12961 W. Chapman in Garden Grove, but is only about 2.5 miles from the Resort. Place your online order up to a week in advance.
  • Pros: Fully stocked grocery store with delivery service available.
  • Cons: Vons is a California based grocery chain first started in Los Angeles in 1906, so you may not be as familiar with its layout or generic brands.

Amazon Prime Now Near Disneyland

Search with zip code 92802 or check with your hotel to confirm.

  • Thanks to our reader, Marisa, for pointing out this option. Amazon Prime Now is not on the map because you shop via an app on your mobile device.
  • Pros: Free 2 hour window delivery, low fee to have it delivered in an hour.
  • Cons: Only for Amazon Prime Members.


Grocery Stores Near Disneyland without a Car

Costco grocery delivery

  • Rather than a Taxi, I suggest using Uber where new users can often get credit for a free ride to your favorite Disneyland area grocery store.
  • Like I mentioned above, Vons offers a delivery service. As of this posting, the first delivery is free with minimum purchase. Check with your hotel about receiving deliveries.
  • Amazon Prime Now offers free 2-hour delivery for Amazon Prime members in Orange County. Download the app and shop. Be sure to check with your hotel about receiving deliveries.
  • Costco also offers delivery for groceries.
  • ART (Anaheim Resort Transportation) is an option for select locations. View routes and schedule information here.
  • You can also get basics like milk and cereal inside The Grand Californian’s Craftsman Grill.

Grocery shopping on your Disneyland trip can help add variety to your theme-park meals, stock those Disneyland backpacks with snacks and save money. But the biggest way to save money at Disneyland is booking your vacation with our partners at Get Away Today. Get my promo code delivered to your inbox now.Package

Where do you shop when you’re at Disneyland? Which grocery stores would you like to see on this list?

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12 thoughts on “Grocery Stores Near Disneyland

  • Sam

    This is literally the best thing I’ve come across in ages, thank you SO much! We are planning our travel from good old Oz to come over in June this year (2019). Both my kids and I have dietary requirements and finding a supermarket when we first get into the USA (Anaheim is our first stop) is imperative. It looks like Food 4 Less is my dream store, I’ll be able to stock up on heaps of gluten and dairy free stuff that will keep us going. It’s also open until after that pesky jet lag wears off! A small taxi fair doesn’t worry me, just finding somewhere great. Thanks once again, legendary stuff!

    • Hi Suzette, yes! It is available. You need to download the Amazon Prime Now app, link is in the article above or do a search in the app store. Then enter zip code 92802 for Anaheim and begin shopping. I will also update the article with the zip code information. Hope that works for you during your vacation!

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful Amy! And good news, every article on this site is current and updated whenever something changes, so even if it was published a while ago I always make sure to update it and keep it current. Let me know how it goes after your trip and if there’s anything you need help with, feel free to send me an email. Happy to help!

    • Hi Shannon, you won’t have any problem finding liquor near the Disneyland Resort. Many of the places listed here carry alcohol and you can find hard liquor in area liquor stores, all within walking distance of Disneyland. Plus, California Adventure also serves beer, wine and other cocktails. Along with that, check out Anaheim’s only rooftop bar and lounge, The FIFTH.

  • Marisa A.

    I haven’t used it in Anaheim, but it was a life saver in Vegas: Amazon Prime Now! Two hour delivery window, free (+ tip), good selection, easy app, it’s got it all.
    Con: It’s only available to Amazon Prime members.

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