Howard Johnson Anaheim Water Playground

Want in on the front row Disneyland action? That’s where Howard Johnson Anaheim Water Playground comes in! 

Howard Johnson Water Playground

I’ve stayed at Howard Johnson Water Playground a few times as an invited guest of the hotel. This review is my opinion, but I have a feeling you’re going to have a similar experience. Here’s how to book your room, along with money saving promo codes and discounts for your Disneyland vacation.

Howard Johnson Water Playground

HoJo waterpark

Howard Johnson Hotel and Water Playground has affordable and comfortable accommodations just across the street from Disneyland Resort. You’ll get front row views of night time fireworks, monorail and Matterhorn sightings all from the property we like to call “HoJo.”

Howard Johnson Water Playground Location

Howard Johnson Disneyland

Ask any Howard Johnson team member and they’ll tell you it’s a quick 8-10 minute walk over to Disneyland. That sounds long :(, but let me show you exactly how close they are to all the Disneyland action and how 8 minutes will never go by more quickly than it does here.


The walk is seriously so quick, and I stopped inside the Cove on Harbor to show you all the quick grocery store snacks and meals they have. You also hear me mention the proximity to the freeway, but rest assured—you will get a good night sleep here at Howard Johnson. The windows are super thick and keep the noise outside where it belongs.

Howard Johnson Water Playground Rooms

Howard Johnson Disneyland building 1 room

I love that the rooms at Howard Johnson are housed in several different main buildings. This means your hotel room door isn’t exposed to the world like many neighboring hotels. You’ll need a key to access the building itself and your hotel room. I definitely enjoy that extra layer of security.

Howard Johnson Disneyland

The rooms in Building 1 have just finished a major makeover—and good news, Building 1 is their largest building and you can book your room specifically to stay in this renovated space. Howard Johnson Anaheim has plans to refresh all the buildings onsite over the next several years, and I feel they’re doing this ahead of the curve. The old rooms don’t even seem old yet!

Howard Johnson Disneyland

I absolutely loved my stay in Building 1 at Howard Johnson. The color scheme, fresh bedding, Disney wall art and plenty of extra seating make the rooms feel even more spacious. I especially liked that the room had a desk and chair, a small shelf for electronics, two stools/seats and a booth type of bench with a table.

When you’re traveling with kids, you know how handy all that extra seating can be! Rooms also come with a patio or step-out balcony, mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, large closet and double vanity bathroom just to name a few of the upgraded amenities.

Howard Johnson Disneyland

Have a larger group? You can even book a room for about $375 if you want to sleep up to EIGHT people in a two bedroom suite with 4 queen beds! Booking early at this very popular hotel is always a good idea and you can check current rates right here.

Howard Johnson Water Playground Extras

Howard Johnson anaheim

All this time I’ve been gushing over Howard Johnson Water Playground, so I’ve got to tell you about the water park!

HoJo water playground

Castaway Cove is what earned this hotel a spot on our top water park hotels near Disneyland Resort list. When you check in, be sure to get a wristband for each person in your party. You’ll need those there wristbands to access them pirate oasis, ya hear matey?

Howard Johnson Disneyland

You’ll find the pirate theme throughout the hotel with pirate hats for kids at check in, a piece of pirate treasure to enjoy at the front desk and other adorable pirate nods around the hotel. They also have a game room for kids of all ages to enjoy some classic arcade fun.

Howard Johnson Disneyland arcade

Even beyond the splash zone and pool area, you’ll have an excellent view of Matterhorn, the Monorail and Disney fireworks from the property. Now the only question is, when will you be staying at Howard Johnson Water Playground—I know I’ll be back for sure!

HoJo pool

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  • Anonymous

    My biggest concern is noise. Apparently our room category the family room all face the freeway. I heard the all floors but the 7th are sound proof. Is the highway noise just slightly dulled or is it very quiet

    • Freeway noise can be a concern. I’ve stayed on the top floor at Howard Johnson and it wasn’t a problem for me. I’ve also stayed in a freeway facing room at Holiday Inn Express, which is closer to the freeway than HoJo. You could certainly hear it, but freeway traffic is steady and more soothing (if you can call it that, like a white noise) than road traffic. You’ll hear a steady stream, not sirens and horns and zippy motorcycles if that helps.

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